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    Master Projectile System V1.02b

    If I recall the test map also has the gameplay constants set that hero damage does 0 to all armour types (to further guarantee the tanks/dragon did no damage other than from the system)
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    Master Projectile System V1.02b

    Auto attacks are not built into the system, the attack system combines Salvo types, master types and slave types together to form a single "attack" type, the auto-attacks are replaced in the triggers you listed (the triggers in the "replacing regular attacks" section. The Tanks in the test map...
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    Spawn the Kraken

    Hi thanks for the submission. I like the concept of the spell but I find the configuration options a bit lacking and there's some efficiency boosts that could be done to make it much better: - The effects made by the loop should be made less often or have the option to be made often...
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    First Person System

    Hi thanks for your submission to the section, we don't have many of these so I thought I'd take a good look. There's a lot of issues with the system but I'll stick to the key ones: - The system is not MPI which is required for all submitted resources, it only works for one specific unit for...
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    Real-like Cavalry Attack v1.6

    It's been a while since I've looked at the code, some older review points still stand: - CAV loop still has memory leaks within it, please make sure you have eliminated all of the leaks before updating, my previous point about CAVreal[0] in the loop still stands as well - You have inconsistent...
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    Backbite v1.0

    Thanks for the submission to the spell section. The spell is, as other people have noted very simple but there's a few things that need to be sorted out before the issue of complexity can really be risen: - GDD is never used in the spell (as a consequence the purpose of GDD to fix the "unit is...
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    yeah within each stage ID you only need to recycle the data associated with that StageID, so if...

    yeah within each stage ID you only need to recycle the data associated with that StageID, so if the turret is StageID 1 and the projectile is StageID 2 then they only need to recycle their own data and not data associated with the other Edit: to be clear I'm talking about the one that's still...
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    For the sake of brevity I'm going to set this to awaiting update every time it's updated by default until the recycling issue has been resolved, so if no new comments are made when reviewing the resource in future, that will be the issue regardless of whether or not it "should" be recycling...
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    Elementalist Spell Pack

    Thanks for the submission, These are very good-looking spells but there are a few issues with the submission: - Lacks a proper description, no information given about the submission is given beyond the name and the author - Submissions should come with an attached version number to make the...
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    First Magic Spells

    While it's an incredibly old submission I'll just go over the same basic stuff as we do for everything: - Lacks a proper description - Lacks a proper map name ("Magic spells test" doesn't tell us much about the map, much less that it's complete for submission) - Lacks a version number tied to...
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    Haven't seen this in a while, I see you've changed the aesthetic to it but problems still persist: - Recycling errors still occur (exactly the same way to cause it as when I first mentioned it) - Ability still based off metamorphosis - Effects are still spammed way more heavily than necessary...
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    Master Projectile System V1.02b

    Well the closest example to what you're asking for is the second demo - which fires 5 simple projectiles without any slaves (so 5 basic projectiles) the things you need if you're using all the parts of the system including the salvo system: A defined master ammo (this being the singular...
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    it'd depend on specifically what is it you need in terms of help but I'll attempt to lend a hand...

    it'd depend on specifically what is it you need in terms of help but I'll attempt to lend a hand provided it's simple enough to do so
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    Ah ok, following that I managed to recreate it - though not 100% consistency, I assume the issue...

    Ah ok, following that I managed to recreate it - though not 100% consistency, I assume the issue is due to Sheer Force's very high knockback strength, units hit out of bounds never stop being "knocked back" would be what I assume to be the reason for the flyers getting permanently stunned when...
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    I tested the latest version I had released for this issue and I could not replicate the bug -...

