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  1. The Reborn Devil

    Post Your Speedtest Results!

    I'd say you would. It's like many other places, but I think people are slightly more open-minded here in Scandinavia. At least those below the age of 50. The community where I am now is also very relaxed and friendly. But most importantly though, there are women here! This isn't only a place...
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    Post Your Speedtest Results!

    No one in my class are from the US, but I would expect it to be possible to come here from the US. I know I can take a year in the US.
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    Post Your Speedtest Results!

    It's called Gjøvik University College It's possible to go there as exchange student. I have 5 in my class, from Poland, Albania, Germany and one other place I don't know where is.
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    What you did today

    Hmm, what I did today? Had an exam in programming. Then I just felt like saying hi. Hi! Aaaaand then I return to the void.
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    Picture/Photo Thread

    Nope I'm not coming back to THW, just thought I'd say hi. For those interested in my current life: I'm currently taking a Bachelor in game programming at a rather modern university in Norway. I'm in the first semester now, learning some game design first. Next semester we'll truly begin with the...
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    Post Your Speedtest Results!

    Just thought I'd drop by for a short second to share with you my new internet connection speeds since I started University. It's "supposed" to be a 1Gbit connection, but the test servers (and probably my PC) cannot handle all of it so it maxes out at 900/900. For anyone interested, I'm...
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    User of the Year - Voting!

    I've returned from my exile temporarily purely to vote on myself and brag about my sense of humour and superior intelligence. Goodbye. (I noticed this vote coincidentally when Don linked it in our awesome group in Skype)
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    [JASS] GetLocationZ() does not change for cliffs

    GetLocationZ() does detect cliffs. You must be doing something wrong if it's not working. I've made several missile systems, and a physics engine, and I have never encountered issues with cliffs. And I'm not using the functions for cliff levels.
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    How do i?

    Currently you can't create social groups without contacting an admin about it.
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    Movie "Knowing" predicted the future

    Wat, I'm not quite sure what you're saying. Some of it is very vague, and other parts aren't properly explained. The way you write it just makes it so ambiguous and uncertain. I could drag out countless meanings out of it, and that makes it difficult to poke at anything because I have no idea...
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    Movie "Knowing" predicted the future

    What the... I.. I don't know what to say.
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    Picture/Photo Thread

    Maybe everything is completely different in the area where you live, but in pretty much all of Norway (and every other part of the world I've seen) your choice of attire is considered formal. The only people I see wearing that kind of clothing inside is businessmen (when they aren't wearing...
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    Picture/Photo Thread

    You mean as a korean? The size, angle and length of the eyebrows, the width, height, curve, orientation and spread of the eyes as well as their colour, the shape of the jawline, chin, cheeks, nose (tip and bridge) and mouth, and finally your skin colour and the areas on your face with the most...
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    Very Very noob question

    A glitch is different from bugs, in that they are very temporary and difficult to troubleshoot. An example of a glitch could be that a collision is sometimes not detected by the engine, but it works most of the time. A bug is a fault in the software or hardware that causes, as DSG said...
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    Worst Musical Genre (for you)?

    For me the worst musical genres are pop, hiphop, rap, trance, techno, electronica, dubstep (these are not listed in any order) and probably some other genres I do not know the name of, but have heard. I can tolerate everything else. I even like a lot of other genres.
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    Video Card Trouble

    Have you tried going to a computer store to diagnose it? It's easier to find out what's wrong when you can actively test it and check everything yourself. There could be some really weird errors. Heck for all I know a compatibility issue could've arisen over the years. Perhaps a corruption in...
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    Website backup

    I guess that could cause complications. I don't know much about how these servers work, nor do I know anything about MySQL (other than it being used for databases and stuff). However, I assume that you wouldn't want any writing to the SQL database while backing it up. Basically, some of the data...
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    Losventia, The English Major

    Anywhore, welcome Losventia!
  19. The Reborn Devil

    Video Card Trouble

    Could be a compatibility issue, since the GPU from Computer A works in Computer B, and the GPU in Computer B works in Computer A (but not in B).
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    7950 computer shutdown bf3

    500 Watt is the recommended wattage. That means it can be less and it will still work. Anyway, since switching PSU worked, I'm guessing your old PSU was either getting a bit faulty or had insufficient cooling. I consider my PC modern, but I do not have the option to turn on or off the display...
  21. The Reborn Devil

    How to put Signature link without turning it automatically to image link?

    Not quite sure what you mean, so I'll try to answer anything it could be. If you want a link like as an image, i.e you want a clickable image that directs to your link, then you can do this like so: If you want your image to link to itself (or perhaps a larger image...
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    7950 computer shutdown bf3

    That shutdown. Not necessarily. When you get a BSoD you also SEE the blue screen. That's kinda the point. Also, as I said in the previous post, I know from experience that a power issue can also cause the exact same issues he's experiencing. The same happens with most machines, be it TVs...
  24. The Reborn Devil

    7950 computer shutdown bf3

    I doubt it's overheating as he said it didn't go beyond 60° C degrees, and they support up to 80° C (my 7750 is supposed to handle 90° C) before they automatically shut themselves down (or should anyway). Anyway, if the whole system shuts down and reboots, it sounds to me like it's not the GPU...
  25. The Reborn Devil

    7950 computer shutdown bf3

    Do you have the latest drivers? There could be a bug with the current drivers and the game itself. Sometimes that happens. There is also a possibility of a production fault. Shit happens from time to time. Also, when you say "shutdown", do you mean only the GPU itself shuts down? I.e you can...
  26. The Reborn Devil

    [JASS] Smoother lightning?

