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  1. Apheraz Lucent

    Map Size Reduction Tutorial

    Map Size Reduction Tutorial by Apheraz Lucent Content of Tutorial: I: Lost and mirror files II: Deleting files that don't work III: Passive/Auto-Cast Ladder Icons IV: Loading Screen & Map Preview V: Skin Optimization VI: Model Optimization VII: Hidden Resources VIII: Optimizing Triggers IX: WE...
  2. Filmting

    Competitive Melee Map

    Guidelines for a Competitive Melee Map By Filmting Introduction: In the following you will be able to read about what makes a Warcraft III melee map functional as a competitive map. One of the most important things in the meta-game for warcraft 3, is the maps themselves. If a map favours a...
  3. MoCo

    Symmetrical Hero Scaling

    Symmetrical Hero Scaling Or: Secrets and Pitfalls of Hero Balancing This tutorial discusses some issues and solutions in terms of game mechanics for creating symmetrically scaling heroes. Symmetrical scaling means that the relation of power between multiple heroes stays constant across...
  4. sonofjay

    [Terraining] Alternative Pathing Technique

    Alternative Pathing Technique(For Lazy People) This tutorial will show you a new technique for creating pathing blockers so that you don't have to spam tiny ones all over your map. The benefit of this technique: Will greatly reduce doodad counts and for bigger map it will have less...
  5. Arisato

    Passive ability with a cooldown (attack-based)

    Passive Abilities With Cooldown Introduction I seen many people posted some threads about it and most people who knew how to make a passive ability with a cooldown wouldn't answer it, so here are the tricks to do this yourself (example:Geminate Attack from DotA!(Well IceFrog's spell is...