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  1. xgeneralthorx

    [Spell] Bladestorm in another unit.

    Hello! I want to know how to make a unit using the spin animation with bladestorm and leave an effect that only ends when the spell ends. And even ordering the unit walk with bladestorm, continue in the animation "spin".. I change in Mdlvis a "spell channel" name to "spell spin" and put on...
  2. xgeneralthorx

    [Solved] Increase Max Size of Terrain on JNGP

    Is possible increase the max size of terrain on JNGP? for exemple 900 x 900?
  3. xgeneralthorx

    Move Camera

    Hello! I would like to make a camera that moved alone, slowly moving to the right when nearby enemy units. When not units near of hero, the camera would move more quickly. And the hero could not move beyond the camera or be left behind. If the player does not move the hero and the camera is...
  4. xgeneralthorx

    Create a Unit Group on a random point

    Hello! I am making a 2D map and just missing the triggers, in one of them i do not know how to do: I need that units groups are created next to the hero of the player(No in a fixed range, but in a random distance from hero and not so far away). When the player Advance on stage, this unit...
  5. xgeneralthorx

    Trigger with destructibles

    Hello! I'm making a terrain: An road, has a bridge, crossing the bridge the road makes a curve and passes underneath the bridge. The bridge is a model and used several invisible platform high up to the player to cross the bridge. Before arriving at the bridge, I created a region that creates...
  6. xgeneralthorx

    [Spell] Bladestorm with critical strikes

    Hello! sorry my bad inglish (i'm brazilian), i tryed make a spell with triggers, where the player choose a target, the hero go so close of target and starts a whirlwind animation, in these moment, every 1 second the target receive a critical strike, the hero casting the spell will follow the...