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  1. fladdermasken

    OT Spring Cleaning

    Konichiwa. I've decided to clean out a lot of replies consisting of nothing but a single video link. To clarify the stance here: posting a video that's relevant to a topic is fine. Spamming a thread with every result YouTube has on the topic for days on end is not. Merry Christmas.
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    I did a thing

    Rarely do stuff to satiate the fantasy dork in me, so this ended up being a Diablo piece. Couldn't find any Tyrael model that looked good, so I ended up trying a retarded idea using the shitty CityScape statue model with a black glow for the hood part and lightning for wings. Didn't hate the result.
  3. fladdermasken

    Stop killing SE, people

    You figs. Klaus Dona pyramid in Peru says you're all stupid.
  4. fladdermasken

    I'm quitting the forums and going full time Discord lurking

    The future is now.
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    [COMPLETED] Terraining Mini Contest Reload #2 - Machinery

    TERRAINING MINI CONTEST RELOAD #2 Let's step it up a little bit. Time to play with cogs and gears. Participants are to create a scene centered around a piece of machinery. There are some pretty good models to do machinery, but few complete wholes. So in this run, constructing a machine out...
  6. fladdermasken

    [COMPLETED] Terraining Mini Contest Reload #1 - Mist

    TERRAINING MINI CONTEST RELOAD #1 [CLOSED] FINAL ENTRIES All final entries arranged by score, first place first and so on. Alright let's start simple. This is an old theme that was up for debate but never visited in the contest runs. Participants are to create a...
  7. fladdermasken

    This is a helpful tool Have fun!
  8. fladdermasken

    Alright, peons. Let's get the mini contests rolling again.

    Last contest was eons ago. The terraining community clearly needs a stimpak like Willem Dafoe needs a cup of coffee. What I'll do is try and come up with some concept that you guys can work from as a guideline. It may be a theme, it may be a list of requirements, it may be bananas, and so on...
  9. fladdermasken

    This is easy

    Gravel is slowly seeking to form a complete whole. Owls of Minerva fly independently of Mictlantecuhtli. On the back of your head, your second face is making a shifty grimace. Deep down in your innards, unspeakable things sleep in peace and quiet. Back in time only exists from your deranged...
  10. fladdermasken

    Anybody sitting on the details of when exactly we can expect Nibiru to appear in the sky today?

    As we all know, Planet X and Nibiru will hit the atmosphere today bringing about the end of all globalist scum that taint the planet. Of course I've stocked up on all necessary survival details like my titanium jock strap and Alex Jones' manhood steroid kits, but I don't know exactly when it...
  11. fladdermasken

    The King dead at 81

    Confidential senior Government sources confirm the king of rock and roll has died at the age of 81 On Wednesday the 9th of August, University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory processed a HiRISE from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter depicting a selfie taken by Tupac Shakur along with...
  12. fladdermasken

    A victory for women everywhere

  13. fladdermasken

    Richard Whitehurst, and the art of rape

  14. fladdermasken

    Assange beats rape charges and is ready to take on the world

    Julian Assange after rape charges dropped: Prepare for 'war' Encrypt your wife's girdle or watch Julian hack himself into her pants.
  15. fladdermasken

    I look like John Candy merged with Stephen Fry

    I'm fucking awesome. Draw me itt
  16. fladdermasken

    Bob is only in it for the money

    Last night Bob found himself feeling a bit foolish after climbing a windmill tower to steal a bike. After realizing what he thought was a bike was a part of the home made windmill, Bob had this to say
  17. fladdermasken

    Get your fucking breakfast on

  18. fladdermasken

    Flowchart for adding new forums (and weakasses, the definition)

    Before you suggest that we add a new forum for something, please consider this flowchart. 1. Could your idea work as a single post? If yes, awesome. If no, proceed down the list. 2. Could your idea work as a single thread? If yes, awesome. If no, proceed down the list. 3. Could your idea work...
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    I'm not drunk, I just have an eccentric personality

    Please enter a valid message.
  20. fladdermasken

    I can't stop making new threads

    It's a serious condition.
  21. fladdermasken

    Telling lies equals pleasure

    Pinocchio's nose growth is a metaphore for a growing erection. Discuss.
  22. fladdermasken

    Owen Wilson's large nasal cavaties are due to herpes

    Scientists are in agreement.
  23. fladdermasken

    Giving people bad directions can have dire ramifications

    Chinese man cycles 500km in wrong direction to get home - BBC News
  24. fladdermasken

    I'm back on my SE throne

    First command Post yesteryear stuff that undermines women and is completely not in line with the today
  25. fladdermasken

    God is Dead and God Killed Him, SE Version

  26. fladdermasken


    Went through my old stuff and finished this piece. THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE IS DEAD AND SHIT.
  27. fladdermasken

    Merry Fucking Winter!

    Happy winter, people! It's fucking freezing! I've been out with a cold for the weekend, so I had time to do some quick terraining. Do your thing, Terrain Board.
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    Terraining Contest #18 - Results

    Playable Desert Participants are to create a playable map depicting a desert; a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all. Lightskin's Submission Naze's Submission Marjosh38's Submission Edge45's...
  29. fladdermasken

    Smurfs are commies

    Everything makes sense now. Smurf's Communist Leanings
  30. fladdermasken

    Current rep system vs. Old rep system

    It's another rep discussion thread! We as a staff decided we don't really care either which way, so I thought I'd get some thoughts from the people that care about it. i.e. you guys. You may have noticed some changes to the system. I'll try to outline the differences as clearly as I can. Old...
  31. fladdermasken

    Need help fixing broken/outdated sticky threads

    Hello, community. Me being a super nice admin and all, I'm currently going over all the sticky threads in our forums. Some of these have links that are broken since the migration, or are generally outdated and need redoing. It'd be awesome if you could link me sticky threads that need tending...
  32. fladdermasken

    Fucking Space?

    Quick doodle. Also featuring space whales.
  33. fladdermasken

    Please pay me money and I will livestream my healing gaze right into your cyber soul

    Croatian dude comes up with the business plan of a life time.
  34. fladdermasken

    Terraining Contest #18 - Poll

    Playable Desert Participants are to create a playable map depicting a desert; a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all. Welcome to the poll for Terraining Contest #18! Please read through the rules before...
  35. fladdermasken

    Japan nails it again

  36. fladdermasken

    Element TD on your phone!

    50% 50% Element TD on your phone Element TD, a community hit that first drew breath arounud 2006, has by now seen a full decade of development. From early Warcraft III release in September 2006, to a Starcraft II release in June 2009, and most recently a Dota 2 release in February this year...
  37. fladdermasken

    Thailand publishes elaborate study on how to make it in society

    GET MONEY. Also, I claim first price for longest SE thread titles.
  38. fladdermasken

    The AMA Trend

    Hello, people. The recent AMA trend is nice and all, but is spiraling a bit out of control. In a way it breaches §6 of the site rules. Instead of closing it all down, I have moved most of them to SE, and will enforce that in the future too. The difference between the recent ones and the...
  39. fladdermasken

    Annual Tallywacker Festival

    People need to be 110% more Nippon.
  40. fladdermasken

    Going out on a limb to help people

    The hero society needs.
  41. fladdermasken

    The Ghetto Birds

    Be circlin'.
  42. fladdermasken

    How to create cognitive dissonance

    "A vaccine has been put together that protects you from the effects of chemtrails." - Government