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  1. Taokuw00ta

    Electric Models Request

    I need a few models so I can make a spell, if there are some semi-skilled modelers out there... here's what I need. A Firebolt, but electrical, that leaves a small thin trail of static electricity, yellow or blue in color please. A Water Elemental's attack, but electrical, and it explodes...
  2. Taokuw00ta

    Metroid Prime 2 Spells

    I need help with spells for my map... 'nuff said. ===================================== Spell Name: Power Beam Description: Fires a steady stream of energy (Should be tin orange balls being fired) at an enemy dealing very low damage. Costs No Mana. Spell Name: Charge Beam Description...
  3. Taokuw00ta

    I need help with my spell!

    Yeah, a little problem with my Thunder Blaze spell. I'm trying to make it so after a unit is hit with a storm bolt like spell, a dummy caster comes out and casts monsoon at the position of the targeted unit. I based the spell of Storm Bolt, just a note.
  4. Taokuw00ta

    Spell Request

    Well... I've been waiting for about a month or so... and nobody, not even Raven, has tried to make this spell, or help me with it. Now I don't feel like making it with myself, so I'm requesting it. Bounds Of Life Description: Sends out strings out to 8 nearby units. Units under the effect...
  5. Taokuw00ta

    Model Request

    I'm looking for a yellow Kirby model... don't flame me that it's childish... If you make it just send it to my e-mail. with instructions please. [email protected]
  6. Taokuw00ta

    How do you make a negative aura?

    I wanna know how you can make an aura that drains enemy health.
  7. Taokuw00ta


    Okay I need a spell. Name: Purifying Seal What it does: It creates a seal that lasts 20 seconds level one, and increases in time by 20 seconds per level (Every level +20 second timed life). The seal heals any nearby units for 100 health over 25 seconds, (+100 health each level up). If an...
  8. Taokuw00ta


    PLEASE I REALLY NEED PIKMIN MODELS FOR A PROJECT I AM WORKING ON! They look like that. You don't have to send it into the site, just send to my e-mail! Specific Animations Attack: They swing their leaf/bud/flower at the enemy. Death: They turn into a pikmin spirit (the spirit is a...
  9. Taokuw00ta

    Pikmin-Type Spells

    Well, I'm trying to make a pikmin map, i have already requested model, but I need some help with spells. Jumping Attack: In Pikmin, there is an enemy called a Wollywog (Frog) that jumps and squishes pikmin. Any idea to tweak the jump spell so it is an attack that kills anything underneath it...
  10. Taokuw00ta

    Pikmin Models Please!

    Could someone make pikmin models for me? It's doesn't seem too hard. BTW when a pikmin attack they slam their antenna thing at the enemy. There's a picture of the pikmin. BTW Inclue White And Purple Pikmin, purple ones are fast and have little spikes coming out of them, while white ones have...
  11. Taokuw00ta

    I Need Help Making Some Spells That link shows the spells I requested help with, but now I'm having Problems! Tiger Claws Problem I just don't understand how to do this. Thunder Slam Problems I'm basing the spell of infernal. 1. I can't make it so it summons nothing (or...
  12. Taokuw00ta

    Taoku's Spell Requests

    If nobody minds, could you make the following spells, or teach me how to make them myself? Spell 1 Name: Tiger Claws Description: Summons Claws into the air which slam into an area, anything hit by the claws are then poisened. Level 1: 75 Damage, 5 Second Slam Delay, Weak Poisen. Level 2...
  13. Taokuw00ta

    Request: Fire Emblem Matthew Model

    If anyone could, would they please make me a Matthew Model from Fire Emblem? If you can thanks, because I need a better model for a theif. :? :?