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    If you cant see the map archive(Solution inside, sticky plz)

    goto: and in search entry put press search click on Show Google's cache of words "Google's cache" are the hyperlink this will show the archive, and allow you to move around (must use cache to...
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    Map Archive, show me the numbers

    ok, this idea hit me when looking into how servers work: count the number of page generation requests for any map/map grouping, count the number of page generations for maps/map groupings, and adverage time to generate a map/map grouping page. Compile a list over a 24-hour period, once...
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    looking for a sandbox-style rpg map

    not sure if this is the right forum to post thiss... I'm looking for a map that basicly lets you chop wood/mine minerals/refine into ignots/forge weapons along with some rpg elements (inventory seperate from equiped items, quests to complete). I've seen bits and pieces of these things across...