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  1. Gnuoy

    [AI] One Computer Player is Not Training 2nd Hero???

    EDIT SOLVED: sorry i posted too quickly, i found out this one player was hero capped by accident. I had some hero models preloaded then removed by putting the unit on the map. I forgot to switch them over the neutral passive and they were actually controlled by player 1. that explains why the...
  2. Gnuoy

    Help on Editing a Texture

    None of the guides make any sense to me. I'm trying to simply change the color of a texture. I've identified the .blp file that is used for the texture and I've changed the color. I converted it to .tga and changed the colors how I want, then converted it back to .blp. I've imported to War3...
  3. Gnuoy

    [Trigger] Failed in MUI Situation - Why?

    So this runs when players are defeated and moves their heroes to 'heaven' - more of a cosmetic thing. However seems "Rezing_Hero_Hev_Var" got rewrote half way through the trigger. I thought only 1 trigger could run at a time? Is the solution to just make more variables? thanks for any feedback...
  4. Gnuoy

    Crowded Command Card - Workaround Ideas?

    I removed patrol and stop via editing CommandFunc.txt but it's a bit annoying to not have those commands. Is there away to have access to those still by hotkey but move them off the command card? does anyone else have a similar problem? how do you deal with it?
  5. Gnuoy

    [SD/Texturing] Change Color of Skin?

    None of the guides on this topic make sense but is anyone able to change the red part of this texture to blue, teal, and purple?
  6. Gnuoy

    [AI] AI Building Expansion Bases

    What is correct way to make AIs expand? This function seems to cause the game to crash intermittently but why? I thought the crash was related to the AI trying to expand to islands but it seems it still crashes even with no islands. This is from the GUI build expansion town...
  7. Gnuoy

    [AI] [solved] Condition Not Working? I swear it was working earlier

    EDIT: SOLVED SORRY I JUST DIDN'T HAVE GLOBAL VARIABLES SET CORRECTLY / OBJECT EDITOR The script seems to get hung up on building guard towers. It was working before. IDK why it has a problem now. This player starts out with two guard towers. So the intended action is to upgrade them and not...
  8. Gnuoy

    [Solved] Stutter/Lag When Hero is Trained

    Can anyone take a guess as to why this is happening? I disabled all associated triggers that fire when the hero is trained. Maybe I'm overlooking one? edit: i used the method to put these models preloaded on map then remove them and there is no stutter.
  9. Gnuoy

    [AI] Can Multiple AI/Computer Users Run the Same .ai File/Script?

    One .ai file/script is added to the import manager but there are up to 4 computer users run this script. I doubt this would cause a problem but does anyone know for sure?
  10. Gnuoy

    [AI] function to figure out what user slot is running AI script and how to reference it

    I'm trying to make some AI attack "suicide" target for this scirpt but I don't know enough about JASS, maybe someone can explain. I want it to say something like if player is red then target blue, teal, or purple depending on a random roll. my main question is will "GetAiPlayer() ==" give the...
  11. Gnuoy

    [AI] [solved] Debug Script Not Working. Ideas?

    I'm trying to debug an AI script. I was sending messages at the beginning of each function but they weren't sent quick enough, before it crashed. So I tried implementing these functions to wait until the message is send before running the rest of the function, but now it's not sending any...
  12. Gnuoy

    [AI] [] I just don't know how to stop it from crashing

    EDIT SOLVED: computer player was trying to expand to an island, crashing game. i fixed by making island goldmines not have "gold mine" ability then give them that ability during the game, so players can use but AI players won't detect those goldmines. UPDATE: it did crash on another test but i...
  13. Gnuoy

    [AI] [solved] Extreme Lag Because of Function/Conditions?

    When I add these conditions to this AI script, it seems to cause extreme lag to the point of freezing the game completely. When I disable them, the script seems to run fine. Any ideas why? I would say some king of leak but it doesn't seem to crash the game??? Thank you. Here is the disabled...
  14. Gnuoy

    [AI] [JASS] How does this function work?

    I'm reviewing AI scripts to try and understand how they work. I see this function in the script and it "takes integer order" but I don't see "order" set anywhere else in the script. Where does this integer get set? Does my question make sense? Can anyone explain this? function SetHero takes...
  15. Gnuoy

    Petition for SC2 Galaxy Editor Forum

    Yes, nay sayers will say go to some other dead website with no community. Hive is really the best at keeping wc3 mapper scene alive and if it gave some attention to GE, it may bring that community to life. It would be great if even one forum page could be dedicated to SC2 Galaxy Editor. I would...
  16. Gnuoy

    [AI] [solved] Setting Global Variables

    I'm trying to set global variables in an AI script so I don't need to use those cryptic unit IDs however when I add this piece of code to the script the script apparently doesn't run. Can anyone educate me on what is wrong here? Thank you...
  17. Gnuoy

    [AI] [solved] Confused why this apparently doesn't work?

