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  1. hayatesasaki


    Hi! I have been trying to make a charge ability.... kinda like zealot charge in starcraft 2, how do i go about doing that exactly? I know little of triggers and was hoping there was a way to do it without them... thank you!
  2. hayatesasaki

    Stealth Ability

    HI! I'm trying to wrap my head around creating a specific ability.... basically I want shadow meld but allow it to be used in the day and night and have an inreased movement speed. I know nothing about triggers. Was hoping to do this without it...... can someone plz help me?:vw_wtf:
  3. hayatesasaki

    Morph Spells

    Im trying to make a set of morph abilities for a unit but I cant quite seem to do it... I made a spellbok, called it shapeshift, then did all the requires info. Ingame it just doesnt work. I keep the same unit. So i tried with triggers, still learning triggers btw, and cant quite seem to do it...
  4. hayatesasaki

    How do I import a video into Warcraft 3 as a Campaign screen?

    Im not sure if this is possible, but can i import a video to use as a campaign screen? If so, how? And while videos are being discussed, how do I import it to be used in a interlude? Like after a certain time the video plays. How?
  5. hayatesasaki

    Human Undead Dark Ranger Needed

    I am making a Sylvanas Windrunner capaign and need a model for Nathanos Blightcaller. He is a dark ranger, had long blonde hair is the only real feature he has, but yes :) please make one. and please dont make a skin unless it wraps around the NE archer. THANK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :goblin_good_job...
  6. hayatesasaki

    Warcraft III Models on Desktop

    I highly doubt that this is actually POSSIBLE (considering noone even knows how to put a GIF on a desktop...) but i figured what the hell? Might as well try ^^. Anyone know if it is possible to put a warcraft III model on a desktop? or if ur using bumptop? (google it if u don know what bump top...
  7. hayatesasaki

    Bladefire Chronicles Project

    I am creating a really kick ass campaign... well..... it WILL be kick ass ^^ anyway, heres the description for what i am planning lorewise:" Now with the threat of the Scourge dealt with and demons otherwise destroyed, the races of past Lordaeron have relocated to Kalimdor. Several years after...
  8. hayatesasaki

    Model Request

    Hi! i am in the middle of making a blood elf race and need a new gold mine . Basically a runic type gold mine, If someone is willing to take it on, then plz tell me I have made a picture for what I want it to look like, I will be uploading the picture when I get home ^^. I'm asking because i...