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    He uses the spear in his alternate attack animations. The standard attack animations have him using a mace.
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    The Scourge of Lordaeron - Enhanced

    Well there are tomes you can loot in this campaign which increase your stats. It's possible these stat increases don't transfer over to the frostmourne version of Arthas properly which results in him having lower stats. That or the version of Arthas with Frostmourne just has lower stats than the...
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    Warhammer Halberdiers

    Another good model.
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    Ragnar Flamebeard

    Looks nice and is good for a Vrykul race.
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    The fact he actually uses an axe to cut down trees instead of a pickaxe is a nice detail.
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    Magni Bronzebeard

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    Dragon Turtle with Siege Mode

    I have no intention of making an naga race so I have no idea how I'd use this but I'm sure I'll find a way.:wink:
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    Lizard Assasin 2.0

    Understandable. If you do get around to making a TC version you could keep it as a separate download to the non-TC version.
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    Nice. It sort of reminds me of the Ogre Mage from WC2.
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    Onyx Nether Drake

    Okay I think I've covered all your dragon threads now. :ogre_datass:
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    Azure Nether Drake

    I promise I will stop spamming all your threads soon, just one more dragon to go after this one.
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    Cobalt Nether Drake

    I'm terrible at making comments so just take my likes.:grin:
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    Purple Nether Drake

    Another good dragon model.
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    Veridian Nether Drake

    A well-made and useful model. :thumbs_up:
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    Violet Nether Drake

    I just realized this was uploaded in 2014. How did I not know this?
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    Shadowhuntah Lujka

    That is one comprehensive list of animations you have there. :nw:
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    Lizard Assasin 2.0

    I'm happy that you've kept both the original and this new version available so people can decide which they want to use. This guy feels more flashy than the original which felt more like it would suit a standard unit. Attach a hero glow and you have another Lizardman hero. I'm not saying that's...
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    The Lich King

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    Very cool. I like that you kept his head from the original game; there might be other models with higher detail but his face is very iconic to me and anything else just wouldn't be Arthas.
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    Lizardman Model pack

    Considering I just posted on all of these pages individually I think you know how I feel about your models by now :rolleyes:;)
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    Haha, yeah I went to comment on one of them and figured I might as well just rate them all while...

    Haha, yeah I went to comment on one of them and figured I might as well just rate them all while I was at it :P
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    Lizard Spearman

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    Serpent Knight

    Seeing your models makes me want to make an epic lizardman race but then I remember that I'm terrible at everything except existing.
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    Lizardman High Priest (with crew)

    This is one of the most unique models I've seen on the site. This is a really cool concept and it seems well executed which is even better.
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    Lizard Pyromancer

    I have nothing smart or interesting to say.
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    Lizardman Warrior

    If I remember correctly this was the first model of yours I came across and boy am I glad I found it. I don't think I've ever seen any other model use the satyr animations before so that plus the unique look really makes this model stand out in my mind.
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    Lizardman Archer

    One of the things I enjoy with your lizardmen characters is you avoid using the same model several times over and instead give each model its own look and character.
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    Lizardman Shaman

    A good-looking model with good-looking animations, what else is there to say?
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    Lizardman Juggernaut

    His attack animations are a bit clumsier than I'd like but considering the size of his weapon they make sense and they also add character.
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    Lizardman Assasin

    I'm not usually one for assassin type characters because I feel like they try too hard to be 'kewl' but I actually rather like this one.
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    Hero Lizard Witch

    Another awesome model.
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    Lizardman royal guard

    I know I'm spamming all your model threads right now but that's what ya gotta do to give those sweet ratings.
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    Lizardman Hunter

    Oddly enough I find I prefer this version of the rider, but like the raptor in the other version you uploaded. Still cool regardless.
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    Lizardman Worker

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    Lizardman Militia

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    Lizardman Warlord 2.0

    It wasn't until I looked over him again a few times that I finally realized he doesn't have a right arm and has a flail there instead. Cool detail.
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    Lizard Raptor Rider

    I don't have anything spectacular to say so I'll leave you a smilie and a good rating. :)
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    Plate Armor Knight

    Do you have any intention of making enough of these medieval-style models to fill out a faction roster, similar to your lizardmen, or would there just be a few one off models. Speaking of the lizardmen those look great too.
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    Tech Tree ideas: Lordaeron Refugees

    @cleavinghammer so the Dwarf's spell would maybe be like the Priest's Inner Fire ability but set as an aoe or aura? Ensnare can be useful as a getaway tool for both your hero and your troops, but considering you have the enchantress with slow and stun that sort of takes care of that issue. Also...
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    [Campaign] Timed City Defense & Escort Mission

    These are some good ideas. My original idea was for the escort mission to take place sort of concurrently with the defence mission, where you would have to both defend the town while moving the convoy east and south of the town while picking up more people from the surrounding villages. After...
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    Tech Tree ideas: Lordaeron Refugees

    I suppose an important thing to consider is whether all of these races you are talking about are part of one faction, or if some of them, like Sylvanas' Elves, are just allied forces with a limited techtree of their own which show up in specific missions. For example Sylvanas could have Blood...
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    Tech Tree ideas: Lordaeron Refugees

    So what made the Dwarven workers and Ven decide to leave with the Humans? Surely being associated with and becoming a part of that group would have ramifications for those Dwarves? Why did they decide to side with the humans in spite of the political turmoil/consequences. Also the bandit leader...
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    Tech Tree ideas: Lordaeron Refugees

    You don't necessarily need to change them you just need to have more than a single unit and a hero. The Dwarf Runepriest and one other unit would give you enough. Even if you don't have a traditional anti-caster the faction should still have some way of dealing with casters if only because the...
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    The Scourge of Lordaeron - Enhanced

    I've loved Warcraft III since I was a kid as it was one of the first RTS games I ever played. For that reason I was a little sceptical of this campaign because of the amount of changes it makes. Having played through it however I can safely say I was wrong. I particularly enjoyed the way you set...
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    Tech Tree ideas: Lordaeron Refugees

    I know this is just a WIP but I do have a few thoughts. You have a Dwarven labourer unit and a Dwarven hero while everything else is Human, which makes the Dwarves feel like they're just sort of thrown in. The base Humans use Dwarves as hard-hitting ranged and siege units. You don't have to do...
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    [Campaign] Timed City Defense & Escort Mission

    Ah not quite. I just realised how my first post reads, I'll edit so it's clearer. What I meant was, the campaign would tie all the different maps together into one story. A hub type map could be cool as well though. Or it just occurred to me that you could have a sort of caravan of people that...
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    Plate Armor Knight

    It's not a bug, the attack slam animation is supposed to be a mordhau or murder-stroke. Very cool model btw Gluma.