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  1. Abrahel

    Your welcome, you have amazing models :D

    Your welcome, you have amazing models :D
  2. Abrahel

    Cursed royalty

    I have mixed feelings, the animations are great, the modeling from his torso up is nice (she looks pretty, except for his mouth for obvious reason xD) but it's too terrifying for me, It is clear that she is the evil and not the thing that she has between her legs lol. Excellent model 10/10
  3. Abrahel

    To you, Im a very fan of your models c:

    To you, Im a very fan of your models c:
  4. Abrahel

    Female Orc Warlock

    It looks so good! ♥♥♥ I pray that someone makes an icon for her
  5. Abrahel

    Female Centaur Archer (Re-Classic)

    Another great work, I dont find so much female centaurs models so this will be great for the collection, anyway, female models always welcome for me ♥
  6. Abrahel

    Tyrande - Night Warrior

    This will be one of my fav version of Tyrande. Very pretty!
  7. Abrahel


    Awesome! 😍 Cool model with variant colors and icons, i cant ask for more.
  8. Abrahel

    Banshee Sylvanas

    Every Sylvanas model is always welcome ♥ She looks good and I can put custom skins on her and they fit correctly. If you want to add details of the official version of it (the one with six shadow tentacles) it would also be great too c: The naga queen looks interesting to me 👀
  9. Abrahel

    Sun Wukong (Optimized Version: Monkey King)

    Amazing model 🌟 Stand chanel It is my favorite animation, it adds the mystical touch to the character. Great work :D
  10. Abrahel


    Excellent model. It doesn't look the same style as the classic units, but I still liked it quite a bit, especially since it's an exact version of reforged with all details. Anyway, with respect to the new figure of Detheroc, well, there were already demons with morbid obesity like Imp mother...
  11. Abrahel

    Eternity's Crown (1.32)

    Yes, I saw them and indeed, I could not do them with Retera, so I will have to ask to convert them to some 3d modeler, anyway thank you very much! :D
  12. Abrahel

    You're welcome, your work is very good!

    You're welcome, your work is very good!
  13. Abrahel

    Eternity's Crown (1.32)

    Omg, it's one of the most beautiful models i ever see in the Hive! ♥ It has a vibe of a mother earth or goddess Gaia. One question, is there a way to convert the model so that it can be imported to patch 1.31? I don't know if this can be made possible in the Retera Model Studio.
  14. Abrahel

    Bug Report

    Hi! I have a problem with a Key to open one of first masive ruined gates. It doesnt appear me in the fire pit before or after will the Skeleton Boss :c I dont play in multiplayer, have the last patch and the last version of this map (v2.4.4b)