    I don't see anything wrong with syntax here but this code apparently doesn't work. I eventually make this a longer combination that rolls 1-9 but just trying to get the code to work 1-2 first. function SelectHeroes takes nothing returns nothing local integer roll = GetRandomInt(1,2) if...
  18. Gnuoy

    [AI] [Honeycombs] AI Script Framework

    I need someone talented with JASS, AI handles to write a framework that will work with my map. One I could tweak as needed. I hate that it's come to this but I'm not sure I can ever figure it out from scratch. This will be a significant amount of work so of course I'm offering [Honeycombs] ;)...
  19. Gnuoy

    [Crash] [AI] can't figure out why AI is crashing game and i'm going crazy

    AI keeps crashing map, sometimes 4 mins in, sometimes 1 hour in. 1) I got rid of all the "red" food violations 2) double checked there are no tech violations / made sure everything makes sense on object editor 3) of course object data is up to date 4) i'm 99% sure it's the ai causing the crash...
  20. Gnuoy

    [Trigger] Help me Complete Trigger with Custom Script?

    I'm going mad trying to make an AI scrpit. I'm supplementing the script by changing ownership of the AI's heroes and making them do certain things at vendors then giving ownship back to the AI. I'm trying to get them to vendor items below item lv 5 but I can't exactly figure out the GUI...
  21. Gnuoy

    [JASS] GUI Specific Unit Event Possible with udg Variable?

    There is no GUI option to have a specific unit event for a unit who's variable isn't set yet. So I was wondering it it would be possible to convert the trigger to JASS and replace that with udg variable? So the unit I want to track take damage for is udg_Red_King but its variable isn't set until...
  22. Gnuoy

    [AI] Specific Script Hero Order

    There are separate natives for AI scripts but I'm wondering if I could throw something like this into the script and have the AI purchase a specific item when it acquires another specific item. Would it matter what part of the script I throw this into? Attacking section or building section...
  23. Gnuoy

    [Crash] Crashing Game Inconsistently - AI?

    I can't quite figure out why this is happening. Sometimes it never crashes, sometimes it takes 4 minutes to crash, sometimes takes 25 minutes to crash. It doesn’t seem to be AI build order for the timing but something related to AI attacking. Perhaps someone who understands crash reports could...
  24. Gnuoy

    50 or so triggers with same event - concern?

    This map has about 50+ "item craft" triggers with same event. Would that be a cause for concern of lag? Some players complain of lag but I think that's due to their internet not being good. Not 100% sure. Thanks for any feedback. Item Combine x Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item...
  25. Gnuoy

    Confused if 'pick every unit' loop order creates memory leak

    Reading other forum posts has confused me, they said 'mass orders' create a memory leak. Idle Units Events ... Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in MobaUnits_West[1] and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Unit - Order (Picked unit) to...
  26. Gnuoy

    'Disease' that Spreads Amongst Friendly Units? (without periodic trigger?)

    I'm trying to devise a spell that is cast on an enemy unit then will spread to nearby units friendly toward the original victim, if that makes sense. There are old recommendations on this forum that involve a periodic trigger but I'm worried that is needlessly taxing by running a trigger so...
  27. Gnuoy

    [Trigger] undefend when mirror image is cast / ankh / workaround?

    This GUI trigger uses undefend as an event. The problem is when a hero casts mirror image, it runs the trigger. Can anyone help me figure out a workaround so it won't run on mirror image but will run when the hero ankhs (undefends)? Thanks for reading. Maybe just create another trigger that...
  28. Gnuoy

    Why Can't I get this Texture to Load? What the Heck is Hexing?