    I tested the latest version I had released for this issue and I could not replicate the bug - are you sure you're using the latest version? (if so I would appreciate screenshots &/or explanation to how to replicate the bug - I can't debug things I can't replicate)
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    Mastermind Tank System V1.20

    The code was original built to specification which didn't have a hard limit for the mind controlled unit count - only a limit by which controlling more would deal damage, you'd have to add your own configurable for it and then when the code -would- add a new target compare it with the current...
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    Terraforming Add-on 1.6

    Alright there's been some decent progress on this, it's look much better than when it started out, few things still to deal with though: V1.5: - Your triggers should all have the same prefix which matches the system - Don't put the triggers into separate folders, if you feel a need to keep...
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    Stealth System

    Thanks for the submission to the spell section, this is a pretty neat system but there's a few things I wanted to point out: V1.0: - I'm not sure how appropriate the name "stealth system" is for this, given that nothing pertaining to stealth is involved, at most it's just a potential...
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    Terraforming Add-on 1.6

    Thanks for the submission to the spell section, I have a few notes regarding the current version v1.0: There's a number of issues with the system as it stands - it's much more like a tutorial than an actual system due to the inflexibility of it first and foremost. I suggest reading tutorials...
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    Simple Fogclick Detection

    interesting, it was fine to for me to open eitherway a few notes: - Please set up the system to work for all players rather than just player 1 - Please attach screenshots demonstrating the system - Add a proper description for what the system does and how it works - Include triggers in your...
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    Simple Fogclick Detection

    @ZiBitheWand3r3r Could you be more specific by what you mean by that?
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    no, there would also be changes in the loop - not to mention other changes that I've listed as necessary
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    Just Another Harvesting Template v0.01

    The floating text can be seen by all the players Store repeatedly used references (such as picked units) into a temporary variable There should be a configuration to permit different harvesting speeds and harvesting capacities - hard coding data isn't generally good In extension it would be good...
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    Item Indexer v1.4.0 [GUI friendly]

    Thanks for the submission, a quick few notes on what I noticed with the system V1.2: - InitTrig_Item_Indexer, Trig_Item_Indexer_Actions and InitializeItemIndexer could all be combined - you use "local rect rt = GetPlayableMapRect()" and then later "set rt = GetPlayableMapRect()" in your init...
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    Flame Burst v1.00

    The winning entry - looks great, easy to use and the code is clean and consistent, approved Suggestions: Nothing really, perhaps remove air targeting for consistency but hardly major
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    Zephyr Contest #15 - Results

    Both angle and radAngle need to be passed to the projectile creator in order to have the right facing and momentum: if I swap it to bj_PI*2 I would then have to do bj_RADTODEG * angle (and would use radAngle = radAngle + angleIncrement each time), I went with 360. first since it saves an...
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    neither, they can be both be removed and just use your Demonic_timer variable TempInt is set to the same value as Demonic_timer, so data[Tempint] is the same thing as data[demonic_timer] at the moment what you're doing is Demonic_timer ++ (so say it's now 1) Demonic_Index[demonic_timer] =...
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    Real-like Cavalry Attack v1.6

    Apologies that this resource hasn't been moderated in a long time but most of IcemanBo's previous review still stand as issues with the program, in addition to that I noticed the following things: - There are many execution routes in the loop which result in memory leaks, in the 4th group...
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    Those things aren't equivelent, you're not indexing any data using Demonic_timer, your Demonic_Index variable has never been needed by data[MaxIndex] I meant lines like this: Set Demonic_TempPoint[TempInt] = (Position of (Triggering unit)) should be: Set Demonic_TempPoint[Demonic_timer] =...
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    Zephyr Contest #15 - Poll

    I quickly went over everyone's entries in game I'll just summarize my experience of the mechanics though I'll abstain from voting since I honestly have no idea what I'd vote for and I haven't really gone over code except in cases where I was curious about specific mechanics - I also added magic...
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    If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions Dem_Rage_Timer[TempInt] Equal to 0.06 Dem_Rage_Timer[TempInt] Equal to 0.12...
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    [Feedback] Compiled List of 1.28 Bugs & Issues

    I experience the same issue as yanluyang - the crash appears to occur when it's loading the game menu UI Maps can still be accessed via running the test button in the world editor though (which I couldn't do before this patch) on a windows 10 machine edit: Reading the error logs reports an...
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    This is the result of your recycling error - I can get others to confirm it if necessary. you have to wait a while after the first one has reverted back (though this time it was the first one who transformed rather than the last which experienced the glitch) there's a recycling error because you...
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    you know it's a template not a system right?
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    Remember to post your entry for the current zephyr contest into the spell section before the...

