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  1. Xaerth

    Model Lighting

    While looking at my models in Magos' viewer, they look fine - however, once I drag them into WE, the shading from the light looks bad. After a thorough search, I found a thread about steep angles causing this; if so, is there any OTHER way to remove this effect? Adding and redoing every angle...
  2. Xaerth

    [Trigger] Camera locks onto wrong unit

    When I test the map, in the update event, it follows around the proper rotation, but still locks onto player one's camera. This is the map initialization, and this is probably what would cause it to lock incorrectly. Any help is greatly appreciated. Camera Events Map...
  3. Xaerth

    Untitled ORPG

    This map is a truly unique ORPG (irony). Rather than the traditional ORPG, it has a class-less system, custom face selection, armor physically on the player, and boardable ships (with upgradeable interiors and interior fires), crime system, and completely unique combat (attacking and parrying...
  4. Xaerth

    Town Hall Export Problem

    I've been using Magos' Model Editor, 1.02. Whenever I try to export certain things (Town Hall, Tavern to be specific, the rest work I think) as MDLs, I get an error message... and they don't export. Any ideas?
  5. Xaerth

    A problem with importing my new models.

    I import them, and they all crash. My Human Peasant with a removed Pick-Ax and Blademaster Animations works fine, but the following do not (And this sucks, since I spent like 8 hours on them): Troll Headhunter (I fixed some bone names with this model... that might be it?) without spear or...
  6. Xaerth

    Attack Sound

    So I've got my stormtrooper, and replaced a couple sounds with my laser shot sound. When I use him, he uses two sounds when attacking: the default marine fire, and some arrow firing sound or something (I replaced the Arrow Sounds, and that didn't work). Any idea how to make it so all I hear is...
  7. Xaerth

    Throne of Retribution: Xaerth's Hero/Castle Builder

    Well, my RPG-ish Hero/Castle builder is complete. You are probably asking, "Well Xaerth, why would I want to download this map?" -32 CUSTOM SPELLS to build your hero with (About 8 are triggered, hah.) -Build your army from Dwarves, Orcs, Humans, Murlocs, Trolls, Ogres, Elves, Tauren, and...
  8. Xaerth

    A noob question.

    Before you say to me to read the stickies, I've read them and many on other sites. Is there any way for custom skins to be in a map and are downloaded in Also, can I have a grunt with my blue/grey texture but let other grunts in the map have green?