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    DC bug at game lobby

    Yes. And when my friend hosted i got kicked instead. I have an idea of what the problem might be, i dont know. First i downloaded UD01 from him. I had not downloaded any other campaigns. It ended up in my download folder. I then downloaded the full UD and HU campaigns from hive. 2 New...
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    DC bug at game lobby

    As soon as the map finished loading.
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    DC bug at game lobby

    Bnet in my case.
  4. VG1

    DC bug at game lobby

    Also experienced this problem. The one who didnt host disced immediately. Tried HU1 and UD1.
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    Overgrown Village (Map)

    Small map for 1vs1-play. Once a small and peaceful village, this town was abandoned after an orc invasion and has now been taken over by the wild. Contains among other things: 8 Gold mines. 2 Taverns. 2 Mercenary camps. 2 Marketplaces. 2 Goblin merchants. 2 Goblin laboratories. 1...
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    Overgrown Village (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Eight lakes forest (Map)

    4-player meele map for 1vs1/2vs2/FFA play. Once the blooming capital of the trolls, the lands have now been overrun by many evil creatures of all kinds. The trolls have barricaded themselves on the main hill, slay them and secure the main mine but beware, others will try to do so before you...
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    Eight lakes forest (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Icevast Territory (Map)

    Large 12-player meele map for 3vs3vs3vs3, 6vs6 and FFA. Brace yourself and prepare to face anything and anyone before venturing out in these frozen lands. Contains among other things: 38 Gold mines. 4 Mercenary Camps. 12 Taverns. 4 Marketplaces. 2 Fountains of Health. 2 Fountains...
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    Icevast Territory (Warcraft 3 Map)