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  1. Eusira

    Music Themes

    I'm trying to recreate one specific theme, but all the set functions allow only for a theme to be played once after the initial background music (unwanted) is destroyed.
  2. Eusira

    DotA: The Psychological Analysis

    DotA has spawned a trail of followers, and its poor quality and blankly thought out systems often hook people nonetheless. Why so? In this essay, I intend to explain my personal opinion of how this game, despite all the rambles and hard work the modding community puts into their maps, puts an...
  3. Eusira

    Import Corruption

    My models and files constantly, if not periodically, stop working after a certain period. Can anyone explain this phenomenon to me?
  4. Eusira

    Doodad Reconstruction

    Yes, I'm back, but I don't expect anyone to remember. Anyways, I'm building a map where trees will be destroyed, but I do not know how to respawn trees after they are hit by an artillery strike. Off topic: What happened to TTOR in my disappearance?
  5. Eusira

    Rant Contest Results

    Because of the utter shyness of this forsaken community, I am ashamed that all the ranters, Kerrigan, Rexfist, [email protected], and others hath not submitted any items of worth. So I am going to say the winner would have to be VGSatomi. However, the prizewinner will in fact be Torn, for his...
  6. Eusira

    Unofficial Rant Contest

    For all those who want to prove their worth succeeding me as the ranter, I will be hosting a small unofficial rant contest, probably with a prize (if Satomi can) of a custom user title of "Veteran Ranter." Le Guidelines -You may not enter if you are on the Ban/Warn List for flaming...
  7. Eusira

    Literary Clip: Please Judge

    I wrote this on spring break and have made up my mind to share it. It is part of a semi-long-short story I'm writing out of boredom. Enjoy This world was once depleted of life… and yet a miracle had come. Miniscule rays of light finally shone upon the forsaken dark world of Intaro, and with...
  8. Eusira

    Skin comment

    I'd like some people to help me on my last skin
  9. Eusira


    Well, I'm kind of bored for warcraft after 2 years, and I'm more into FPS games, coupled with a couple personal problems. I will be retiring, and I hope the skilled people here-- VGS, Daelin, Afro, Heuter, TOTW, Mecheon, Miseracord, Rao Dao Zao, and others will learn to share their knowledge...
  10. Eusira

    A praise to all my fellow cynical members!

    Here's a couple things to show who I think will be great cynical members when I leave the site in the future GreyArchon- Top cynical guy, great, ended up warned for pretty much the same reason as me :? , but tops it all with those images he posts. Owns me with his beautiful flaming form...
  11. Eusira

    Serious delete requesting

    We SERIOUSLY need a delete request system for maps, and possibly art now, because there are a bunch of people on this site who don't give for the foundations of this site, and have spammed tons of horrendously low-quality maps. For example, Primussucks, created some happy face with terrain...
  12. Eusira

    Tutorial: The oyster effect

    Part 1: What is the oyster effect? I will demonstrate this effect using by Sheerton Lizard skin, and a dummy scale done in photoshop. The oyster effect uses overlapping dodge and burn of two colors, over a darker usually bluish background. In my skin, this used the effect of teal and a dark...
  13. Eusira

    Weapon and effects discussion

    General Discussion should be left for bugs and modes. Delete this is I'm wrong. So what I have suggested -Control Room with light switch and gravity controls (Cameras by Dankiz) -Spinfusor, Plasma pistol, and laser pistol armanents New ideas-- Thermite Grenade- like a burning grenade...
  14. Eusira

    Eusira's Avatar/Sig Factory

    You can request pics of things, and I will animate them. You can also request sigs from VGCats or nuklearpower comic strips, just give me the strip ID number, and I will animate. Lastly, you can request you MTG cards to be posted in the Thread necromancy thread. Sigs- 5-15 minutes Avatars-...
  15. Eusira

    Skin Suggestions

    Alienated Air Barge, all freehand and wet brush so far.
  16. Eusira

    MDL edit toubles

    As you have probably known, because of my total lack of ability to use modelling programs (no exp), I use mdl editing, which I do. However, when I tried rewrapping the demon ball missles with new textures in the MPQ, some of them weren't recognized, so the model couldn't be read in the world...
  17. Eusira

    Campaign Issue

    There are two parts to this thread: 1: To get someone to help me with my campaign, which has been thoroughly planned out unlike some other people on this site 2: A question The question is, on the campaign menu, how do you fade out the music so you can use you own?
  18. Eusira

    Icon Field Guide

    Lest I dare go into a Forum without any skill in it, I will confess what I know--mapping, skinning, basic modelling, art, and lastly, spells. This is in request of one of the overlords of this Forum, ElfWarfare. Another sequel to field guide. Icon Forum This forum is the forge...
  19. Eusira

