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  1. shadow2632

    [Role Playing Game] Jade Adventure

    I added a video of my only game to youtube, I know its not much and I am not a big streamer but I like promoting visibility of the maps I enjoy. I couldn't find any video on Youtube so I hope this helps and good luck.
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    [Role Playing Game] Jade Adventure

    Well, I found this map by pure random chance and I was quite surprised with it. It has a lot of potential and very entertaining. I cant wait for more content to be released.
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    [Poll] What are you looking for in a custom campaign?

    I think many of the custom campaigns already show what people want and enjoy. The vanilla campaign is not bad but it really feels like a long tutorial... Most missions are quite repetitive and rarely we rarely get something out of the ordinary. What we want is something fresh, different here...
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    [Miscellanous / Other] OriginZ

    I Just had a chance to play this recently. Glad to see this is still alive and kicking even in reforged times. The map just outstanding and incredibly polished to an insane level of detail. What more can I say? As a fan of parasite2 or Metastasis this is simply all we could ask for... The...
  5. shadow2632

    Searching for "The Predator" creators

    You are wasting your time. Why? Because the creators of that map are long gone, its been 10+ years and God knows what might be happening in their lifes at the moment for them to be worried with warcraft 3. This is not new unfortunately, creators come and go. Sometimes they leave for some time...
  6. shadow2632

    [Miscellanous / Other] OriginZ

    Today I joined this by random chance in and... dude this is awesome. I am an old player of the Parasite/Zerg Infestation/Metastasis group and I can really appreciate the amount of effort here and how everything is so nicely polished. Awesome work also with the models/sounds everything...
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    Feels like alien the movie. A good idea for a quick game. Although I haven't tried it ( YET ) I think the game would feel slow due to the amount of time needed for the alien evolve making the crew go into a paranoia of team-killing spree, after all it's niffy and nowhere else to go :D
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    Hakkar The Soulflayer

  9. shadow2632

    Good&Evil getting a sequel? thats awesome. It was the one of the best single-player, if not the...

    Good&Evil getting a sequel? thats awesome. It was the one of the best single-player, if not the best (The plot was amazing in particular) I remember playing a few years ago. Best of luck with the project!! I can't wait to see it.
  10. shadow2632

    I just played you map in and Its such a pity the project was discontinued so long ago :(

    I just played you map in and Its such a pity the project was discontinued so long ago :(
  11. shadow2632

    [Strategy / Risk] Rise of a Realm : Kingdom Builder

    Another project from Marshmalo, I am hyper now. I can't describe the amount of entertainment I have enjoyed with your maps (special mention to LTF & Rise of the Vampyr) and your terraining mastery is just from another world. Best of luck with your new project!! I will keep an eye on it.
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    Damn that trailer was totally badass, I can't wait to play this again :D I miss the days when I had so much free time I could play stuff like parasite or metastasis every day.
  13. shadow2632

    Dark Orb

    I wonder if it would be possible to make it look like a rip in the fabric of spacetime for a scifi map, I must test it but I think the results will be good.
  14. shadow2632

    Heart of Storms: Resurrection

    From all the project I could see in Map Development Heart of Storms is definitely something I was not expecting. After all these years I am staying tuned on this to see how it goes. Best luck!!
  15. shadow2632

    Evil Arthas No Horse (MS)

    What about adding an extra ability to Arthas instead of Death Pact? I have always seen this as the most boring ability of the game. If death Coil could target Arthas for healing he could have an additional ability and since he has already a mini-rework I thought it could be a good idea.
  16. shadow2632

    Viola v1.02

    Amazing cinematic I can say it is something delicious for the eye. For some it might be short but they have no idea how long it takes to make only one minute of cinematic in Warcraft 3 watching every detail. Specially indoors, I have tried in the past and making the cameras do their job is...
  17. shadow2632

    Laboratory Experiment

    It would be cool to see just the tube alone without the zombie inside but I still love it 10/10.
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    With some recolor it could easily be a bacteriophage virus :)
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    Battle for Tatooine - GOLD

    The first version of this was incredibly nice, this is an amazing remake it came as a surprise I thought no further improvement of Battle for Tatooine would arrive and suddenly I see this. Keep the good work map, well-done!
  20. shadow2632

    Missile War v0.67

    I am amazed this map still gets updates since how old it is. Well done since fog can really hurt the emeny players whether it is a early game rush or teching for strong technology fast. I found really upsetting the enemy could see all my actions and almost future plans. A war vs an enemy you...
  21. shadow2632

    [Campaign] World of Warcraft: Illidan

    I wish you very good luck with this project, a campaign with a "evil" character as the core has a lot of potential, specially Illidan. It would awesome if this Campaign was like the Mirror Image of Malfurions Quest speaking about depth and choice.
  22. shadow2632

    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    Thanks, you are welcome. Glad to be useful it keeps myself motivated in life. I have something else to add, have you thought about adding a background theme? I have a few maps (in Spanish, my native language, thats why they can´t be on hive) with background tracks I have reduced size by a huge...
  23. shadow2632

    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    Hey, nice to hear you are back Maddeem and we get to taste finally the precious Mineralz :) About new ideas, well it is always hard to suggest things for the new mineralZ without having actually tried it. Let´s see, I will drop a few concepts and if they give you an idea, the better...
  24. shadow2632

    Hello, I would like to ask you for your project Element Crush. Is it going to be released any...

