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  1. mafe

    (2)Ores Cryptic

    No update in a long time. Set to useful/simple (formerly known as "stubstandard).
  2. mafe

    Les 4 Saisons // The 4 Seasons

    No update in a long time. Set to useful/simple (formerly known as "stubstandard).
  3. mafe

    (11)Doom Chronicle

    No update in a long time. Set to useful/simple (formerly known as "stubstandard). A little sad, because this map had potential. You know who to contact me in case you make updates anyway.
  4. mafe

    (2)Lost wasteland

    No update in a long time. Set to useful/simple (formerly known as "stubstandard).
  5. mafe

    Mountain valley

    No update in a long time. Set to useful/simple (formerly know as "stubstandard).
  6. mafe

    Changement de Saison

    Again, good map. In terms of visual, I like the idea of mixing snow and autumn tilest, which makes sense. But it could be used to give the map even more of a visual structure. Maybe it could also be fitting to use winter trees in some locations, lets say in the northeast and/or southwest. Though...
  7. mafe

    Heliotic Deep

    So, is this still a beta? According to the map submission rules (Map Submission Rules ), the map development forum would be a better place for a beta. If I had to review the map as it stands, I would definitely request some updates.
  8. mafe

    Good Luck

    Well...... as an Aprils Fools map it gets the job done ;) But I dont really see any point in reviewing this map seriously as a melee map. Set to useful/simple.
  9. mafe

    Reservoir of Cenarius 1.3

    So, let's see: 1. Some improvements, yes. Still room for more though. 3. Expansions seem better now, but shop creeps are still potentially very annoying. 4. is fixed. 5. is fixed. 6. AoW-creeping is now possibly with acceptable rewards, good. 7. Green camp has been added. While they also can...
  10. mafe

    DalaRan Rural

    Pretty solid map. It looks very warcraf-ish. The layout is unspectacular, but that's not ncessariy a downside . Items and creeps are overall balanced (for exceptions see below). Trees are perfect too, only a kotg needs to be careful to not have his treants be stuck. However I share @Knechts...
  11. mafe

    Melee Mapping Contest #7 - 4v4

    Great to see some new people join the contest. Just so you know, "we" melee mappers have a discord channel to discuss, well, making melee maps and related stuff. You can find other mappers there to give you feedback, teach you some tricks, and maybe even playtest the maps. So feell invited to...
  12. mafe

    (4)Refined Land

    It seems that that now mining at all starting positions is ok, with some barely noticable occasions where the mine can still be unoccupied by peons/peasants. Maybe I should check if this is not also the case on other maps and I just never noticed. I didnt explicitly look out for any other...
  13. mafe

    Unnamed Forest

    Hello again! It's nice to see you continue mapping, but unfortunately this map still has several weaknesses. The map looks good and is very easy to understand. But having so many dead ends in the mdidle is rarely ever a good idea. What's more, there are a few outright bugs: 1. At the blue...
  14. mafe

    Murloc Atoll

    Hey, good to see another map from you. Unfortunately it looks not quite finished. Generally the layout (location of creep camps and neutral buildings), but there are just a lot of empty areas which dont seem to serve a purpose, for example, the areas "behind" the fountains. If it was easy to...
  15. mafe

    (2)Kelp'thar Forest

    So, that is the 4th or 5th underwater map from you? Basically, I could also write much of the same stuff from the maps too. Creeps and items look ok, and I like the layout too, except that a non-red-camp-expansion on highground is questionable. It is weird that the naga buildings have icons on...
  16. mafe

    Lotus Blossom 1.2

    This is a solid map, but even for its intention to be a 1v1 macro map, I still feel that it is too large. The base distance might be ok, but the outer areas of the just are very far away and will rarely ever see play. The downside of such a large map is that player will spend a lot of time...
  17. mafe

    Pig Canyon v1.1

    Another very good map from you. It has a very good innovative but also balanced layout. Visually it also looks very good without being obtrusive. Creeps and items are alright. Unfortunately there are some bugs in the details: 1. Mercs at the western merc camp and goblin sappers at the eastern...
  18. mafe

    (8)Corrupted Isles

    A very small map for 4v4. It's fun, but in ladder there could be some map-specific abuse. There are a few details that probably should be improved, the other stuff seems to be ok. 1. Some small troll-spider camps near the bases can aggro by accident. 2. The ally player priorities do not always...
  19. mafe

