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    [Unsolved] Loot and Validators

    In my map i want units to drop items only if they have a specific behavior. In the loot tab of the data editor there is the field CLoot_ValidatorArray. as soon as i put any validator in there (tried different ones for test purposes), no loot appears (without validator i get loot). i think the...
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    [Unsolved] Attack Action Actor launch site ops problem

    Hi guys, in my TD i have a tower that uses a model that has no attachment point (warcraft doodad model). the problem is that the projectile launches from the ground (z=0) what i want to achieve is that it launches from somewhere above the ground (what i could easily achieve by setting...
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    [Unsolved] Data editor questions: Actor problems

    Hey guys, i have some trouble with actors: 1) i have a warcraft III tree (as destructable) and want its "corpse" to stay after it has been killed. to achieve this i made the actor pause its animation with a timer shortly after the death of the tree and set its death time to -1. the problem is...
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    [Unsolved] Weapon Critical Effect - not random?

    Hi guys, in my TD i have a tower that has 20% chance to stun its target, shooting a different projectile. so i created 2 missile launch effects, one just deals damage on impact, the other deals damage and applies a behaviour that disables all abilities. for the weapon of my tower i set the...
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    [Unsolved] Data editor questions - Warcraft Assets

    Hi everyone, im currently trying to make a tower defense map using the warcraft assets and still have some problems with the data editor: 1. there is a model called "towerDefenseTower", which consists of 5 towers and their upgraded versions. To get those i use an actor event: - ActorCreation...