    Moderator Field Guide

    On request of ElfWarfare, I have made this seperate from my other field guides. What do Moderators do? Contrary to popular belief of some people, including crap submitters, moderators aren't like cops. They aren't around abusing their power. They are helping you, or enforcing the rules and...
  20. Eusira

    Map Field Guide

    Lest I dare go into a Forum without any skill in it, I will confess what I know--mapping, skinning, basic modelling, art, and lastly, spells. This is in request of one of the overlords of this Forum, VGSatomi. Third sequel to field guide. What are maps? Maps, also known as...
  21. Eusira

    A bit ahead of the time...

    MERRY WHATEVER-IS-YOUR-END-OF-YEAR-HOLIDAY!! A bit strange, but I don't know your religion, and do not want to infringe your religious interests 100% freehand, because google sucks. The reindeer one is worse, because I took half the time:P
  22. Eusira

    Hlisk skin suggestions

    Simply some cave creature. Concept based off Afro's hydra skin's face First attempt at grayscale editing, and turned out nice. The upper arm is not finished 100% freehand and some recontours Sorry, imageshack is fricking up
  23. Eusira

    The creation of models, their skills and such

    Perhaps it has been too vague for me to describe the power of the "Forums." I will now, under the request of one of the great moderators, Mecheon, describe this massive beast-- its power, it impurities, and how it lives as a sequel to my field guide. As, and through the eyes of a...
  24. Eusira

    Chemoc's Realm: Sign ups

    I'm making a campaignm Chemoc's Realms, and I need a cinematographer for the job. So far it's me and Tail, and if needed I will provide a story to interest people. This is a CAMPAIGN, and is multimap. If anyone knows how to clarify more on how to do this, please provide support. I know how to...
  25. Eusira

    Ban Lifting

    So, because some members have been banned for almost a month, is it now warn then ban?
  26. Eusira Beastiary

    Along my travels around the data flows, I have come across a marvel in technology, intelligence (at least in some areas), and such a well-formed ecological formation I have joined and lived in their relatively rich culture... the culture of :P Species that exist Here is a basic...
  27. Eusira

    Cynical Art Section Comic

    NOTE: When I made this, it was for fun, I had no idea what I was doing, but I did do it in photoshop, so I couldn't apply any drawing skills, mediocre to people like raisin and worm. This depicts the chaos-to-be in the art section. If any moderator hates, it, just delete instead of warn, or...
  28. Eusira

    Twisting doodads

    I've seen Zurg do it, and I understand the mechanics of it, but how do you severely break the X,Y, and Z limits of doodads and destructibles? So you could stretch or compress any doodad you see. My possible self-solution is WEU, but I haven't fully tested this capability
  29. Eusira

    Reverse Q and A Thread

    This is something back at wc3modforge before it utterly died. It was like a Q and A, but more like an A and Q. Someone makes a question for the previous poster's answer and an answer for the next poster. Ex. A: monkeys Next guy/girl says: Q: What lives in the jungle? A: Muffinballs...
  30. Eusira

    Alpha help on program

    I have tried GIMP, but it's too complicated for me, and it screwed up my other imaging programs, so I removed it completely. I use Photoshop Elements 2.0, I know how to load selections and tried to alpha my Death Knight skin's eyebrows and eyelids, but when I did, I ended up alphaing the whole...
  31. Eusira

    New Rule Idea

    This is irritating me, and probably some other people, but there should be a rule where you are not supposed to spam exclamation marks, any sort of punctuation mark past 3 times, especially in topics, because it makes me mad and assume people are noobs because they do this: And the thread is...
  32. Eusira

    Assistance requested

    Doing the last spell in my submission, but this one spell, which is a targeted multishot that fires in waves, USES variables to bypass damned wait queues, all order strings done correctly, and IT STILL DOESN"T WORK. :evil: The bolt ability is based of chain lightning to stop perma stun, and it...
  33. Eusira

    Moderator Respects

    Anyone who doesn't hate the mods please post in order the top 5-10 mods you like because of responsibility, skill, and helpfulness. Here's Mine: 1: oz02--I fear him actually, but respectfully 2: Darky28--Admin of site and cool guy 3: Konblade--Active and neat member 4: VGSatomi--Most...
  34. Eusira

    Unlocked cinematics

    This is what I mean by unlocked cinematics. I want it in cinny mode, but your cursor and the menus are still functional. I'm making this like space invader game and need this in there to reduce technicality. I mean like something in HeroRPG where you can control your cursor and the menu...
  35. Eusira

    INSANE model request

    This is something to put pro modelers to see if they can match cookie's power :shock: What I want is like a shadow dragon, somewhat like the nether and black dragons, that walks, uses some of the ancient draagon lord's anims, but instead of melee, uses fire breath as an attack. If this...
  36. Eusira

    More enforcement needed?

