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    Hello everyone I really need help for my map i need an icon for a ability called belly slap the icon has to have a panda's belly kind of slapping a face or anything else just as long as it's a panda and same concept i wanted to use pandaren vitality but when i downloaded it it wasn't complete so...
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    Help In Trigger

    hey guys just asking is this trigger correct generally not considering leaks Sheer Cold Init Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Sheer Cold Actions Set SC_Caster = (Casting unit) Set SC_Target =...
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    Set Winning Score

    See i'm not sure how to set the winning score all i know is Score Events Player - Player 2 (Blue) types a chat message containing (-score +(String((Random Integer between # and #) As an exact match
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    Hero Concepts

    I'm making an AoS map though my mind is being blocked with pressures in school so i'm requesting help from the hive i'm asking for hero concepts to help me with my map.There are rules since i am only a begginer in GUI abilities and i am not fond of JASS or vJASS so make the abilities original...
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    Trigger Help

    Hey guys i need help see i'm making an ability that gives a random negative/positive buff to an enemy though for some reason the dummy that's supposed to cast the spell won't cast it i don't know why please help
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    Resources Needed

    I'm requesting for a loading screen for my map a Aos Capture the flag i also request to have the loading screen as horde vs alliance theme since those are the 2 factions(i will rep+ and credit you in my map) Also a hero that fits the name Shadow Weaver(Currently using the Shadow lich but...
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    Damage = Damage Taken

    Umm I need help see i'm making an ability like puppet master's in hon his last skill i can actually do it but the problem i can't make the damage taken of the summoned unit to be thesame as the damage of the targeted unit there is an action but it's event response but the event has to be...
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    Just an Intro

    Hello users of THW i'm a map maker from the country philippines not much map makers here in this country (not much that i know of) but lots of gamers of dota i actually make maps and be proud of saying hey i'm a filipino and i'm a wc map maker there is nothing bad about saying that because i...