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    Cinematic Contest #7 - Results

    Cinematic Contest #7 - Time APproject's reviews Azsure's reviews Story Pacing: This was pretty solid, it started out smooth and slow as it developed the story, and the plot began to sprout, I didn't feel anything rushed out or half-way made - 15/15 Dialogues (if not explicitly...

    Pointers Removed in C++

    We're all boned. Looks like I'm moving to Java.

    View Your Resources

    I'm embarrassed to admit how many times "Your content" has mislead me to think that it meant that clicking on it will take me to my resources. Two suggestions: Change "Your Content" to "Your Posts" Add a "Your Resources" link For the latter suggestion, I recall Hive 1 having a link for it...

    Embed Video

    So I recently started moving away from posting GIFs and moved to videos for obvious reasons. I was immediately rejected by the large file size of the video, so I figured I can upload it on the site streamable and embed the video through there. However, Hive does not support streamable. I see...

    Advanced Techtree Contest #1 - Results

    NOTE: Eagle XI's score was calculated seperately and then added to the Google Doc in the picture above. This is because Eagle XI's entry was not a previous one he has worked on before, therefore not being able to receive a score in the Development criteria. Alchemist's Union - Kyrbi0...

    Advanced Techtree Contest #1 - Poll

    Recycle, Revise, Reinvent Expand on a race you have created in the past! There is no limit to how long ago you began. Previous entries are accepted. It's all about the level of refinement and quality of ideas. There is no design theme, merely a directive to create a well thought out race. This...

    [Solved] Trigger Running Despite Being Turned Off

    I'm making what I call a "Region Teleportation System" for someone so that they can easily make regions from the Region Palette, and then connect them via this system without having to create a seperate trigger for every single region. To avoid an infinite loop, I turn the trigger off, move the...

    Quoting Bug

    I didn't look into it further, but I found this interesting bug when quoting posts. This is the post I took a picture of. Also, I added the bar there so you can see where the picture cuts off.

    Spell Request Workshop

    Spell Request Workshop Before posting a request, please read below Introduction Note that this is a spell workshop, which means I will only be taking spell requests (no systems). If you see that I have already taken a request, I would appreciate it if you do not post your request in the...

    Help Clean up the Spell Section

    The next time you are lurking in the Spell Section, please report any broken / rule breaking resources you find in this thread. I'm hoping we can all clean up the Spell Section and make it a lot easier to find the resources you need without running into those garbage submissions that were lucky...

    Techtree Contest #11 - Results

    Techo-Magic Advanced technology meets magic! Reinterpret One of the Warcraft 2 or W3:TFT factions as though they would exist in a futuristic universe where magic and science exist side by side. First Place: 50 reputation points and your entry on the award icon Second Place: 35 reputation...

    Prefix Tags for Requests Forum

    What the title basically says. Model Icon / Texture (Art?) Spell / System (Code?) Other I think it would be a neat addition for the Request forum. I take it won't be hard to implement anyway?

    Techtree Contest #11 - Poll

    Techno-Magic Advanced technology meets magic! Reinterpret One of the Warcraft 2 or W3:TFT factions as though they would exist in a futuristic universe where magic and science exist side by side. Welcome to the poll for Tech Tree Contest #11 - Techno-Magic! Please read through the rules before...

    URL Links in Safari

    I was attaching a url link to a word in a post of mine. After I make a post, I always have this habit of clicking on the word to make sure that it worked. I'm usually on Chrome, so I've never encounterd an issue before. However, today, when I was using Safari to make the post, the link took me...

    ljass Tags in Safari

    Whenever I'm on Safari, I get this strange visual bug with ljass tags:

    The Hive Scandal of 2016

    Care to explain yourself @Ralle and @fladdermasken? Just a little over 9000.

    Graphics of GUI Functions Appear in Trigger Title

    Some Trigger Title Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Visibility - Disable fog of war Visibility - Disable black mask Set Some Trigger Title Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Visibility - Disable fog of war...