    Between Heaven and Hell

    Again, a nice remake of an iconic map. I believe it would work nicely in 4v4 indeed. Personally, I'm not a fan of having so many cliffs and dead-end expansions, but ofc you wanted to preserver the features of Divide And Conquer, so that's fine. Regarding possible improvements: 1. There's a buggy...
  20. mafe

    Melee Mapping Contest #7 - 4v4

    I would also like to participate, but cannot fully commit yet.
  21. mafe


    Hey, nice idea to reinvent some of the more iconic blizzard maps. Overall I think it worked very well. You have omitted some of the standout features with the double gold mine expansions and the portal, but in terms of balance that is certainly a good call. I wouldnt mind seeing it on w3c...
  22. mafe

    Esmerald Island 1.1

    Since this clearly an "altered melee" map and not a pure "melee" map, i.e. a map that offers standard wc3 gameplay like ladder maps, I've removed the "melee" tag. Edit: I hope I didnt break anything since apparently you happened to update the bundle at the same time @Mistburn
  23. mafe

    Dalaran Forest

    So uhm a Lordaeron Summer map ..... I thought we had banished this tileset for good :D Anyway, the map still looks good and warcraft-ish, with some cozy waterfalls and otherwise unobtrusive but good terrain. Regarding gameplay, well the map simply will not work as a 1v1 map right now. Mostly...
  24. mafe

    (4)Fallen Esgaroth

    Ok, once again a lot of the usual feedback for you maps applies once again. I appreciated you managed to come up with yet another completely unique look. I've never played minecraft myself but for some reason the sharp edges and "blocks" near the shops remind me of it. At first I thought the map...
  25. mafe

    (2)Corrupter Ruins v1.1

    Map set to "Useful/simple" (formerly "substandard") by request of the author.
  26. mafe

    Greenwood Pass

    First of all, unfortunately this isnt the first map with this name: But naming problems aside, I agree that this map is very good. It looks a lot like the roc undead invasion of Quel'thalas missions, but the details in terms of doodads...
  27. mafe

    (4)Icicles Isles

    Looking at my previous review: 1. is fixed. 2. is fixed. 3. is sufficiently improved. 4. is also changed. 5. still exists, but as said before might be acceptable for 2v2. I also (only now) noticed that some of the "Ice floating" doodads look like they are ..... floating in the air instead of...
  28. mafe


    Let's see about my previous review: 1. Much better now. The lvl 4 charged from the 3xlvl5 salamanders and the lvl 4 permanent from the northern goldmines are still relatively strong itemdrops. 2. is fixed. 3. Transitions are still bugged in many places. 4. Fastexpansions are possible now, but...
  29. mafe

    Secret Valley (Ratfolk)

    Looks fun, but it is clearly an "altered melee" map and not a pure "melee" map. The "melee" tag should be used only for maps that offer completely unaltered wc3 gameplay, i.e. the same as blizzard ladder maps. Therefore I've removed the "melee" tag.
  30. mafe

    (2)Quardra Blitz

    The missing creep has been added. The red expansion now also have ensnare, good. The middle no longer has ensnare, also good. The general issue of units walking past mid and getting attacked still remains though. Nevertheless, the necessary improvements have been made. Map approved.
  31. mafe

    Flooded valley // Vallée inondée

    So this map looks quite a bit different from my previous review. It appears that all of the issues which I mentioned before are fixed, removed, or clearly improved. I'm still not entirely happy with the expansion layout, but ok. The only (new?) issue I still see is that the creeps on the...
  32. mafe

    (2)Occult Oasis

    Ok, so..... there really isnt much that I can say about this map that I havent said about the other more recent map of your, so I'll keep it brief: Interesting tileset that will divide opinions, overall farily balanced creeps and items, no obvious flaws. Nice forests with multiple kinds of...
  33. mafe

    The Delta

    Hello new melee mapper! It's always nice to see new people in the melee mapping section. Unfortunately, melee maps have a large amount of "traps" in the details that one needs to be aware of, and you have been caught by a few of them ;) The following issues are outright bugs that need to be...
  34. mafe

    Broken City

    A 24 player map :) And the map isnt bad, but not quite polished either. Visually, the tileset is kinda unpopular due to being too dark iirc, but I dont mind it. I also like th layout very much, it is definitely unique and could make for fun games in 12v12 or 6v6v6v6. However, I also have a few...
  35. mafe


