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  1. HolyWolf

    Icons to Models Pack

    really nice! love it! I want more !!!!
  2. HolyWolf

    Some Custom Items Pack

    look nice
  3. HolyWolf

    Frame Border Effects

    i like it! thoung i cant rate it.
  4. HolyWolf

    Frames Selection Effects

    great & 5/5
  5. HolyWolf

    Skeleton King

  6. HolyWolf

    Moon Priestess Beta Icon

    this doesn't look like moon priestess, missing the moon on her forehead.
  7. HolyWolf

    Maria (Nioh) for Reforged

    nice!thx! 5/5
  8. HolyWolf


    looks nice to me
  9. HolyWolf


  10. HolyWolf


  11. HolyWolf

    Black Wizard

    nice and great! like it!
  12. HolyWolf


    nice icon, used!
  13. HolyWolf

    Dice and Cup

    very nice
  14. HolyWolf

    Map Template

    seems good
  15. HolyWolf

    Europe Template 0.1

    awesome! love it!! 5/5
  16. HolyWolf

    MDLX Converter

    i wanna run it in command line (to convert mdl -> mdx), is it possible? or if anyone knows any other tool do this job, plz let me know! thank you!
  17. HolyWolf

    Mdlvis 1.41

    good tool. love it. 5/5
  18. HolyWolf

    UI: TEXTAREA the scrolling Text Frame

    Years passed, I wonder if there is a way now. I don't need to set the scroll value, all I need is to set the textarea at top (instead of bottom) each time I update the text. Anyone knows how to do it?
  19. HolyWolf

    BLP Lab v0.5.0

    yes, i downloaded the three files (exe/dll/txt) and put them in the same folder. i also tried setting the capability to windows 7, but no luck.
  20. HolyWolf

    BLP Lab v0.5.0

    It's not working, i ran it like: blplabcl.exe 1.png 1.blp -type0 -q100 But nothing happened, no blp was generated, no log in command line, no nothing ..... My OS: windows 10 Any thought?
  21. HolyWolf

    BLP Lab v0.5.0

    Is it possible to use it in command line? How? If no, will there be any plan to support this feature? or, is the source code open? I really want to use it in command line. thx. EDIT: found the solution at #71 by _Guhun_ , I'll check it out.
  22. HolyWolf

    learning to make a world

    learning to make a world