    Hashtable in Trigger Tags has no Proper Icon

    Hashtable - Create a Hashtable Set SomeHashtable = (Last Created Hashtable) Hashtable - WHY THIS NO WORK RALLE?! Hashtable - Save DoesNotWork as True of Key(Ralle)

    Define a Default -window Resolution

    Is there a way to change the default -window resolution in JNGP v2.0.6?


    Why must Ralle take away my big, red X?! Must I stare at this notice for the rest of my life?

    Convenient Unit Group Filtering in GUI

    Convenient Unit Group Filtering in GUI Introduction Common Structure Recomended Structure Conclusion 1Introduction This short tutorial will show you the best and most efficient way to filter out units enumerated from a unit group function. It will not show you what usage...

    Patch Notes Forum

    I think the Patch Notes post was a great idea, but something that would make it even better is adding a Table of Contents ( tags) :D I think it would also be a great idea to change the font, size, and or color of the patch version so you can distinctively see which patch note refers to which...

    Slight Modification to Spell Submission Rules

    Currently trying to procrastinate my homework and ran into the Spell Submission Rules post by Maker. I just had a few suggestions: Move "You must post your spell's triggers in the spell's description." to the top of the list. I find this to be one of the most important things to do when...

    Sticky "List of WC3 Crashes" In Triggers & Scripts and World Editor Help Zone

    I was helping out a user find out why clicking a certain unit caused his game to crash. After digging through the forums (because I had no idea why it was crashing), I found this extremely informative thread by Bribe a while back which details known things to crash WC3. Is there any reason why...

    [Solved] Actions will not run

    It has been an extremely long time since I made a thread here, so I am pretty desperate xD Unit Group - Pick every unit in InfectedGroup and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set TempUnit = (Picked unit) -------- checking if TempUnit died during infection -------- If (All...

    How should you ground yourself?

    I got pretty sick of always having to ask my friends for tools whenever I have to do something to my computer, so I took it upon myself to buy a toolkit. The toolkit I got came with an anti-static wrist wrap, but I have no idea how to use it. I've looked online and saw extremely mixed reviews of...

    Director's Cut Resources

    Unless you select the filter for Director's Cut, you won't actually know if a certain resource has such rating until you click on it and look at the moderator's rating. I personally think there should be an extra indicator for resources that do have Director's Cut like under the "Ratings" column...

    [Solved] Unit - Make unit explode on death

    When using the trigger function Unit - Make Unit explode on death, is there a way to reset it? I have this trigger function at the very start of my spell, and I only want them to explode if they die. However, if they don't die, they will still explode on death later on if they do end up dying to...

    Grimex in JNGP v1.5e

    Has anyone had troubles using the "Edit tileset" feature in Grimex? I just started on a project, and whenever I close the map/editor for testing purposes, it crashes. I've managed to single it down to this feature. I'm currently using the Ashenvale Tileset, and whenever I add the "Sunken Ruins...

    NEW Moose Avatar

    Guess who's back? (; This is the picture I used to get the general idea of the moose face anatomy EDIT: EDIT2: EDIT3: Final Version (hopefully) EDIT4: Most DEFINITELY the Final Version

    [Solved] Bribe's Damage Engine Not Registering 1 Damage as Killing Blow

    I am in the middle of a hero spawn system request I recieved earlier today. The user wants it so that the hero doesn't actually die, but instead, plays their death animation and remains there. I immediately thought of using Bribe's Damage Engine, and everything was working perfectly fine until I...

    [General] Adjusting Height Based On Terrain

    Let's say I have two structures next to each other like the picture below. On flat terrain, they obviously have the same height. However when placed on raised terrain, one becomes higher than the other. My question: Is there anyway to adjust the height of a structure so that they always...

    Rename Spells Section

    The category name for this section is a little misleading considering that it contains both spells AND systems. Maybe renaming it to "Spells / Systems" or creating two subforums under a general name? Maybe I'm just being anal, but I don't consider a system such as Unit Indexer to be a "spell" xD...

