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  1. BogdanKry


    How to make some parts of the model on the animation would be invisible?
  2. BogdanKry


    I can not understand how it works. How to add an animation such as an rifleman to a bandit model? It is necessary in the model to remove all the bones and make the same as the model in which you want to copy the animation? How does it works ? Is it a complicated process?
  3. BogdanKry

    Knight Problem

    I have a problem with dust in a knight when he runs. How to fix it ?
  4. BogdanKry

    Crossbowman Human 1

    Does somebody can make a normal talking portreit for this model because it is disgusting. (Textures\Footman.blp it is important i think)
  5. BogdanKry

    Orc spearmen.

    Does somebody have models of orc spearmen from project Dawn of Chaos or from Warcraft Orc and Humans remake. I know that they are the same. I mean that I need only this model.