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  1. OrcmastergroM

    How to mod further into WarCraft 2?

    I know that this is a more WarCraft 3 related modded site and I didnt know where other populated WarCraft themed site to go to and where to post this other than here. But if you lock, flame me or whatnot I'll understand but here goes: Recently I installed WarCraft 2 BNE just mainly for...
  2. OrcmastergroM

    I made a WarCraft 3 map and it wont work anymore.

    So i am making this WarCraft 3 map for a campaign start, and anyway when I went to test it, the loading screen gets finished then like five seconds into the map, it blacks out, no error message just shuts off WC3 and it does it all the time now. I restarted my computer but nothing is working.
  3. OrcmastergroM

    Need Model Please

    I need a new model for a evil Melean for my campaign Picture the best I can get is here:
  4. OrcmastergroM

    Need Model Please

    Just wondering I need a model for an evil Melean for my campaign "Destiny of Humanity" This is the picture and its the best I could get
  5. OrcmastergroM

    Campaign: Destiny of Humanity

    I know I was suppose to do Worlds of War but after I reformated my computer I lost my maps and I was mad, but I planned this campaign also alot and it seems really cool. Campaign name: Destiny of Humanity Races Playable: Human, Demonic/Corrupted Races Races with Canon: Orc, Demons...
  6. OrcmastergroM

    Animation question?

    Well for my campaign "Worlds of War" I am trying to get the Shaman to play an animation like hes doing a spell looping but i dunno how. Instead of a channel (even though they dont have one) but make it go. Play Shaman 2139's spell (1.500 s) thats an example how would i make it so it would loop?
  7. OrcmastergroM

    New Campaign: Worlds of War

    Campaign name: Worlds of War Image: Races Playable: Terran, Human Races with Canon: Orc, Zerg, Terran, Human, Undead, Elf (more High Elf then Night elf) Planets: Azeroth Forces: Lost Marines, Girdle Keep, Orcish Horde, Undead Scourge, Terran Marine Squad, Stormwind Army...
  8. OrcmastergroM

    I have a problem

    I download custom maps from sites and well they dont work, some do but not all. I click them on the game and click play game and then the screen goes away but it just pops up again to the game choosing screen. I cant play certain maps liek the 300 one. I dont know if its corrupted or something...
  9. OrcmastergroM

    Add Map Making Groups.

    I would just be suggesting to help people in map/campaign making like doing groups such as you got for SKINS, TERRAIN, TRIGGERS or make a VOICING group for people that cant or dont have the right voice editing/recording programs. Such as WCVB ( voicing booth).
  10. OrcmastergroM

    My WC3 Campaign.

    I am going to start a campaign for WarCraft III The Frozen Throne. It dates after the Horde, Alliance, and Night Elves defeated Mannoroth and the Legion along with the death of Grom. A clan that still remains loyal to the Legion and Mannoroth shall take up revenge on the alliance of the...