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  1. Fourmman

    Need Help Testing New Cinematic

    I need your guys's opinions on testing my first and new cinematic, War Never Changes. I need information on what I could change, and what you like. I'd happily provide +rep for those who offer well thought out reviews and criticisms. Thank You, Your Friendly Mac Hive Worker
  2. Fourmman

    Plz help cinematic filters

    I need a skin for my map. A filter, actually. There is a "scope for pwning newbs" filter that would be perfect for my map, but unfortunately it won't import, even if I follow the import path to the letter. if anyone could help with this by helping me import the scope, or even better, make a new...
  3. Fourmman

    Replay Troubles!

    I have been trying to play a replay in the QuickTime format. We are trying to create a cinematic using music from Itunes. However, Warcraft won't accept the music, so we decided to get a replay. If you can solve either problems, anyone, I would happily give +rep, and my undying gratitude...
  4. Fourmman

    Warscar War V 0.1

    i've been working for 6 months on this map and I need people to beta test it now. It is all GUI triggering. the map is 2 players but there is no ai. Download the map here if you want to beta. please please please please tell me everything that is bad about my map. I WANT TO KNOW! :cool:
  5. Fourmman

    Need a huge cluster rocket

    I am looking for a model that is a large cluster rocket with a stand (w/o flame in back) and a walk. Easy rep. Please leave the death animation alone.
  6. Fourmman

    Worker Return Help

    I am making a map in which one of the forms of resource harvesting is oil, which is on water. I gave a townhall placable on water, but when the tankers return oil, they do not return to the water townhall, only pushing on the wall to the land townhall. Please help! :cry:
  7. Fourmman


    I really really need a gangster model for a tribute hero to my brother's production. I desperately need that model. plz! THW has no gangster model and even if it is just a link, I need a model! i'll be :cry: without it. Mesa will refer you forever. You might get $99999999999999999! {Not...
  8. Fourmman

    Plz I need a model

    I need a starcraft sound for my map. I need the "nuclear launch detected" sound plz i really really really really really really really okay I need it. :P Plz help
  9. Fourmman

    I am Fourmman

    I use alot of models but also want a few models. I would like to give kudos and if I could figure out how reputation to Illidan EvilX and WILLTHEALLMIGHTY for their excellent models. GO YOU GUYS! :gg::gg::gg::gg::gg::gg...