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  1. cvc21

    [SD/Modeling] World of Warcraft Ability (Prototype of Renewal)

    Hi, I would like to request for WOW Shadowlands' ability model of Prototype of renewal It is called the "Anima Storm" - something like a blue black tornado elemental model of wc3 classic with a little starry sparkle swirling and the other one is the "Withering Seed" - It is like a bulb that is...
  2. cvc21

    [HD/Modeling] Request - Model for W3 Classic

    Hi, I would like to request ported models of Eternal Ones (Kyrestia, Winterqueen, Denathrius, and Primus ) for wc3 classic from WOW. Thank you so much😅😁
  3. cvc21


    sup guyyys