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  1. Melodia

    Warrior Shrine

    Not bad. Good for leisurely 1x1 long play.
  2. Melodia

    Suggested Terrain for TKoK #2

    Cute oldschool :'D
  3. Melodia

    BLP Plugin for Paint.NET

    Nice! Ty
  4. Melodia

    Sailor Moon Castle Defence v2.7

    How does it related to Sailor Moon? Not exactly what I expected, absolutely.
  5. Melodia


    2d. Sad. And texture has big size.
  6. Melodia

    Tropic Adventure Re-Remastered

    I will not agree. Though I have only "Bejeweled" publicied on this forum, but u can see my skills in it.)
  7. Melodia

    Progressbar V2

    1.21b version))00 1.26 is o.k.
  8. Melodia

    Progressbar V2

    Why the frame doesn't display in game???
  9. Melodia


    That black and white world... Models? Or what? Enviroment elements are great, what size is map?
  10. Melodia

    [Hero Arena] DotA 2 for wc3!

    And... Where? Anything, after all
  11. Melodia

    Darkness Within

  12. Melodia

    Frostmourne Curse v.3.0

    Green borders. + nothing new, doublicate of original. Catch 1.
  13. Melodia

    Tropic Adventure Re-Remastered

    I guess author spent 20 or 25 minutes for this
  14. Melodia

    Over the Hills Episode 1

    Excellent work! But needs more camera rotattions around beutiful places
  15. Melodia

    [Cinematic] Over The Hills Project

    Very nice. Thank u! : )
  16. Melodia

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very Nice work

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Very Nice work
  17. Melodia

    Final Frenzy

    Oh Man, it's TOO short! =\
  18. Melodia

    [Cinematic] Frozen: Let It Go

    Ahah. Lol. Why so short?
  19. Melodia

    [Cinematic] Holy Night

    Holy Night Map Size: 46*46 Tileset: Northrend Has: Karaoke line : ) Translations: original+English+Russian A small Christmas gift for every warcrafter! : ) You may watch it from here(Warning! relatively low fps and no English subs in video, only original+rus): Or better - download the map...
  20. Melodia

    [Minigame] Bejeweled

    Thank you very much. :-) added two more fresh videos and a better version
  21. Melodia

    [Minigame] Bejeweled

    pred1980, something about 25-35 light-days total. Intermittently. "New map" button pressed in February. This map is far not the only in this year i have. But definitely favourite one.
  22. Melodia

    [Minigame] Bejeweled

    SeedinAethyr, Thank you sir!
  23. Melodia

    [Minigame] Bejeweled

    PUVer, aww.. right. fxd.
  24. Melodia

    [Minigame] Bejeweled

    okay, I'll upload some new. Those are from earlier versions anyway. (top right corner)
  25. Melodia

    [Minigame] Bejeweled

    Map size : Minimum Players: 1-3 (AI) Download Current version(1.12g) Description A famous Popcap game simulator. Includes features from: Bejeweled 1 Bejeweled 2 Bejeweled 3 Puzzle Quest 1 Bejeweled Twist Currently 12 game modes available + timed and stepwise versions. Game Modes: Classic...
  26. Melodia

    Failed text display?

    A leak anyway ._. Is it RPG? Put "All players" or set variable to Player Group(...) ... Call DestroyForce(udg_variable)
  27. Melodia

    Need help with a simple trigger

    just put "position of triggering unit"
  28. Melodia


    Ugly *****. Dis.
  29. Melodia


    She's cute :)
  30. Melodia


    nice :)
  31. Melodia

    Bejewelled 1.03(ENG)

    emmmmm, sry, what? Couldn't understand how does that link help me to fix my map's description. what's wrong? Besides "opyion" instead of "option"
  32. Melodia

    Bejewelled 1.03(ENG) (Map)

    This is a famous PopCap Game's simulator. Includes most of Puzzle Quest features. Swap 2 gems to create a line/column of 3 and more same gems. Collect mana of each color for casting spells. 5 game variants, include Puzzles. Network play and game types included. Full AI included...
  33. M

    Bejewelled 1.03(ENG) (Warcraft 3 Map)

  34. Melodia

    Project Spotlight - March 2013 [Nomination]

    I would like to nominate's Word) Amazing RPG, with "non-linear" storyline. More info on this(or even other war3-)sites.