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    [Solved] Buff duration set to 0 but I can still see the icon!

    Spells which normally have a buff must always have a buff. If you set it to None, it will go back to the default buff in-game. Instead, specify a custom buff with no FX.
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    [List] Common.j natives that do nothing/are useless/are broken

    Ones that do nothing: native ResetUbersplat takes ubersplat whichSplat returns nothing native FinishUbersplat takes ubersplat whichSplat returns nothing // Correct me if I'm wrong Ones that are useless (and why): native Deg2Rad takes real degrees returns...
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    Requesting: A function... Again...

    Berserk, with a negative Damage Taken Increase.
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    Texturing Contest #8 - Melee Heroes

    Well, please finish it regardless! It looks beautiful, and fits well with the native art assets of WC3. :thumbs_up:
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    [suggestion] Search for skins by path?

    Yes, that would be neat. For example, there's a Blood Elf Guardian model that exclusively uses the Spell Breaker texture, so the few Spell Breaker skins also change how it looks (and a couple of them look rather snazzy).
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    Hi, I'm Black-Apples

    Hi, Black-apples! Welcome to THW. :thumbs_up:
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Neat!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Neat!
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    Hero passive transformation

    Fantastic! This doesn't bug with armor and damage like Chaos does.
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    Very nice. It is, indeed, a sweet sword. Isn't the lighting on it upside-down, though? Two thoughts: a version without the green shine on the leg might be well-suited for some of the riderless Death Knight models here on THW. Also, if the model allows for it, a version with glowing...
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    Druid of the Blade? Razorgrass? It could work.
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    Multiple Unit Skins
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    [System] Is Unit Moving

    Huh? You mean crash WC3? It doesn't. Tested with: create a Peasant, UnitRemoveAbility 'Amov', SetUnitX. It's also used with a certain method of setting up dummy casters.
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    Missile Model

    The explosion can't easily be made teamcolored, because particles require a specific texture, not a swapped texture like team color. So, here is a teamcolored version with only the trail and no explosion at all, and another version with a different explosion faked with ribbons.
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    question to lightning effect

    Yes, it is possible. Here is a tutorial.
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    -Grendel's skin wips

    Your skins here have quality details, but none have much overall definition. Seen at a distance, they just blend into indistinct mush. I'd recommend taking a more balanced approach, keeping the WC3 style of overall/distance definition and less contrasty but still carefully-made "hero model"...
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    Texturing Contest #8 - Melee Heroes

    Oh, it's a Troll? I thought it was a (WoW) Draenei or something. :hohum:
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    Spells & Systems Mini-Contest #20

    If a unit is moving, its coordinates and the spell target coordinates will not be the same when cast upon its portrait, so your check will be false. Generally, the offset will be less than the unit's collision, though, so I've used IsUnitInRangeXY(GetTriggerUnit(), GetSpellTargetX()...
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    how to order cast spells?

    Give a unit the spell and put it in a map. Make a trigger like this: Get Order ID Events Unit - A unit is issued an order targeting a point Conditions Actions Custom script: call BJDebugMsg(I2S(GetIssuedOrderId())) Play the map and make the unit cast the...
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    [System] Simple Low Level Save/Load Framework

    I have trouble telling O and 0 apart in WC3-font; you may want to omit one of those characters. FYI, I've been using `123456789-=abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz[];[email protected]#$%^&*()_+ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ{}:<>? as a base, although it's a pain to type non-alphabetic characters.
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    Spell Immunity not working

    If your spells are hero spells, and their required level is higher than 1, they will be able to target spell immune units by default. (By setting their required level higher than 1, you are making them into "ultimate" spells.) There's a setting in the Gameplay Constants called Gameplay -...
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    [Trigger] Unable to detect when player cheats

    Because you can't do that. Cheats don't count as chat; triggers will not see it.
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    Limited reincarnation

    You could give the unit a spellbook with many copies of Reincarnation, each with a cooldown of the time limit. Each time you die, a different one will enter cooldown until they have all been used.
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    Warcraft fail?

    Register your CD key on and you can download the game installer.
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    My skin

    I'm surprised this was rejected. There are skins of worse quality in the archive, although they were accepted a long time ago.
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    Icons with Team Colour

    Nobody knows what the model should be like, since it has never been found. None of the known Replaceable Texture IDs are for an icon, yet obviously the model would not have a specific defined texture path. To the goal of having teamcolored icons, it strikes me that it would be easier to edit...
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    Texturing Contest #8 - Melee Heroes

    I love the floating gems for a collar!
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    [System] Slide System

    The map didn't use GetLocationZ (so I cannot vouch for that) but when I played WC3 on a PowerPC Mac on BNet with a friend using Windows XP, I had vastly differently deformed terrain than he did (ie. I had a huge spire sticking from the ground, he did not) from a spell that used terrain...
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    How to import w3o ??

