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  1. GhostKnife

    [Campaign] Draenor related Campaign idea

    Most likely the aim is to keep true to WoW lore as much as possible and fill in the gaps with lore-friendly content. Essentially making a campaign of what is only been told to us.
  2. GhostKnife

    [Campaign] Draenor related Campaign idea

    Hello! I've been thinking about creating a campaign based off Warcraft lore for some time now. However, I've recently thought of one that may prove for a great story. I'm not too sure if this has been done or not lately, I've looked a bit on the site; however haven't found anything to match it...
  3. GhostKnife

    Beginner in Modeling

    Hi folks, I've been looking to model a few structures for a map/campaign I'm looking to make but I don't know where to start. I have minimal modeling experience, to my extent is Sketchup.. Not much help. Can someone point me to a user-friendly modeling program that works well to export into...
  4. GhostKnife

    Terrainer needed. Arena, Ancient Rome, Gladiators.

    I may be interested, pics look nice the game seems almost done.
  5. GhostKnife


    For my first of anything like this you're all quite critical. I guess it's only good for me. :goblin_cry: Yes, actually I did base this off this model.
  6. GhostKnife

    BTNWizard (Icon)

    My first icon, just a little thing I made for a potential map I may have in the works. It's you're classic wizard. Keywords: wizard, human, magic
  7. G

    BTNWizard (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  8. GhostKnife

    Concept Art Mini-Contests ~ How would I be: My Helmet

    This is of my interest. I may have in :ogre_haosis:
  9. GhostKnife

    Dungeon Keeper-ish map idea.

    Seems like a good idea, I remember Dungeon Keeper. An interested concept as well, I like this.
  10. GhostKnife

    Naga evade icon

    So I assume this is an ability?
  11. GhostKnife

    Icon Contest #10 ~ The Poll

    These all look great, and a lot of work put into them. Nice work to all!
  12. GhostKnife

    2D Art Mini-Contests: Icons' Prison

    Well this is mainly intended for custom icons, so I'd just use them to fit circular icons that I made myself.
  13. GhostKnife

    2D Art Mini-Contests: Icons' Prison

    Hm, never done something like this. Worth a try! Here's my attempt at it. WIP: Finished: I did a little silver dragon claws to grasp the orb-like prison, I thought it was a cool concept at least.
  14. GhostKnife

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Really neat, thanks!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Really neat, thanks!
  15. GhostKnife

    How to make a Gamble Shop?

    Thanks for the insight, guys! I really appreciate it!
  16. GhostKnife

    How to make a Gamble Shop?

    Okay, thanks for the replies.. But sadly I'm not too familiar with scripting JASS.. I'll have to find a tutorial unless one of you would kindly show me how to do this step by step?
  17. GhostKnife

    How to make a Gamble Shop?

    Hi guys, it's been a while since I've been on the forums again, but I'm stuck yet one more time. I'm in the middle of making an Arena style map and I wish to add certain shops in each team's base. I wanted to create a shop where a player could spend a certain amount of money and receive a...
  18. Death Knight

    Death Knight

  19. GhostKnife

    Short Story Contest #5 - Dual Perspective Partners

    I want to enter... But I know mine will suck. :goblin_cry:
  20. Gilnean


  21. Sorceress


  22. Worgen


  23. GhostKnife

    First Person View?

    Any way to make this possible in the SC2 Editor? Thanks for your help!
  24. GhostKnife

    Waves of mobs

    Well yes. And I lied. It's totally different. I can't seem to find a guide here, but I'm sure there is one and I'm probably not looking hard enough :/
  25. GhostKnife

    Waves of mobs

    Okay, so from what I can gather, the editor for SC2 is very similar to the WC3 World Editor? I'm going to work on my first map, and I require waves of mobs to produce.. Any quick guides that can help me out? Thanks!
  26. GhostKnife

    Can someone hook me up with the US client downloader?

    I believe through while managing your games you can change the region that you play in, changing it means you can download any version of the game, otherwise I've taken the liberty of uploading the downloaders for the Mac and PC versions of the US client :) PC Version Mac Version
  27. GhostKnife

    Icon Mini-contest #1 - SCII icons

    Alright, I'll see what I can cook up.
  28. GhostKnife


    This looks awesome! Great job!
  29. GhostKnife

    LOAT: Life of a troll

    Hmm.. How about ( Just throwing something out there ) Jungles of the <Insert Troll Clan Name Here> Empire. :grin:
  30. GhostKnife

    LOAT: Life of a troll

    Nice, I like the idea, can't wait til it's out.
  31. GhostKnife


    Nice! It gives me an idea for a map..
  32. GhostKnife


    Epic, this is awesome.
  33. GhostKnife

    A Farmer's Life v1.22b

    This sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out sometime.
  34. GhostKnife

    Win A Beta Key Game #2

    I just can't wait for SC2 to come out, as of late I'm been playing the original Starcraft to prep for the sequel, but since I never got a beta key, I won't have real strategy for SC2, so I'll be noob just as everyone else.. But hey, I'm not complaining. I just really love to have this beta key...
  35. GhostKnife

    Voice Acting Contest #2 - Custom Unit Sound-sets

    This is interesting.. I reviewed some of the fel orc voices.
  36. Gryphon Rider

    Gryphon Rider

  37. Knight/Warrior


  38. Paladin


  39. Blood Mage

    Blood Mage

  40. Sketch Dump

    Sketch Dump

    Sketches done will be thrown here.
  41. GhostKnife

    Elvamage's Sketches

    Hey there, I'm here to post all my sketches I've done and possibly more in the future, so until then, check them out: Death Knight Warrior/Knight Paladin Griffon Rider Blood Mage/Kael'Thas (Which is now my avatar) Master Chief with a bunch of random Sketches Also, if any of you guys have...
  42. GhostKnife

    The King

    Nice work! Looks great.
  43. GhostKnife


    Looks great!
  44. GhostKnife


    Lol, nice.
  45. GhostKnife


    Looks great, awesome detail.
  46. GhostKnife


    Sweet, fits perfect.
  47. GhostKnife

    So... will people still play WC3?

    Sad truth, ah well.
  48. GhostKnife


    Reminds me of trolls. Dunno why.
  49. GhostKnife

    [v]Jass - Splitter Wave v0.1

    Real nice, great for water-based heroes/monsters.
  50. GhostKnife

    Memoria ORPG recruiting

    Well may be, these are older maps, perhaps I can fix something more better.