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  1. Sheron

    [lore] How would YOU have continued the story after TFT?

    (if there's already a thread similar to this, please forgive me) Loremasters, lore apprentices and everything in-between, I call upon thee. I might have brainstormed this way too much, but I still can't find a good way to answer the question "how could the story of Warcraft continued after the...
  2. Sheron

    Searchin for a custom cinematic

    Hello! I've been looking everywhere for an old custom cinematic which I remember seeing on youtube, but I can no longer find it there, or in the Hive's map archive. It was about a priest collecting donations from the poor citizens of Lordaeron during the Scourge invasion, apparently to use it...
  3. Sheron

    Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans Cinematics

    The cinematics from the cancelled Warcraft Advetures: Lord of the Clans game are finally available for all to see on youtube! For all those who haven't seen them yet, I highly recommend you do! Sure, they are missing almost all the sound effects and soundtrack (it's basically just voiceovers and...
  4. Sheron

    Warden modification: Daugther of Elune

    Hello good citizens of the Hive, I come upon thee with a humble request: to make a skin (or a model, if you find it easier) for the warden, in order to make her resemble a priestess of Elune. The concept I have in mind is something like this: It's basically a "what if Maiev became High...
  5. Sheron

    Tauren female shaman model

    Hello! Since I couldn't find any female tauren models, I kindly ask if anybody is interested in making one based on this concept art: