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  1. Golden-Drake

    [General] Does a unit get removed from a unit group if it dies AND decays??

    so if a unit dies and is decayed away.. will it get removed from the unit group in triggers? for instance: a unit is put in a unit group because it entered a region - The unit then dies and after 60 sec it is decayed - if i try to get the ammount of units in the unit group after that - will the...
  2. Golden-Drake

    What happend to....

    Thinking about it... i think delay killed the Escape maps.... if you have spiking ping (which wc3 tends to do some times) you lose... and a constant ping of 120+ makes slide maps impossible... i think that is what killed the maps....
  3. Golden-Drake

    What happend to....

    i might just make the map and have some streamers test it out and i could have feed back from that :/
  4. Golden-Drake

    What happend to....

    What happend to escape maps? They just seem gone from I have plans for a map (inspired by some super mario 64 concept). but if it is going to become something i have to know what escapes was good and what was bad and what made them that way... i know some of them was bad cause you...
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    My internet is down (writing from my phone) so chances Will Come later. Its not a deer but its an old lonely oak tree. I have made a version without it If you like but like i said, it can not be right at this moment
  6. Golden-Drake


    Updated: • Zoomed out • Removed the yellow wind • blend the color around the pupil a little
  7. G

    BTNGDDragonFaarSight (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  8. Golden-Drake

    BTNGDDragonFaarSight (Icon)

    Finaly had a good outcome trying to make a dragon eye, so i combined it with a little farsight like effect. Keywords: dragon, faar, sight, watch, Golden, Drake, naga.
  9. Golden-Drake


    Try to look up some tutorials about icons and try to learn from them insted of painting over or stealing (as some people have me belived). alot of the tutorials is done in photoshop so feel free Tutorials
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    Shading could be better Lacks highligst around the blade pats to make it look sharp. The magic part is a single line created with only a brush, it could be glowing or soemthing else. the glow from the blades are not very bright (hard to see) you lack a background the hand protecter looks thin...
  11. Golden-Drake

    [GUI Triggers] Game modes

    Can anyone give me a link or a quick guilde on how to make the initial trigger for a game mode (like in DotA or Castle fight you type "-" followed by for example "ap" or "ar") i need to compare parts of an entered string? (i think its something about substrings but i'm not sure how it works)...
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    Way too blur. - also where is the light comming from, on the heads it looks like the light is comming directly from the front while on the hanlde its mixed up. Try to find a tutorial to draw wood, and work on the shadows and highlights. But don't give up :) Here is one you might find...
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    Darken the background a bit, and make the smaller drops have "arrow-head" aswell. Very nice icon!!!!
  14. Golden-Drake


    you seem to use the word "mana" alot ^^. but keep it up :) - most of your icons are good and usefull
  15. Golden-Drake

    Why can't i remove the units?

    It is fixed. no the mages does not have locust. i did try it the other way around with picking all players and then test for playing and removing if not. i put in 3 text messeges, 1 at the beginning (testing event), one in the then action and one in the else action, The text from the...
  16. Golden-Drake

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Thanks for the Trigger help :)

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Thanks for the Trigger help :)
  17. Golden-Drake

    Why can't i remove the units?

    1. Didn't know they would still leak :/ 2. i'll try 3. cause i'm lazy xD *Edit* - Ok i have tried adding in text and it seems it can't make the "else" actions :/... - - i'll just make them is a player is present then :) Thanks KILLCIDE
  18. Golden-Drake

    Why can't i remove the units?

    [14 lines of GUI] Why can't i remove the units? Remove Units Events Map initialization Time - Elapsed game time is 5.00 seconds Conditions Actions Custom script: set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type...
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  20. Golden-Drake


    was thinking about lowering the BG - brightness a little, and change the blade a little too but i'll leave it here for now
  21. G

    BTNGDIceBite (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  22. Golden-Drake

    BTNGDIceBite (Icon)

