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  1. Ivanneth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice terrain for your first try. This'll be my last reputation giving.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Nice terrain for your first try. This'll be my last reputation giving.
  2. Ivanneth

    Mr.Jamaka2's Showcase

    Nobody gonna DL 2.4mb just to look at some screens. Seriously.
  3. Ivanneth

    Awesome Terrainer - Needed

    If you need backup, "call me" (?). I'd suggest doing the terrain last, btw.
  4. Ivanneth

    DMC 3 Dante

    Could've just given him the link to this.
  5. Ivanneth

    My Firsts Terrain Screenshots!!!

    Yes. Needs more environ. doodads.
  6. Ivanneth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very nice terrain :D

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very nice terrain :D
  7. Ivanneth

    MadseN's Terrain Showcase

    Very nice! The third one looks awesome, a nice change.
  8. Ivanneth

    Dobrp Final

    So who is the *divine* creator? You seem to love him.
  9. Ivanneth

    Filling out 1 terraining/texturing(skinning) request

    Oh, right. Whatever -_-
  10. Ivanneth

    Rocks Floating. Need urgent help!!!

  11. Ivanneth

    Need a terrainer plz

    .... and you were asking for someone to give you a terraining / texturing request ... I'll take a look, but not finish it, ya?
  12. Ivanneth

    Filling out 1 terraining/texturing(skinning) request

    Lol. Yes, you better do it ... Ivanneth Events Unit - Ezikielth does not finish the map Conditions Actions Unit - Issue order Ivanneth to (Cheat - Shoot) Ezikielth
  13. Ivanneth

    HDSM Terrain

    Try putting in a trigger somewhat like this, and using a unit, like thisArcher Attack Trigger (Sucky :\) Events Unit - A unit is attacked [OR] A unit is issued an order targeting a unit Conditions Unit Type - Unit type of (attacking unit) equals to (Archer) [OR] Unit type of (triggering unit)...
  14. Ivanneth

    Terraining Challenge 2007/2008

    I saw that coming, Lol. I already have the JPG files ready, just for this purpose. BTW, I was asleep while they were uploading, so I couldn't stop it ... time to edit. EDIT: Done.
  15. Ivanneth

    Angel_Duster's Showcase

    Yeah, on the second one, I just noticed that there's floating rocks / rock spires.
  16. Ivanneth

    Terraining Challenge 2007/2008

    Hello, I'd like to join this contest, and already have all the WIPs and the final entry ready. EDIT: Changed it to .JPG format. WIPs Final Entry
  17. Ivanneth

    BEER BEER (paired mapping contest)

    110%? Err ... ookay ... The terrain looks kinda dull, and with a stone path and then cobble path it's a bit senseless, decide for one. Also needs more environ doodads : \ The whole idea is kinda ... weird. I mean, "Beer Beer" tells you "Get drunk, drink beer, whatever!" and not "Defend the king!".
  18. Ivanneth

    Dobrp Final

    Hm ... I don't believe that "remaking" an RP map would bring you anywhere. Why can't people be happy with what they have? Also, once you're done with it, I'd like to thoroughly test it. I don't trust some maps, and PRP - the new, revamped one was, according to a friend, who tests thoroughly as...
  19. Ivanneth

    Filling out 1 terraining/texturing(skinning) request

    I think no one got it in 2 hours. -_-
  20. Ivanneth

    Angel_Duster's Showcase

    There was an abyss there? Oh, that. Yes. I don't notice much >_> Gilles, Craka always wins. You should know that ; )
  21. Ivanneth

    Rocks Floating. Need urgent help!!!