    While this looks fun, it is clearly an altered melee and not a "normal" melee. Therefore please remove the "melee" tag, as it is meant to eb reserved for maps that offer unaltered wc3 gameplay like the normal battle net ladder maps.
  36. mafe

    (4)Twain Hail

    While this map is very interesting I dont think there is much to dicuss. Again, a unique and also very stylish tileset and visuals. Regarding gameplay: 1. The obvious main idea of the map is the starting position location. I like it a lot, in fact if I decide to participate in the potentially...
  37. mafe

    Otro mapa de Warcraft III

    Hello! "Melee" map on the hiveworkshop generally should be understood as "map that offers unaltered gameplay similar to standard bilzzard ladder maps". This map is not such a map. For example, placing starting units/heros, editing unit stats, invalid locations for starting positions, setting...
  38. mafe

    Sandy Shores

    This lamp is looking very promising. The layout is perfectly fine, the visuals too (only the shallow water areas look kinda boring). To be a ladder-worthy map, imo mostl the creeps require finetuning: 1. The merc might be available too easily, as @Zucth pointed out. Maybe it's fine, but a common...
  39. mafe

    Arathor 1.2

    So, by now I have actually played Arathor on w3c a few. I didnt notice anything that I would say needs to be changed or improved. As iirc I already mentioned in discord, the map really nails the Arathi Basin look from wow. -Overall at first glance the map is somewhat unspectacular, with all the...
  40. mafe

    (4)Refined Land

    So the map has changed a lot. Looking at the issues from my previous review, they are all significantly improved (except 5, but that's ok). Nice idea with the reduced-hp-gates. Unfortunately, it now seems to me that some of the spawn locations are just a bit too far away from the gold mines, so...
  41. mafe

    (2)Frosty Pebbles

    Oh look, another twist to a red map xD Keeping this short, the usual notes: 1. The lvl 10 creep this close those to the base does not work since he will attack main base buildings that are under construction if they are too "close" to him, which can happen easily. 2. It's interesting that player...
  42. mafe

    Frozen Swamp // Marécage gelée

    So you've addressed all the issues mentioned in my last post. Good :) Iirc the merc camps werent there in previous versions, and some other creeps changed too? Maybe I just misrember. In any case, changelog would help, but it's not a necessity. Overall this is a very solid map now. It's not...
  43. mafe


    Doublepost because I forgot to moderate when doing the review.
  44. mafe


    So about this map: While it has something that it does right, there are also many flaws, some of which can be fixed relatively fast, while other will take more time. More precisely: 1. Visually the map is mostly fine. However the shallow water areas are relatively bland, and the visuals somewhat...
  45. mafe

    (4) Fort Maristella

    Hello new melee mapper!(?) Or did you make melee maps before? Your name seems to ring a bell, but apparently you dont have any melee maps uploaded so far. Anyway. The map has an interesting concept, but it has the downside that it will make for a very boring earlygame as there are only two...
  46. mafe

    Old Woodlands

    Overall, this is a solid map with a few nice ideas. Visually it is standard Ashenvale, which is fine, but it could need some more explicit visual structure which helps to make th map easier to understand. Regarding gameplay: 1. It's nice that the neutral buildings are located in such a way that...
  47. mafe

    (8)Dread Yard

    My first thought when opening the map and going to view entire map: "Wait, why is my editor using reforged graphics now?" It really looks different from "normal" wc3, because it is red, but in a different style than outland. In general, I think the map would make for a good 4v4 map, again the...
  48. mafe

    Icy Island

    See comment I wrote a few days ago.
  49. mafe

    Icy Island

    Hey, so: The general idea of the map is good. The layout is solid and the creeps and itemdrops are mostly well balanced. Unfortunately, I think there are few details that hold the map back: 1. Some creeps will aggro on player units by accident, in particular some of the central wolf creeps. 2. A...
  50. mafe

    (2)Ramp Off

    So.... you have fixed 2,3 and 7, but not 5. Visually, it's still lacking with basically only trees and rocks used, but no other doodads. Ramps are still hard to recongnize. Tbh, I still think the map is not great, but it's no longer in an clearly flawed state. Therefore map approved. But your...