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  1. Jahjahbinks

    How to delete 'reforged' assets to save disk space??

    Has anyone found a trick to delete the reforged assets? My Windows install is on a small drive. It's literally at the point I have to either buy a larger drive or re-download Wc3 every time I want to play it on Windows instead of OS X (ofc it runs better with Directx)...all thanks to 30gb of...
  2. Jahjahbinks

    Reforged AI dissected?

    It seems the AI got even worse in Reforged (very obvious in some campaign missions), melee ai as well. Does anyone know why? Also, is there any improved ai for Reforged melee?
  3. Jahjahbinks

    Making a mui 2d "map"?

    I'm trying to create a "Slay the Spire" Warcraft edition map demo. Meaning everyone (1-4? players) would start at the bottom. Each 'round' player fights or shops or heals or whatever happens at that spot. Sometimes the spots lead to another and then the players will interact/fight. If possible...
  4. Jahjahbinks

    Maps to play with noobs/your girlfriend/etc?

    Any suggestions for maps that RTS beginners(NOOBS) can enjoy with seasoned vets? Coop or competitive.
  5. Jahjahbinks

    24 player melee maps?

    Anyone with experience making or playing 24 player maps? I started designing one but realized it took at least 3 minutes for an Archmage to travel across the map. What should the max size be for a 24 player map? In order to save space/halve the map size, 2 or more people could start very close...
  6. Jahjahbinks

    How is it possible for Reforged to take so damn long to load?

    I'm just referring to normal melee games. Sometimes it loads quickly, within seconds, like with preforged; more often than not it takes minutes, sometimes 3-5 minutes to load. I assume it has to do with people using Reforged gfx, if everyone is using Classic gfx load times would be quicker...
  7. Jahjahbinks

    Small patch, thicc download?

    Last patch, v1.32.3, was 1.2gb. There are just a few "hotfixes." Why is it 1.2gb? All the patches seem to be a little heavy. via Hotfixes -- March 23, 2020
  8. Jahjahbinks

    Units that transform losing "added" abilities? ie HH>Beserkers

    Player buys a unit. Unit goes into a storage area. Unit is given an ability so it can be sold. If player purchases a Troll Headhunter that has the beserker upgrade, it will be added to storage but will not have the "Sell This Unit" ability. What do? New Unit Events Unit - A unit...
  9. Jahjahbinks

    Downgrade map from 1.30+ to 1.27?

    What would be the easiest way to downgrade maps from 1.30+ TFT and Reforged to 1.27b? I remember some software that can export all unit data from a map and stuff.
  10. Jahjahbinks

    Preschool Showdown REFORGED 2020

    I put together a modern Preschool Showdown. These maps were from RoC era. I took the unit data from the most popular iteration on epicwar, and the terrain from the maps I remembered. The gameplay needs to be tweaked, especially late game but its a fun time. This map includes 3 different level...
  11. Jahjahbinks

    Ancient Warcraft 2 map...Quest for the Holy Sheep?

    Hi, i'm trying to find an old Warcraft 2 Beyond the Dark Portal map called something like Quest for the Holy Sheep. It was an RPG. I've downloaded a few map packs and haven't found it. I remember (about 20 years ago) it was hosted often enough, so it wasnt an obscure map. I'd really like to...
  12. Jahjahbinks

    RAW Ranged Agility Whores - need input

    Ranged Agility Whores Hello, haven't used Worldedit since like 2006. Back then I was working on a battle royale type map, but with the advent of World of Warcraft it was never finished. I'm back now to do a similar map. Past few weeks I have been laying the ground work. Currently, it is just an...
  13. Jahjahbinks

    "Purchasing" Spells & "Ability Code"

    Hi, 1) What is the easiest way to do this? Currently I only have a dozen or so spells, so my way is manageable, but it would be a headache with more. I can handle basic JASS if that is worth it. Spells (3 level max) are sold as a dummy unit that costs resource saved in int array...
  14. Jahjahbinks

    Height Pyramid

    Hello, I accidentally started this sexy height pyramid. How can I make a perfect square pyramid?