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  1. ZloyOlen

    [Spell] Breath of fire style ability

    I want to make an ability that works similar to breath of fire but deals extra damage (preferably over time) based on the caster's max hp amount. I just can't quite tell how this ability functions and how i should go about implementing the effects so any help will be appreciated
  2. ZloyOlen

    [Spell] Parasite "stacking type" data field

    The parasite ability has a peculiar data field called "stacking type" with 4 different possible values, attack rate, damage, kill unit and movement. Does anyone know what these mean? ("kill unit" is default for this spell and is responsible for spawning a minion when affected unit dies)
  3. ZloyOlen

    [Solved] Stacking hp increase when killing units with specific buff

    i'm working on an ability that debuffs an enemy unit, and if said unit dies in the duration the caster gains a max hp increase. However when a unit dies all buffs are purged, so it can't pass the check and thus can't trigger the hp increase. Any idea how to work around this?
  4. ZloyOlen

    [Spell] Summoning spell only available while summon is dead

    I want to make an ultimate spell which after a channel summons a powerful unit without an expiration timer, but i don't want it to be used again unless the unit is dead. Is there a better way of doing this other than setting an extremely long cooldown, which gets reset with a "unit dies" trigger?
  5. ZloyOlen

    trouble importing model

    I can't import the CryptFiend model here, i followed the tutorial, changed all the paths as written in the readme.txt and closed then reopened the map however unlike other models i've imported (which i've done with quite a few) this one just remains a missing texture cube and gives me an error...
  6. ZloyOlen

    trying to give a passive to burrowed crypt fiends

    I want to give an alternate version of the crypt fiends (their burrowed version more specifically) permanent immolation but i just couldn't quite seem to get it to work, so i moved on to different things for now, but i still would like to do it later. If anyone has ideas/experience with adding...
  7. ZloyOlen

    1.31 world editor deletes names of custom units and abilities

    Everytime i save and open a map with my WE the names of units and abilities and all their descriptions get completely erased, i've found a few threads from when 1.31 just came out with the same issue but they all just said something like "wait for a hotfix" and i couldn't find any further...
  8. ZloyOlen

    [Altered Melee] Working on an altered melee map

    I'm trying to make an altered melee map which doesn't add any new races, but instead lets you research one of 3 options in your level 2 town hall equivalent which will alter the basic race you're playing and enhance one of it's aspects e.g. the alliance would split off into dwarven technology...
  9. ZloyOlen

    Can't figure out tutorial

    I'm following this tutorial and i can't figure out this part of the AoE spell trigger I have no idea how "loop - actions" is created and put under the first action. I'm really new to world edit and hive in general so help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: i realised i was just using the wrong...