    Ice Axe inspired by Death Bite from hearth stone.. Hope i did ok :3 11-17-15 *Updated* Keywords: Frost, Ice, Freeze, Axe, Cleaver, Weapon, Cold, Golden, Drake
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  24. Golden-Drake


    make the line between the souls red insted of yellow - on the icon it looks like a white chest with black dots on it - but really nice improvement!
  25. Golden-Drake


    make some faint gray or yellow lines to define the black area some more (seperate claws from hand and teeth from jaw and so on) - just a faint line...
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    Very nice icon. but i think there is a little too much black background. try to add some color or move the model a little down. But i can only say very good job on this one
  27. Golden-Drake

    [Spell] Coding Problems

    NVM i found the Error... it seems that if you check if a unit is dead (and your unit variable is null) it counts as dead
  28. Golden-Drake

    [Spell] Coding Problems

    Need some help with a variable some were Within the code i have placed 2 "XXXXX...." commets. Within thise comments the code does not work and i don't know how to fix it... it seems to forget what units are in the "PrimalGraspGroup" group..:ogre_rage: Primal Grasp Loop Events...
  29. Golden-Drake

    [Crash] Too many triggers???

    but thanks for trying to help and thanks for the answers you have given me ;)
  30. Golden-Drake

    [Crash] Too many triggers???

    I fixed it :) - seems like i just f**** up my own code when i don't use variables to calculate the damage before it is dealt
  31. Golden-Drake

    [Crash] Too many triggers???

    Ok after looking though some of the triggers i found out why it skiped Lines. Since im making adjudtments to some game systems some variables where not set before i was to use Them so while testing (for instance i had a timer to set an amount of health if player red didn't chose any or for some...
  32. Golden-Drake

    [Crash] Too many triggers???

    Ill post Them tomorrow when i have time :)
  33. Golden-Drake

    [Crash] Too many triggers???

    Is it possible to have too many triggers in a map? In my currently project i have created 41 (including those not enabled i use for typing Down future ideas or Stuff i need to fix when i'm done testing) Im a gui user. Some spells i make suddenly don't create the dummes needed or sometimes...
  34. Golden-Drake


    I would prefer a plate in front.... Imagine a boot that make pressure on the back of your leg while walking... Would be annoying...
  35. Golden-Drake


    Give the skulls about 5% more blackness and it is perfect *.*
  36. Golden-Drake


    It lookes more as a runestone to me.. Maybe make the pages a very lightbrown colorminsted of gray? But Nice work none the less
  37. Golden-Drake

    BTW everyone who visits my profile :) - I'm just here To post my work since i find this site...

    BTW everyone who visits my profile :) - I'm just here To post my work since i find this site improves my skills since jugdes are not too hard and not too soft on mine and others work. If you want to contact me and ofc want a responce - send a PM - i'll answer them and not messeges on my wall...
  38. G

    BTNGDGhostDagger (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  39. Golden-Drake

    BTNGDGhostDagger (Icon)

    I have a lot of Icons to upload so i'm just throwing in atm. Keywords: Ghost, Dragger, By, Golden, Drake
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    BTNGDRitualDagger (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  41. Golden-Drake

    BTNGDRitualDagger (Icon)

    I have a lot of Icons to upload so i'm just throwing in atm. Keywords: Ritual, Dagger, by, Golden, Drake
  42. Golden-Drake

    BTNGDCrossChain (Icon)

    I have a lot of Icons to upload so i'm just throwing in atm. Keywords: Cross, Amulet, By, Golden, Drake
  43. G

    BTNGDCrossChain (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  44. Golden-Drake

    BTNGDDeathSythe (Icon)

    I have a lot of Icons to upload so i'm just throwing in atm. Keywords: sythe, by, Golden, Drake
  45. G

    BTNGDDeathSythe (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  46. Golden-Drake


    Made some changes
  47. Golden-Drake


    To me the one in the middle looks more transparent than the one on the right. This May be because you made it transparent so you Can see the one on the right though the middle one. Try to make the one on the right more transparent and/or make it impossible to see the one on the right though...
  48. Golden-Drake


    Frist i have to say you did an exelent jo bon this, vers good indeed. Now for improvements you might consider maling the shadow longest back (the one on the right) naboer to be seen though the middel one. And make that shadow more transparent (or darker colors) But beside that, a very Nice...
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  50. G

    BTNGDSpiritWalkerEnchantment (Warcraft 3 Icon)