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  1. mijustin

    Looking for a projefct partner.

    Please enlist below
  2. mijustin

    [AI] AI Editor

    I'm looking for a partner for a project.
  3. mijustin


    there are only a few good models . .
  4. mijustin

    post of the day.

    GRAVEYARD MODELS. TOO GRAY i would suggest it to be darker at the edges. otherwise, it looks like from a monitor with a high gamma.
  5. mijustin

    Maps that need clear objectives and tutorials.

    It is necessary . It is like handling a cellphone without even knowing its capabilities. Might as well throw it if it doesnt have its full features.
  6. mijustin


    I'm interested in customizing all the aspects and new idas with Warcraft III. Glad to meet you.
  7. mijustin

    Hiveworkshop - Mostly rpg

    New trend wooh