    Sadly, the maps and skins section are flooded every day. I log on, it say, "New Resources: 19." I correctly guess that at least 5 of each are maps or skins. And the majority areCRAP! I think we need a little more moderation on that area, because AquaFzt and dota are submitting lots of outdated...
  37. Eusira


    I am, like many other people, trying to make a triggered immolation spell, I have all the stuff set, but the most stupid part of it is, I cannot figure out what event is used when someone turns the immolation off. If this seems stupid, delete it, but please don't warn me. I read all the FAQ...
  38. Eusira

    The birth and life cycle of a n00b

    Another allegorical fabrication. The noob is a strange mutation of the human species, diverted off the strands of mankind that go into online communities, and what scientists believe is the larval stage of a professional. PART I: Hatching Most noobs begin their lives when they are persuaded...
  39. Eusira

    Rating Meter

    Kind of reeling from that essay, we can all share how we "rate" people's things Maps -Stolen/copied-Do you suck eggs? -Altered Melee using possibly stolen concepts-Is your brain working? -Sloppy Map-Can I torch you? -Somewhat good; A lil cheesy-Nice Job--Can I shake your hand after I...
  40. Eusira

    Wc3 Submission Essay

    Boredom strikes, wars arise, and whatnot happens. So I decide to write a boring, possibly comedic essay on n00bs and linking it to submissions here SUBMISSIONS Generally, submissions onto this site usually are to let people share their work, get a couple friendly comments, learn how to...
  41. Eusira

    Two trigger requests

    I need these two for my alien map because I can't get a triggerer to help me: 1: An ammunition system that works (my previous attempts failed) 2: A vehicle concept where if you unload you no longer control the vehicle but when you load you can use it.
  42. Eusira

    Suggestion--If mod doesn't like, you can delete

    I won't mind at all if you delete this. Save your time to lock it and whatnot My suggestion is something that happened in before they remodeled and turned it into a waste heap. What they did was examine each post sent, and check for swear words, which I will not say, and then...
  43. Eusira

    Map Idea: Need Triggerer & Possibly Terrainer

    Basically, think of this as some sort of Starship Troopers map, although I personally don't know what the hell SS is except for marines, hi-tech, and aliens. Storyline-- Contact is lost in the polar military site. Unlike "The Thing," there was some experiments on the native creatures, which...
  44. Eusira

    Anyone have HeavyLock?

    Yes I realize HeavyLock is a protector, but I'm not some idiot, but I seriously need HeavyLock to compress my map. For example, Tank Commanders would be about 2 megs, but with HeavyLock, the guy made it about 300-400 kb! I think it existed in the War3 Utilities but wc3c closed down their dl...
  45. Eusira

    Hidden Models

    This is just to help some people and myself dig up some information that would help some future editor so they don't have to scramble thru the models section when they can use the MPQ's secret models. I know a couple: gookywooky said this one...
  46. Eusira

    Advanced Harvesting Idea

    So I'm working on a project which the resources are like Rise of Nations/Age of Empires where you allocate your citizens to places like farms, blacksmiths, barracks etc, but some triggering will be hard. Because there are no conditions to check what is loading them, and to see if they remain...
  47. Eusira


    Strangely enough, I am requesting a spell help for a spell I'm making for submission. Basically, it pulls the unit to the caster, pauses both units, then combusts the charges and flings the target away in a sudden mana cataclysm. I CnPed part of my Runic Swordsman's critical and morphed it...
  48. Eusira

    Custom Scripting

    Having seen the Caster System and seeing the custom script and lack of JASS, I want a definition of custom scripting out of curiousity. So when you call a custom script, you can make a spell from a player ahppen without any dummies??? So you could make chain lightning happen on enemies around...
  49. Eusira

    teh n00b guide

    This is something, being I am a member of, and do not completely recommend going there, was posted by someone named Heinle. An admin may delete this for advertisement if they wish. Enjoy A. INTRO I. What is this? II. Defining 'Noob' B. COMMON NOOB CHARACTERISTICS...
  50. Eusira


    I need to know how to make these spells, and see if you can tell me what the base is 1: An AoE move like War stomp that hurls missles at enemies, without any ground slam. This also means they home onto the enemy. 2: getting a shockwave missle to loop something like the Naga building detah art...