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    /agree and btw, forgot to comment on the icon itself, it's nice, remembers me of some kind of 'dematerialization ray' or anything like that...
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    actually, it looks like a cnp from an image by Breakerr (from deviantart), and no, it can't be made with photoshop (at least as far as I can tell), it was probably made using bryce or another 3d program.
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    his armor needs a proper design, the way it is now, seems he had just pasted some irregular metal into a chainmail, the shading is not bad, but it annoys me, leems like plastic or rubber, not like metal, also, you should consider making more changes (and I mean freehand work, not just recolors)...
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    as i've already mentioned at wc3c, her neck is a bit rough, but besides this, it's a very nice model, me likes ;D
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    yep, the green is actuallty TOO green, it's almost lemon, you should try using this color just to aply some highlights, orcs usually have darker skins, but it's a very good skin, really very nice for a first try
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    Mandarin Warrior

    nice, but could use more color variation, and add some shadows in his 'face', his 'mask' looks weird right now =/
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    Tauren Slasher

    it's not a bad model, but I can't see the reason it got 2k hits, there are models here 20000 better and more original than this and they barely get 800...
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    *hint hint* might do a better one in a blademaster someday, if i get bored :D booze \m/, actually i don't have so much more skins, I'm working on a taurenish dude to replace this hero's spot on my map, but anyway, thanks ^^
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    this was just a test skin, so I didn't even bothered looking at the flag ;D, I, remotely, might make a new flag, one day, who knows? =P
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    a little gif, might be useful, and I might make it bigger later...
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    BTNLion (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    BTNLion (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from
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    Leonin (Texture)

    An old skin, it is blurry and not very original (some of you may criticize me: 'zomfgzor, you've ripped off werewulf's idea! cheater!', but I haven't done that, this skin was made MONTHS before hers, so don't complain about it), this was my first try on making 'furs', as you can see, I haven't...
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    Leonin (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    very realistic, deserves DC for sure
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    /agree with afro
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    you could use a darker color for her clothes, and reduce a bit the golden parts to just some runes or details, face needs work, but i guess you just have to place her eyes in a different way, dunno, overall, good skin, but could be better ;)
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    1200000000000 war3 files have those 2 archives, I have been facing such files a lot and they had never brought any problems, i dunno why you keep on arguing about viruses on this model, just download it, get an antivirus and scan it and u`ll see. about what those 2 things are, i guess it`s...
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    really good work, i specially loved his face, it's sw33t lol
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    a bit too blur. the furs are ok, but i didnt like anything else, needs work. i give you a 3/5, its a good skin, but a bit too blured :/ ps: sorry por my very bad english :/, hope u undesrtood edit: ps2: this doesnt look like a monk to me =P, looks like more of a holy-traveling dude, or...
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    ya... the face dun fit with the model, but it really rox afro, keep up great work. 5/5
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    i totally agree with u hallo ^^ ps: i tryied to alpha the horns, but that makes 2 holes in his head :/
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    hehe, thats not a stupid error =P i already made this mistake 1000000 times =P
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    o.o" what does kodo rating mean? Just answering some questions... Yes... he was made to be old I really dunno what the hel* he is =/ I use Adobe® Photoshop® 6.0
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    units\NightElf\Furion\Furion.blp -> furion units\NightElf\MalFurion\Mal'Furion.blp -> Mal'furion
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    his beard is weird... o.o" it looks cool, but, it looks like a CnP, so, how can i rate it? o.o (if his clothes are freehand, theyre cool, but could have a better variation of colors :/)
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    ty for commenting ^^ (i guess its not a 5/5, but... well, ty ^^)
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    murloc-crawler by halo

    u can put some scales at the face (especially in his mouth), i guess it will make him better.
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    the skin for this icon can be found here :arrow: :!:
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    Furion (Texture)

    Well.... i guess this one is "aceptable", so, ill put it here. The icon is a bit lazy ^^". The parts that arent changed, i thought that they were perfect to fit the skin. The beard..... well...... i tryed 100000 times and i cant fit the upper beard with the lower beard, so i kept the original...
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    Furion (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    BTNMalfurion (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from
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    BTNMalfurion (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    Gnomish Rogue

    i guess u could fix up a bit his mask, but.. as always, an awesome model ^^
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    Forest Priestess

    hum, i use ps6.0 too, k, ill try to explain: go to "channels" directory (window -> channel) go to Alpha Channel Select her cape Turn it to White finish ^^ about her skin: i guess it would be better a bit of green but, the skin is urs ^^
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    Forest Priestess

    well.... very good skin man, i guess the vines on her face are useless, in war3 it loses all its details =P, try to make her skin a little green. the vines are weird, they look like body parts or muscles, ;D, but, nice work btw, better than you dwarf ^^, keep up nice work 4/5 (try to...
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    Forest Dwarf Sharpshooter

    thats the spirit ;D. keep up nice work ^^
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    Forest Dwarf Sharpshooter

    hum.... looks cool, but... the screen looks weird, tooooo dark. the idea is good, but i guess it wont fix with rifleman model, try something like "the forest king" with mountain king model. I cant realize a forest dwarf with a rifle ;P. 3/5 because i dun like the cape and the vines, the...
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    wow, long time waiting for it :D , awesome, looks very cool in game, i really love ur style, 5/5 ^^ - o.o first comment /o/
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    hum, ok, i guess noone will comment more anything, so, ill try to improve what you ppl said ^^
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    ¬¬ u just did the basic icon, i "recolored" and remixed, and made it pas and dis ;P, dun get all the credits
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    ty all for commenting ^^
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    hum, the idea is not bad, but needs lots of shading, try to use some dodge/burn, and his face is weird O.o, i guess you could put more efort in his face ^^ (try to burn the area around his eyes)
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    really good man :D, i love your work, original and cool skin, 5/5 ^^
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    ... yellow murloc = noone need to see it, that was just a insane scrap =P
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    er..... bad english, i said: "I could have more effort", its "I could put more effort" :P -edit: bah, i wrong again haha ;D
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    HeroShadowHunter (Texture)

    well... this is the first skin i guess i put effort, its just a "scrap", ill post it here to IMPROVE IT (i hope that someone comments something constructive), i know its ugly and I could have more effort on it, so, help me! The icon, well, the first one i made, i really hope you like it...
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    HeroShadowHunter (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    Armored Archer

    not bad, really not bad, i liked the style u made the "armor", the shadows/lights are cool, well,3/5 because you could make more changes (for exemple, in the head) ^^.