    Go to the Object Editor window > File menu > Import All Object Data... and then pick the file.
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    [Snippet] GetUnitCollision

    Comments from a quick look: 1. It won't work for flying units, will it? 2. Moving the test unit is dangerous, because it might trip exit-region events or stop Drain Life, not to mention interrupting that unit with SetUnitPosition. Instead... 3. ...shouldn't it take unit-type and create a new...
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    [General] unit leave range event : |

    I mean two sets of alternating rects like this: __________ |__________| __________ |__________| __________ |__________| and like this: __ __ __ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |__| |__| |__| because that's all you need to determine horizontal...
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    [suggestion] Search for skins by path?

    This would be excellent, for example, in order to find all skins for the Blood Mage (Textures\Hero_BloodElf.blp). Meanwhile, I'll try a Google search with the parameter
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    [General] unit leave range event : |

    80 units with one exits range event? How is it even possible to have that inefficient a system? Oh, I see later that it's not just one event. Well, it seems that WC3 internally does (pseudocode) checking every ~0.1s, for each center, enum units in range; if it wasn't present when last...
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    Crypt Warlock

    How about including the Spell Channel animation, since it looks like you're already using Lich animations?
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    Passive ability

    To clarify Pharaoh's post a little, there is no event* that fires when bash, crit, or evasion happen, so if you want to trigger something based on those abilities, it is most practical to fully trigger the abilities instead of using the WC3 native abilities. *I think crit and bash cause an...
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    autocast doesn't autocast

    Faerie Fire and Slow (if I remember correctly) have an option to "Always Autocast" which makes the unit cast them regardless of whether there is combat.
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    Spells & Systems Mini-Contest #20

    The death animation of Freezing Breath <Missile> is a nice shockwave, as is Wisp <Special>.
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    [General] Raw data IDs

    I believe the JNGP tools allow you to specify the rawcode when creating a new object (unit, spell, etc.), and maybe allow you to edit them for existing objects (I'm not sure, since I've never used JNGP). What I have done is to open the map with an MPQ editor, and edit the .w3u in the archive...
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    [Trigger] Animation Index

    GUI variables in JASS/Custom Script are just called udg_ and then the variable name, eg. ThisPeasant would be udg_ThisPeasant. (udg = User Defined Global) I suspect the problem is happening because you don't reference those pre-placed units anywhere else in GUI, just in custom script...
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    Spells & Systems Mini-Contest #20

    Indeed. If it's of any help, I've made a simple camera-shake trigger that I think looks pretty good: Shake Periodic Events Time - Every 0.10 seconds of game time Conditions Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 12, do (Actions) Loop - Actions...
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    [Spell] Evasion reduced by attacking hero's agility.

    You might want to instead base it on Cursing the attacking unit (making it miss), rather than giving the target unit some Evasion. This is because a unit will only be attacking one target, but a target may be under attack from many units. This way, every attacker can have the correct...
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    Staging the next 9/11

    That's a very nice clickbait thread title you have there.
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    [Spell] Barrage not Hitting More Than 9 Targets.

    If I'm not mistaken, setting the targets to 0 will let it hit unlimited units. That's not 15, but it's more than 9... :wink:
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    [Solved] Trigger Making WarCraft Crash

    I assume the event is a damage event, added by some other trigger? You're causing an infinite loop by dealing damage from the same source, which is then detected as damage and runs the trigger again, and again... Use an action to turn off that trigger at the start, and turn it on again at the...
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    Spells & Systems Mini-Contest #20

    Right after that, you should clear PgDummyGroup[Pg]: Unit Group - Remove all units from PgDummyGroup[Pg] Then, it lags when multiple casting just because of how many units you're moving. It is too complex an effect for WC3 to handle. After all, each cast creates 8x20=160 units, all being...
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    Spirit Link not Linking to other Units

    You made sure to change the Spirit Link ability to allow targeting of allies, not enemies, right?
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    Spells & Systems Mini-Contest #20

    It is a string function named Game - Ability Effect Art Path, eg: Game - Display to (All players) the text: (Art path of Acid Bomb Missile Art (index 0)) I am not using any World Editor enhancements or modifications. Have fun. :grin:
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    Spirit Link not Linking to other Units

    Spirit Link is a quirky, limited spell. If I remember correctly, it will only chain to allies, and even then, the damage will only split between units owned by the same player as the one which took damage (even if several players' units were given the buff at once). A possible solution would...
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    Object Data Generator v0.1

    Firstly, this seems to depend on the user inputting how many of each type of object they have in the map. That's not very convenient, or safe; if the user puts in a number larger than the actual amount (or forgets to decrease it after deleting an object), it looks like this has the potential to...
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    Spells & Systems Mini-Contest #20

    No need for custom script, it's available in GUI directly. It only can access the Art string data from an ability, though. That said, you can co-opt an unused effect string as a place for you to re-list data, using String to Real/Integer conversion, for a slightly easier way to associate...
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    [Trigger] Critical strike for 1 attack?

    This thread appears to have gone irrecoverably off-topic. :grin: ------------------ Perhaps you should re-read the code? I do destroy triggers for removed units. That itself may leak, but if you have a suggestion for a DDS that does not create an event per unit, I'm curious to know. Oh...