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    Easy Model Attachment +++

    Hi, I'd like to request easy model of some clocks or anything good for unit representing Time Itself able to function with sprite animation. Best kolor - blue. File size - smallest as possible. It's all I want. Thx +rep for help
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    I need good spellmaker for my map, much work, big satisfaction

    Hi, i don't know if it's a right place for "request" like this but I desperatally need very good spellmaker, in fact using JASS is not necessity but guy before made some spells in it so it gonna be nice if u know JASS. I must say here I am compelatelly nooby in spells, trigger and JASS etc. The...
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    Lich King's mask

    I would like to ask someone to make the attachment model of Lich King's helmet. Just use the part of existing model - Lich King cinematic - head. It doesn't touches authors' rights such as GeneralFrank's who made very similiar mask to the original one (because Blizz has this mask in it's model)...
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    very simple question (icons)

    How to make DISBTN icon from BTN? Plz some explanation and link to proper program. Thx, +rep for helper.
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    to LegionTD map requests (easy rep)

    Thx a lot for chilla_killa and GhostThruster! No more requests for now.
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    Problem with custom skin

    I have a problem (+rep for help unless I gave u recently ^^). After importing and pathing several skins, (underneath) models from General Frank of Blood Elves (all of u know them probably) went very dark red on some pieces of their armor... These are pieces probably team coloured but now even...
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    simple icons request

    for LegionTD! Easy requests ;) (+rep and credits for biggest helpers) - Icon for It can be based on standard kael's ultimate ability called "Phoenix". i will post JetFang to...
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    Simple icon request

    Can anyone make me icon of Void Walker but green coloured? Easy +rep ;)
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    Simple icon request

    Plz can any1 make me a icon of Eternal Wivern but red coloured? I need it for LegionTD 3.0 and all following versions. I am moder of this game and its third+ current director. +rep for help ofc.
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    Model and Icon Request: Deathwing

    Is there anyone wants to make Deathwing's model? Cataclysm time in WoW is coming and so Deathwing's time, but there is no model such this. I bet it will become very popular. i like low poly models but it can be also high poly I don't care really. I will +rep ofc.
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    Blood Orc Gul'dan skin

    Can any1 make it for me? I reckon this gonna be usefull for others too. +rep for help ofc.
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    Spawn of dragon boss model I fell in love with this model. But guy who did that must be kidding us with texture weight (600kb!) Can anyone make similiar model or reduce this one's weight...
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    Map size increase

    Firstly, I hope I am writing in a proper place, if I dont plz move this topic to the rightest. Secondly, I hope I am not repeating old clues, if I do plz gimme right link and close this topic. i wonder if u let me know about any idea how to increse maximal map size to have it playable for more...