    Hello, I would like to ask you for your project Element Crush. Is it going to be released any day? Thanks anyway
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    Hey, no I dont think so. I joined hive a good while ago 2007-2008 and I was not into League of...

    Hey, no I dont think so. I joined hive a good while ago 2007-2008 and I was not into League of Legends at that time. I still keep the same profile picture, it might be from some anime since I was into them at that time. I Can´t remember the source sorry
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    Battle Tanks 8.80c Open Source

    It is a really nice detail from you uploading the Open Source of your map. The main issue Warcraft 3 maps face these days is the fact that they are protected and so they are very limited to their owners and their will to work/update the maps in the future. This is however fair for them it is...
  27. shadow2632

    [Role Playing Game] Acheron

    The screenshots in this project kept my mouth open for a good while... Best luck with it, looks amazing already.
  28. shadow2632

    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    I think that setup is mandatory always, not only to beat level 30 but because how long can you survive alone? or even with two people? Sometimes having even with 3 people success is not guaranteed (also depends on the dificulty level) When I played MineralZ with my friends we always had someone...
  29. shadow2632

    Grand :) it´s been there for years, almost since Hive started working and I was in high school...

    Grand :) it´s been there for years, almost since Hive started working and I was in high school. I have never changed my profile avatar.
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    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    I am with Darnassus, the beautiful and rewarding of it is discovering it yourself. Yet you will eventually find and I bet many people can tell you. However if you can´t wait anymore: Here is a little hint
  31. shadow2632

    Round Table of Arkain

    It´s a pity this project was shut down. If "he decided to shut it down PERMANENTLY" I wish we could get to read the ending of the story. I really love the plot in these campaigns and I hope we get to know how the Arkain series ends. I am not asking for a 50-100 pages to read but at least that...
  32. shadow2632

    MineralZ 1.55(e)

    I can´t wait to play 1.4 :/
  33. shadow2632

    [General] Map Restoration

    Yes, I am aware asking for de-protecting maps is not allowed, I have been a long while in hive. My concern is restoration of a map before patch 1.24. Just to make it clear, I am not asking for help or anything related to steal someone else´s work, I want to make a map playable again in the...
  34. shadow2632

    [General] Map Restoration

    Hello, I would like to ask if anyone knows a good guide for making Map Restoration of the old maps before patch 1.24 which are no longer working again. Me and some friends enjoy a lot playing the this map...
  35. shadow2632

    [Campaign] Malfurion's Quest

    Seems amazing, I am waiting impatient to play it :)
  36. shadow2632


    I wonder why people would give up in such amazing projects. I know we are all busy and life changes from day to night. But giving the project to someone else or make it an open source is a good idea for new map makers to come and continue it or simply learn from it. Unfortunately Warcraft III...
  37. shadow2632

    [Campaign] Star Wars : Clone Wars.

    So, is this abandon? :( another good project that dissipaters into the deep abyss of the forum.
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  39. shadow2632

    [Campaign] Offer: 7-10 years old Campaigns for Download

    I really enjoyed your Black Company campaign, I read the books and you were doing a pretty nice good job (Sorry but the 30min cinematic killed me :/ ) Such a pity it was never finished, thanks for the share anyway.
  40. shadow2632

    EotA: Twilight (v. 1.16c6)

    I cant believe this is updating once again, AWESOME! Please keep the good work up :)
  41. shadow2632

    [Defense / Survival] SLENDER - The Dark Woods

    I cant wait to try this out seriously, good luck!!!
  42. shadow2632

    Spirit of the Spectral Wraith why the hate?

    Hello, having skanner as one of my most played champs, I will give you a few advices: 1. If you want to build some damage early game in skanner, I recommend you get Spirit of the Elder Lizard. I often do this. Why? If you manage to stick near to target you have perma-slow of you Q, you have a...
  43. shadow2632

    Tragical Rooms 0.4.0

    So...this is dead, no? Nice map and good concept, such a pity it is so short and not finished...
  44. shadow2632

    Robot Wars 2.2

    Yes, this map only works for warcraft 3 1.22. You can play it with your friends (just in lan sadly) by using a tool called Version Switcher, with it you can change warcraft 3 into any older version, then going back to 1.26. I used to try a lot of things in warcraft 3 triggers and terraining...
  45. shadow2632

    VideoGame Quest BETA V1.43

    What a pity this seems to be dead :vw_sad:
  46. shadow2632

    Dualism BETA

    Finally Dualism is out, I can´t wait to try it. Really nice work!
  47. shadow2632

    Is warcraft 3 dying?

    I don´t think the game is dying or is close to it. It´s Golden Age has passed but still there are many good maps, awesome projects and a huge community behind it. The World Editor has been almost always "unlimited", you could and you can do anything you want if you had an idea. Of course new...
  48. shadow2632

    AoS Terrain (Winter)

    Nice winter map :)
  49. shadow2632

    BattleStadium DON 2.0

    This map is awesome and has a huge potential in it. No lag, no bugs found yet, epic models, almost totally balanced... What can I say...keep improving the map the best you can :wink:
  50. shadow2632

    Slashcraft 2.1.9

    Pretty nice job, keep working so good buddy!