    [Trigger] Constructing Structure vs Triggering Unit

    I made my own income system for my project that gives the player income based on the amount of structures they have. After some tinkering, I found that while a structure is being built or being upgraded, the player will still get credit for that structure, which I do not want. My way around is...

    [Trigger] Debuff not being removed at end of spell

    Background on spell: Point-target spell that adds a HoT to friendly units, and places a curse on enemy units. The curse lasts forever as long the enemy unit stays within the AoE. Once the spell is over or if the enemy unit walks out of range, the debuff gets removed. The spell was working...

    [Solved] Detecting Units Not in Range

    I have this spell that adds a debuff to enemy units inside the region, and then removes it the moment they leave the region. Removing units who leave the region was an easy thing, heres a snippet of the trigger: -------- -------- --------...

    [Solved] Finding X lowest hp values in area

    I've figured a way to find THE lowest hp of a unit in an area... but is there a way to find the two lowest? I'm thinking of doing comparisons, and then saving the last value: LifeHP[1] = 101% Pick every unit in area If CurrentHP < LifeHP[1] Set LifeHP[1] = LifeHP[1] Set LifeHP[2] =...

    [Trigger] Getting Rid of Dummies when a Caster Dies During a Loop

    So I realized this problem AFTER uploading the spell into the resource section. It's an easy fix, but I'm not entirely sure how the moderators will feel about it. My current setup is that after the dummy unit is created, I add an expired timer on it directly after. Unit - Create 1...

    What kind of information would you want to see in the descriptions of structures?

    So I have a unit production building that I need to put a tooltip description for... but I'm stuck on what kind of information I should put. I thought about putting names of the units it trains + unit-type and abilities. However, after 3 or 4 units, it becomes a wall of text. I would love...

    Winter Shrub

    Does anyone know if there is a winter shrub/bush model anywhere? I have already looked through UTM and could not find any :/

    Open/Close Gate Icon

    Well here you go... second time drawing something D: after reading more tutorials, I got a pretty good idea on how to make things look 3D. I also took the time to get myself a sketchbook :P heres to the first drawing on the sketchbook wooo! Anyway, I figured that my first icon resource be...

    Is my de-index wrong?

    Well I've been stuck on this problem for over a week. I've bugged enough people through messages and just figured to let everyone know what's going on... for whatever reason in the SP Loop, CurrentIndex is being set to 0 even though MaxIndex is still at 1 (I know this through the messages I have...

    WoW Icons made of icons

    This is pretty damn cool :D I wonder how long this took.

    Need help making this MUI

    I'm making this spell as a request for someone, and for some reason it gets really buggy when the caster casts it on another group of units while the other is still running. The way the spell works is almost like the default Disease Cloud except its a point-target spell to get it started versus...

    Setting Ability Levels for a Unit

    I have a tower in my map that uses Phoenix Fire (Fire Blast (Tier #)) as one of its passive abilities. Unfortunately, Phoenix Fire does not appear in the command card of the unit that has it :( My fix around this is giving the tower a "fake passive" which doesn't actually do anything but show a...

    Expiration Timer for Unit

    When adding an expiration timer to a created unit via triggers, is there a general number everyone uses or should you just make the number however long you need that unit to be up for?

    How does the game organize Object Editor data?

    After many tests with JNGP, I came to the conclusion that the object editor organizes it based off the unit ID you copied from, followed by the name. I've spent the past week or so organizing all my towers in my map with this method, and it has been working perfectly fine until now ... As...

    Icon Position

    If I have 2 icons in (0,2), what determines which icon will actually have (0,2) while the other gets moved?

    Chain Lightning Effect

    Hello everyone, this is Lightning Tower. *A simultaneous monotone "Hello Lightning Tower" fills the room* Lightning Tower has a passive ability that gives him a percent change to cast chain lightning everytime he attacks. Unfortunately, this is what it looks like... Is there anyway...

    Checking for closest region

    Is there a way to check where the closest region is to a unit and to order them to move there?