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    [Trigger] The "Walk" Animation

    I've been doing some experimenting with the walk animation for this map I'm making. I posted a thread earlier about my problem regarding the walk animation but after doing some experimenting with it, I'm starting to realize that this animation is REALLY fucked up (pardon my french). When you try...
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    [Trigger] Using 'Wait' and Looping Animations

    Hi, I could use a little help here. I'm currently using an arrow key trigger system to move units. Basically, when you push the foward arrow key, it activates a different trigger that moves the units 'x' distances every .01 seconds in the direction that the unit is facing... The problem is, I...
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    MODEL - Exploding Arrow Model

    I recently came up for an idea for a new ability that has an old Turok idea behind it... :roll: If somebody could make a projectile model of a normal arrow, but at the end of it, the firey smokey stuff that the mortar missile has coming out of it, and its death animation is the expolsion that...
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    Up for a challenge modellers?

    Ok...I have an interesting challenge but im not sure sum1 has asked for it before or not cuz it hasta do with Legolas. :roll: But ill describe it. First, I want a normal model of Legolas holding his two white knives with his bow on his back. It don't hafta look excatly like him but i dunt wanna...