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  1. cvc21

    Zeus Lord of Olympus

    Please do Odin, Amaterasu, and Jade Emperor
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    very useful, thank you
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    Night Warrior Tyrande

    Nice model, my only suggestion is to change the death animation
  4. cvc21

    Zergs Packs (Units)

    thank you so much for this
  5. cvc21

    Rain of Fire Vol. II

    Looks Like Volcanic kind of thing, it is so good, I love your works
  6. cvc21

    Zovaal the Jailer

    This is so awesome, may I request for the other eternal ones too (Winterqueen, Archon, Primus, Denathrius)😅
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  8. cvc21

    Black Wings

    I've been looking for this, thank you
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    It is based on a priest spell in World of Warcraft
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    Spartan Warrior

    This is so good, please make a female version, with a spear instead of a sword
  11. cvc21

    Spell Markers

    I can finally do Jaina's Ring of Frost <3
  12. cvc21

    Sacred Guard

    I love your works, It looks like a bubble shield <3. Thank you for this <3
  13. cvc21

    Water Blast

    Nice, good aalternative for frost nove, thanks
  14. cvc21

    Ephemeral Cut

    I love this, it's like an instant cut that one editor can use to make an ability of a samurai character
  15. cvc21

    Wind Blast

    What tools do you use in making such effect? I want to create like an Ardenweald style spells from World of Warcraft especially the blue black starry bulb (Withering Seed) and blue black starry tornado elemental (Anima Storm)
  16. cvc21

    [SD/Modeling] World of Warcraft Ability (Prototype of Renewal)

    Hi, I would like to request for WOW Shadowlands' ability model of Prototype of renewal It is called the "Anima Storm" - something like a blue black tornado elemental model of wc3 classic with a little starry sparkle swirling and the other one is the "Withering Seed" - It is like a bulb that is...
  17. cvc21

    Gravity Storm

    Thank you for this <3 I will most likely utilize it as tinker's gravitational bomb or something. Anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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    Nature Blast

    This is a good custom spell for a druid, I love your works <3
  19. cvc21

    [HD/Modeling] Request - Model for W3 Classic

    Hi, I would like to request ported models of Eternal Ones (Kyrestia, Winterqueen, Denathrius, and Primus ) for wc3 classic from WOW. Thank you so much😅😁
  20. cvc21

    Watcher in the Water

    so, cool. It's like the power of the depths or something hahahaha. I wish I have time to learn how to make such models. So thank you very much for these work of yours.
  21. cvc21

    Spellbound's Custom Lightning Effects

    This is so awesome, I'm gonna use the healing flux as a spell like transfer of soul per say based on the current patch in WOW.
  22. cvc21

    Remorseless Winter🥶

    I love it
  23. cvc21

    HotS Nexus Hunter Qhira +alts

    Your Rips are amazing
  24. cvc21

    Elune's Blessing

    I've been looking for this, THANKS!
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    Very Useful
  26. cvc21

    Blade Beam

    How do you guys change the color?
  27. cvc21

    Petal Ward

    Thanks for this
  28. cvc21

    Wing Attachments Pack Rip

    Here is the list of my own personal description per wings, hope it helps please forgive my English* Wing 2 Blue Red Fiery Wings Wing 3 White and Black with skull Wing 4 Void raven wings Wing 5 the green one with 4 parts Wing 6 Heavy holy wings, good for paladins Wing 7 Blue Wings, good for moon...
  29. cvc21

    Dragons (based on wrathion)

    Eyy, thank you for this model <3
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    Thanks for this <3, I've been searching on an arrow of what priestess of the moon may use given that, according to their lore, they use spirit arrows in combat.
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    Shining Flare

  32. cvc21

    Grand Magistrix Elisande

    Thank you so much, I'm still learning how to rip models but I don't have enough time to do so, lately.
  33. cvc21

    Grand Magistrix Elisande

    This is so awesomeeee, may I request for Thalyssra? <3
  34. cvc21

    HotS Warcraft Anduin Wrynn + alts

    how do you extract HOTS models?
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    This is so cool
  36. cvc21

    Grasping Tentacle

    love it
  37. cvc21

    Ice Shard

    This is awesome
  38. cvc21

    Eldritch Scroll (1.32)

    You are the best! I could use this to one of the spells of a Nightborne Hero (Thalyssra perhaps)
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    Thank you so much for this
  41. cvc21

    Mana / Sacred Storm

  42. cvc21

    Game Rips Request thread

    I'm kind of afraid to request but I guess this is just a request, can be approved or not. The WOW Thalyssra model, Aisa Cloudsinger and the Lunarwing druids
  43. cvc21

    Darkness Rising

    Very useful for recreating maldraxxus
  44. cvc21

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) This is awesome

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) This is awesome
  45. cvc21

    Hero Warden

    Love it
  46. cvc21

    Malfurion Stormrage, Bear Form

    You are the best. +rep
  47. cvc21

    Warden Pack (WoW)

    Thank you so much! +rep
  48. cvc21

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) One of the best models of a warden

    Reputation (+4): (Bundle) One of the best models of a warden
  49. cvc21

    Heaven's Gate

    so cool
  50. cvc21

    Arcane Explosion