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    BTNLightforceBoots (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    BTNLightforceBoots (Icon)

    I was tired of the common wc3-style side view of boots icons so I decided to go from a little bit different angle. They are magic boots, intended for some kind of cleric, holy person, etc. Keywords: Holy, Cleric, Mage, Boots, Feet
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    Updated. I reduced the "glowiness" so it should look a lot more defined now. Also added some magic dots. The feedback is appreciated.
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    BTNEtherealRing (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    BTNEtherealRing (Icon)

    Its a blue magic ring. All freehand Update: Hopefully more defined and not as blurry now. Keywords: Magic, Ring, Band, Ethereal
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    Yeah I just spent like 3 hours looking for this skin for my map. I had seen it months ago and thought it would look perfect for my emperor. I try to dl and it gets an error. Please fix this as I really don't like to waste 3 hours.
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    Updated to add the autocast flamebow icons. This is not a recolor of Arcol's icon this is a recolor of blizzard's icons and added effects created by me. Anyone want to share their method of creating fire effects? Mine just feel like they lack something to me.
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    Made from BTNImprovedBows and BTNImpalingBolt. Inspired by Arcsol's BTNIceArrows. My second submitted icon though this one isn't freehand.
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    BTNFlamingBow (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from
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    BTNFlamingBow (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    Wow I have been looking for a replacement to blizzards trees for years, goodjob.
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    Just checked in the wc3 viewer and it seams the whole metal border is blacked out on normal disabled wc3 icons. Thanks for the feedback
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    Hello, this is my first icon I have ever submited, and one of my first that is completely freehand. I am aware this could probably use more shading and I am working on improving it. Any other suggestions for improvement are welcomed! As usual give credit when used please :wink:
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    BTNFireShank (Warcraft 3 Icon)

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    BTNFireShank (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from
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    Archer Stronghold v2.2 B

    The actuall combination list is not needed to complete the combo, double check your items and make sure you have all the necesary requirements. @Tigris - Hmm intresting most people think the ranger is overpowered. However both the Ranger and Rogue are getting a nerf in the upcoming version...
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    Arch Doomguard made by Kitabatake

    Hmm cool effects overall 3/5. Someone should make a doomguard with a flying animation.
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    These are all great models and please make more but they need to fit on the side of their arm!
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    This is just perfect for my rpg and many others! keep up the good work and make some more please!
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    Simple yet usefull, btw it might not be the right place to ask, but is assigning ingame skins all done in wordpad?
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    Archer Stronghold v2.2 B

    The Save/Load code was made by MrMaestro (sorry if I forgot you in the credits!) and has a few bugs in loading sometimes. Repeat your code a couple times if the first time doesn't work, that's what I do anyway. I've only had one code out of 10+ codes that hasn't worked. @tjohnbridge - As for...
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    I'd say this is one of the best models on here, great textures that fit perfectly, haven't tried it ingame but I'm sure this animation bug can't be that big of a deal.
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    Simple RPG Models -Non Anim

    Hey I was wondering if somebody could make some item sort of models such as greaves and boots I could attach to a villager. They could be simply taken off a footman or swordsman or if you want, create whole new ones. Thanks for your time and help. Here's the list of armor attachments I would...
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    Archer Stronghold v2.2 B

    Update: Version 2.2 B Changes: Solo Mode: Automatically turns on when only one player is playing, making it beatable with one person. (Right side is easier, try it first) New Secret Hero: At 2000 kills you can earn the final secret hero, Elune's Advisor, a very fun hero to play in my...
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    King of the Mountain 3.22d

    I played an earlier version of this map and it was really fun. Some of the heroes seemed to have some overpowered abilities, but still a good map. Hope this version is just as good and more.
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    Archer Stronghold v2.2 B

    Well when you play by yourself, which I assume you're doing, it will be impossible. I've beaten it over 10 times in a normal bnet game. Just don't die and stay together.
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    Archer Stronghold v2.2 B

    Ah I am most honored. Yes the map is supposed to be difficult to make it not get boring too fast. As for getting clogged up the Unblock item you start with can help, but not if the clog is too big.
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    Archer Stronghold v2.2 B

    Well if you choose defense mode they dont attack you, choosing siege mode will make them attack you. :wink:
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    Archer Stronghold v2.2 B

    Hello and welcome to Archer Stronghold 2.1 B. This version features ashenvale terrain and is more eye candy than 2.1 A but maybe not as tactical. Both are mostly equily balanced and I hope you will play both. Archer Stronghold is designed to be played on Bnet and should not be attempted on 1...
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    Archer Stronghold v2.2 B (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Archer Stronghold v2.2 B (Map)

    Created by me. Save/Load system by MrMaestro. This is a hero defense map where you try to stop attackers from reaching a point. If they reach it you lose a life. This map is unique from other hero defense maps because your hero has very low health, has a long range, and kills quickly, which...
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    Heart of Winter RPG v3.0L

    This is a great RPG but I was unable to finish this in a sitting of about 6 hours and once I came back to my save games none of them could open. Its good but you should fix the save
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    This is really usefull for making villagers armored even though it doesn't look quite right. This works great for RPG maps and I really hope you make greaves and boots too. 8)