    Remember to post your entry for the current zephyr contest into the spell section before the deadline hits tomorrow
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    Zephyr Contest #15 - Model Based

    Zephyr Contest #15 EntriesCompetitorDevelopmentWIPsEntryAnachronCompleted entry1 2The Dark PlagueFruit ForestCompleted entryNoneOverlord SlamKILLCIDECompleted entry1Flame BurstLoner-MagixxarCompleted entry1 2 3Touch of NatureNELCompleted entryNonePrisonPurplePootCompleted entry1 2Prismatic...
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    Zephyr Contest #15 - Model Based

    We still have the rest of today, we'll probably go up from 4 before the days end but we'll see
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    I've posted my entry just...

    I've posted my entry just notifying you this way so you can lock it
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    Apex Blizzard V1.00 (Map)

    Zephyr Contest #15 entry - Apex Blizzard BTNIceby67chrome Q - Apex Blizzard Releases a torrent of ice from the target point which locks on to the first target hit dealing damage while engulfing them and all nearby units in ice, stunning them Level 1 - 300 damage to primary target, 125 damage...
  40. T

    Apex Blizzard V1.00 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Zephyr Contest #15 - Model Based

    well each projectile seeks independently if that's what you're asking, it functions similarly to a skillshot in that regard, majority of the damage is dealt to the primary target so you want the seeking lines to line up with your intended target (and the intended target to be closest, since...
  42. Tank-Commander

    Zephyr Contest #15 - Model Based

    well the key parts to the concept won't really be incorporated until the spell is pretty much done, at which point I'd be posting the entry post not WIPs the parts you can see (including the WIP I'm posting here) are the basic element of the spell - the advanced stuff that's going to "complete...
  43. Tank-Commander

    Zephyr Contest #15 - Model Based

    Most of the code infrastructure is done though I've not bolted it together or tested it yet but here's a teaser image - doesn't really do anything at the moment though due to lack of stuff being bolted together Edit: physics attached and it works, got to tweak it a little bit but it's a start
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    It lags so heavily because you're spamming effects every 0.03 seconds, there is no fix to that - simply don't do it also I generally advise against the use of effects that serve no purpose, denoting AOEs and such like fair enough but the effects you added serve no need and just generate lag...
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    that is for the current version - you can test his recycling error yourself if you follow the instructions I set out
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    Real-like Cavalry Attack v1.6

    I noticed that sometimes when you order the units as a group to charge at a point 1 or 2 of them won't do it, any idea why this may be the case? it's pretty irritating when not all the units you tell to charge actually do so Just thought I'd note that you don't need to set your temp unit...
  47. Tank-Commander


    Your recycling still doesn't work properly - you also do a lot of needless stuff with your dynamic index when adding an index MaxIndex = MaxIndex + 1 Data[MaxIndex] = whatever That's all you need to do when removing Data[CurrentIndex] = Data[MaxIndex] MaxIndex = MaxIndex - 1 CurrentIndex =...
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    Zephyr Contest #15 - Model Based

    I'm going to find some time this week so don't think you guys will get away with having a contest without me! hopefully will be done before the weekend but if not I have a 24 hour event I'll be at and I'll do it then - should only take me 10 hours or so
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    Hero selection click simple v2

    Update your old submissions rather than uploading it a a new submission also most of my remarks found in my review for that submission here Hero Selection Simple By AnhQuanxd still apply and as such I'll set to needs fix for the same reasons
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    Hero Selection Simple By AnhQuanxd

    There's some pretty glaring issues with the submission discounting the description though that too is an issue the description should contain the following things as a minimum: - Explanation of the submission (what the system does and is for) - Code listings - API (how to use the system) -...