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  1. Maximash

    Fear Spell

    I'm looking for someone to make a Fear spell that can be applied to anything. For instance if a unit has the fear buff, it runs away/around at high speed. So then i could do anything, aura, instant cast, target cast, AOE cast etc. Big repz for whoever does this for me :). GUI or JASS is...
  2. Maximash

    Guerrilla Warfare

    Hey guys, I've recently started making a map, that I'm calling Guerrilla Warfare I've told a few people already about it, and explained it to them, and they asked me to post it here. So I am :D. The game is set in the future, haven't thought of a story or anything, its just in the future atm...
  3. Maximash

    [Trigger] Ranged attack blocks?-Cover system

    Hey all, I'm looking for a way of detecting whether a doodad/destructible/unit are directly in front of an attacking unit that has a ranged attack, and then finding a way of transferring the damage, and stopping the originally targeted unit from taking the damage. Its for a cover system I'm...
  4. Maximash

    Stair/lift triggers

    Hey all, I'm trying to make a large skyscraper building with stairs that go up onto different floors for my map, or even lifts. The preset ones that the editor has to offer only do three floors, anyone have any ideas on a trigger I might use for this? ~MaxImash~
  5. Maximash

    System Request:Arrow clouds -_-'

    Hey, ive noticed in games where you have alot of ranged units firing at enemies, usually you get these huge triangles of arrows or whatever the projectile is, on a single target. I think this looks a bit wierd, and seeing as im making a map where strategy is the objective, i dont want ten...
  6. Maximash

    Model Request: Exosuit/Mech

    Hey, I was wondering if someone here could make me a model for this concept art? Its for a map i am making called 'Mech Assault' Here is a description of it that i posted on my clan website. "Ive been working on this for about 4 weeks now, its a mech map, as you can tell. But instead of using...
  7. Maximash

    [Trigger] Loop Anims?

    Does anyone know how i can loop an animation constantly even if the unit is walking standing or dead?
  8. Maximash

    Spider Tank

    Im looking for somone to make me a spider tank model that looks almost exactly like this,and if its possible i want it to have jump animations(Left Right Up Down).Its for a map i have just about finished and all i need is a few models,id be really grateful and give you Alottt of credit in the...
  9. Maximash

    Two Part Spider tank model request

    Hey, i have been creating a map.. and it is almost perfected apart from two models that i need,i need the head of a tank, and a kind of robotic spider bottom part, i need them separate, so the bottom and top are two different models,here is a picture of the sort of thing im after. And(I dont...
  10. Maximash

    [JASS] Cliffs and units

    Hey, i was wondering.. is there a way,without using alot of regions, to make it so when a unit touches a cliff it is killed?(This is for a bullet... i dont want the bullets to go through walls)
  11. Maximash

    [JASS] Trackables help,

    Is there anyone experienced with trackables, that can help me with a FPS/TPS map? all my JASS scripts give me errors.. and i dont know why, so if someone could help me it will be greatly apprieciated. thanks in advance :P
  12. Maximash

    How to make cam follow cursor?

    Heya guys im quite new here, and i was wondering if anyone could help me workout how to make the in game camera follow the cursor,but the camera source is in the same position, if its possible atall... thanks.
  13. Maximash


    Could someone make me a triceratops model that uses its horns to attack please? Olof's model looks wierd when it attacks and im looking for something a little more realistic than a triceratops that eats its if anyone could do that i would be verrrrry grateful :)
  14. Maximash

    Eygptian Chariot!

    Hey,Ive just joined,but ive been downloading peoples cool models for a while now,but more to the point,could someone make me a sort of egyptian chariot? i'd be very grateful if someone could, thanks :)