    No, SomeOtherFunction is basically your main action function, and SomeFunction should be called from it. Basically, this is how your trigger should be laid out: // I've renamed this function for better readability function Conditions takes nothing returns boolean return...
  27. The Reborn Devil

    [JASS] Smoother lightning?

    Why do you have a function for this? Just put those 2 lines inside your code where they should be. Having unnecessary functions causes unneeded overhead and it's slower in execution. This doesn't even work. The parameters are passed by value, not by reference. This function will not null the...
  28. The Reborn Devil

    Quest that kill multiple units. How to do?

    Hello there. The reason for why it's not working is because of your conditions. The conditions determine whether or not your actions are run. When you then check if the dying unit is both "Demon Swordsman" and "Returned Knight" and "Returned Mage", your actions will not run. A unit cannot be of...
  29. The Reborn Devil

    Check if player's camera is viewing a point?

    No, as I said: That checks if the location/point is hidden in fog of war or not. It does not tell you if it's currently visible on your screen. If you try the functions IsLocationVisibleToPlayer or IsVisibleToPlayer on a map that is entirely visible, it will always return true regardless of...
  30. The Reborn Devil

    Check if player's camera is viewing a point?

    That ignores screen position. It simply checks if the point is in fog of war. Same with IsUnitVisible. Anti-maphack code uses those functions.
  31. The Reborn Devil

    Check if player's camera is viewing a point?

    Pffft, real men aim for accuracy. This function will properly detect if a point is visible on your screen (sorry, it will not detect if it's occluded by units or hills). It basically just checks if it's within your view frustum in a herpy derpy way. There may or may not be a better way to get...
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    Nice :D

    Nice :D
  33. The Reborn Devil

    Playing animations backwards

    Okay, so I decided to test it out myself. And I am not encountering any problems with backwards walking. Trying other animations however does not work. They play, and then they just stop. This is how I made it walk backwards: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(u, 10) call SetUnitTimeScale(u, -1.0)...
  34. The Reborn Devil

    [vJASS] Units floccuration

    Not if they're friends :D
  35. The Reborn Devil

    [vJASS] Units floccuration

    Neutral Hostile, Neutral Passive and Neutral Victim can help you out with that.
  36. The Reborn Devil

    Best Browser

    And so does every other browser except for IE.
  37. The Reborn Devil

    Playing animations backwards

    You're not really supposed to be setting the time scale nor the animation index 30 times per second. That could be related to your problem.
  38. The Reborn Devil

    Playing animations backwards

    I cannot remember how I got it to work, but I did encounter the same problem you're encountering. I'm uncertain whether it has to do with the fact that you're passing an integer instead of a real, or if you need to play the animation after setting the timescale, or if it's a combination of the two.
  39. The Reborn Devil

    INI editing with UI

    This can be achieved with many programming languages, however, I recommend using either Java or C# to quickly make GUI. For C# you'd also need Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express (totally free from Microsoft's website). For Java I don't quite know what to use for easy GUI creation. There are...
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    High Performance PC Rig Questions

    Yeah, I know a lot of people care about brands. I've had an nVidia GPU myself, but now I have an ATI GPU and AMD CPU and I'm very satisfied. Especially with the price. My nVidia GPU melted one day and I needed a replacement. I was initially sceptic about the ridiculously cheap HIS Radeon HD 5750...
  42. The Reborn Devil

    Lol when did you last try Firefox? It's an old feature xD

    Lol when did you last try Firefox? It's an old feature xD
  43. The Reborn Devil

    Best Browser

    Pffft, clearly Lynx beats them all. Btw, that benchmark doesn't cover everything. For example, Firefox gets better performance than Chrome when dealing with the HTML5 Element 'Canvas' in certain scenarios. Sadly I do not have the screenshot any more, but I tested GhostWolf's tile shit and got...
  44. The Reborn Devil

    High Performance PC Rig Questions

    Make sure you get a case that can fit all that stuff in it. Space for additional fans/radiators is also recommended. Anyway, if gaming is your primary concern, and particularly demanding 3D, I'd recommend an AMD CPU instead of Intel. Particularly the AMD FX-8150 (8-core CPU). If you can get...
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    Comment by 'The Reborn Devil' in media 'IS A TRD'

  46. The Reborn Devil

    I love myself as well :> Edit: urr, durr, tiny mistake on the second function :> Forgot -1...

    I love myself as well :> Edit: urr, durr, tiny mistake on the second function :> Forgot -1 Edit (AGAIN :O): I would recommend initializing the buffer outside of the function though, and reuse it for maximum powahz (and reading backwards of course :>). Making the function look like this...
  47. The Reborn Devil

    Urrr, I don't think that should actually work. It will miss the left-most bit. This is bettur...

    Urrr, I don't think that should actually work. It will miss the left-most bit. This is bettur: char* toBinary(unsigned value) { char* c = (char*) malloc(sizeof(value)*CHAR_BIT), *p = c; do { *p++ = '0' + (value&1); } while (value>>=1); return c; } Note that the...
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    Hahahahas hahahas saahahshahashasass Edit: I can give you a hint :> It uses...

    Hahahahas hahahas saahahshahashasass Edit: I can give you a hint :> It uses bit-shifting and the bitwise-and operator.
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    How long it takes from you

    30 seconds for me. I usually read English faster, but weird names like Nimnie etc kinda stop me a little and ruin the flow. My native language is not English btw, I'm from Norway.