    What, a cape blowing in the wind? Different weather would be cool though. (ie capes blowing, etc. And a wind direction : |)
  22. Ivanneth

    Adventures of the Frosthorns

    Oh, sorry, lol, I forgot about this, and where this was : \ Triggering: Mostly with variables, and a lot of "all around" stuff, cines are good, spells - as long as you get the ideas, I can probably make it. For the modelling stuff: I can remove weapons, armor and that type of stuff in the...
  23. Ivanneth

    HDSM Terrain

    Try noising the area, then smoothing it. I do it, 'cause I'm lazy : \
  24. Ivanneth

    Angel_Duster's Showcase

    Same here, donut. Second one looks a bit weird, the fog's strange, and the wind makes it stranger, and you can see "the end". Third one - the netherdrake's colour doesn't fit, and the whole thing just does : \, don't know why.
  25. Ivanneth

    HDSM Terrain

    It looks a bit weird, the contrast: grey to green.
  26. Ivanneth

    dof's rpg terrain [WIP]

    I don't get what you're saying, murloc. And thanks, I stole it off my friend -_-
  27. Ivanneth


    Magic, Redeemer, magic.
  28. Ivanneth

    HDSM Terrain

    You need a sky, and those trees growing on rocks look weird. That's what I just noticed. (sky only for beginning parts)
  29. Ivanneth

    dof's rpg terrain [WIP]

    Yes, the whole thing seems blurry ...
  30. Ivanneth

    HDSM Terrain

    Yes, you can. But there's a limit to tiles, 13 I think. :'(
  31. Ivanneth

    HDSM Terrain

    Looking good there, mate ^^ Craka, are you saying HernanG's one wasn't good? ... even though it was never finished : / Also, bloody, try starting with GUI, it's never betrayed me or anything, I think JASS is just a glorified essay : \ Like Craka said, outskirts look pretty plain. Try placing...
  32. Ivanneth

    I Need Certain Types Of Models..

    In the cine he was just a doomguard.
  33. Ivanneth

    Just A Request

    A skin? A model? Icon?
  34. Ivanneth

    Icy Ghost File

    It doth not seem so, doth it?
  35. Ivanneth

    Help Editing My Terrain

    WEU doesn't work with adding tiles.
  36. Ivanneth

    About Terrain

    Yay. Now I can be sane again :D
  37. Ivanneth


    There is no path.
  38. Ivanneth

    AotF - Icecrown Citadel

    Right click them, then do "Open in new tab / window". Look pretty nice, by the way.
  39. Ivanneth

    Reputation (+1): (Post) That's a sexy avatar you got there, mate. ^_^

    Reputation (+1): (Post) That's a sexy avatar you got there, mate. ^_^
  40. Ivanneth

    terrian color

    Well. It's really easy to just use the marble or something tile from Cityscape, or Dalaran. Then just tint it.
  41. Ivanneth

    About Terrain

    Made no sense to me either. Read the vocab >_>
  42. Ivanneth

    Help Editing My Terrain

    Here's a tip. Add Sunken Ruin's Dark Grass to it, or replace one of the grass tiles with it. Then, add Ashenvale's Short Grass to it, or replace. Also, change the grass to Village Thick Grass. It blends very well with the Dark Grass, and Short Grass.
  43. Ivanneth

    About Terrain

    HT has a pure "terrine" screen shot. It looks awesome, like all his others, (lol) but not everyone is as skilled as him ... Terrine: German for "quick soup". 5MinutenTerrine made Siass Maul.
  44. Ivanneth

    multi shot ?

    Base it off barrage, change the missiles.
  45. Ivanneth

    Rocks Floating. Need urgent help!!!

    Yes. [blizzard is lazy >_>]
  46. Ivanneth

    Adventures of the Frosthorns

    Alright. I can trigger, just tell me when thou needest something. Modelling, don't expect too much, I'm not awesome >_>. IF thou needest it, I can do terrain.
  47. Ivanneth

    waterfall help

    Ah. We all know that, don't we? Lol
  48. Ivanneth

    --Clan RPFL Is In Danger!! =C --

    Um. I'm the chief of a clan. And I can't host. That's why thou hath friends, shamans and grunts and peons. Wah.
  49. Ivanneth


    Or that. It's easier with the carpets though.