    I copied the texture path like the readme.txt says but I can't get it to load. Any tips? Thanks. EDIT: Nevermind, it was just showing up with no texture in WE but works in-game.
  29. Gnuoy

    9 Slot Inventory? How is this possible?
  30. Gnuoy

    [Trigger] [again] My Victory Trigger Sucks

    About half of the time it works as intended but then sometimes it gets victory/defeat correct in-game, then parses everyone as n/a. Or sometimes it just marks everyone as loser in-game and in the parse. I just don't know what to do. I wonder if it's something wrong with the MMD code. IDK...
  31. Gnuoy

    [SD/Texturing] [Icon] Edit/Revision Request

    Not sure if this is the right forum and I know this is a bit of a stretch: is anyone willing to make blue, teal, and purple variations of this icon? I only need a BTN and DISBTN. Sorry if I'm asking too much but figured it would not hurt to ask. Thanks...
  32. Gnuoy

    [Trigger] [solved] Confused Why Trigger Is Not Running / Dialog Menu

    I just tested between player 3 and player 5 and dialog menu didn't pop up for player 3. Any insight why would be appreciated. Thank you. edit: changed a few small things in the trigger but the dialog still isn't popping up. i confirmed the conditions are ok, just the dialog isn't popping up...
  33. Gnuoy

    [JASS] How Can I Edit to Only Affect One Player?

    When this code procs during a replay, it forces the spectator into cinematic mode, which ruins the replay. Perhaps check player state 'if spectator'? Can anyone help me figure this out? Custom script: call CinematicModeWithoutChangingFog(true, udg_Solo_Group_Red, bj_CINEMODE_INTERFACEFADE)...
  34. Gnuoy

    Set Cooldown of Item to Value of Timer?

    I don't see any trigger action that can set ability cooldown. Is this possible? If it is, how can I convert timer value to integer? Main problem is when you drop an ankh and pick it up again, cooldown gets set to zero. Thank you for reading.
  35. Gnuoy

    [Trigger] Help Me Devise a MPI Gold Request Trigger

    I know this would be possible but not really sure where to begin with the MUI. So there are 4 "king" players (give gold) and 12 "knight" players (request gold). Player would time -request [0000] and would check what player group he is in, check the amount of gold of that player group's king...
  36. Gnuoy

    GUI AI Script Not Running

    Edit: Nevermind I was too quick to post. It was something with the heroes in gameplay constants. I accidentally saved over an AI script when I was trying to update the object data. So I tried generating another one with the GUI AI interface. It seems to run only 50% of the time now, i.e. Test...
  37. Gnuoy

    Players d/c'ing a lot

    Players on my map are d/c'ing a lot. It's just one player, not a batch of players, not a fatal error, and I can't find any re-creatable pattern from their disconnects. I suspect it's because they have bad internet. Could it be having too many triggers run that could cause this? I have a lot of...
  38. Gnuoy

    Changing Ownership to Neutral Passive, Former AI Owner Still Issuing Orders???

    A trigger changes ownership to Neutral Passive but the unit is still moving around, using vendors, even attacking players that get in range. The previous owner of the unit was an AI with a GUI AI script. Does anyone know how to prevent this?
  39. Gnuoy

    Move Units to 20 Random Points Without Having any Overlap?

    This is more of a cosmetic trigger but when player's hero gets defeated I want it to go to "heaven" zone. I put 20 points in this region and had it pick a random point to go to, but sometimes it does not work because that place is already occupied by another slain hero. Can anyone help me devise...
  40. Gnuoy

    Cinematic 'Ruins' Replays. Solution???

    When players get defeated on this map, they get put in cinematic mode. When you watch the replay, you get put in cinematic mode at the same time, even if you aren't watching the defeated player. Can anyone imagine a solution or workaround?
  41. Gnuoy

    Need Help Devising a Trigger to Keep Added Ability on Morphed Heroes

    There's an ability that can be researched and added to heroes with a trigger. When a unit uses morph ability based off demon hunter metamorphosis, it loses custom researched/added ability. Can anyone help me brainstorm a trigger to maybe re-add that ability to a unit, checking condition that it...
  42. Gnuoy

    Lag? No Arrays vs Arrayed Variables

    So i made most of the triggers for this map before i fully understood arrays. Everything is a separate trigger with no arrays. Is there any reason to go back and make everything arrays? Maybe lag? Or just more elegant triggers? Is there anything terribly concerning about not using arrays and...
  43. Gnuoy

    Plz Help With My Victory Trigger / Adding Players to Groups

    Uncle helped me with this trigger but I changed some things on it, now it seems to not be working consistently. I just played a game and l lost as red player 1, I never got the final defeat button to leave the game. I think player 1 red (me) was not added to losing group? It did seem to mark...
  44. Gnuoy

    Trigger Causes Lag Spike and I don't Know Why

    It's < 1 second lag spike map wide for all players. I think it's the create event Action. Does anyone know how to stop the lag spikes? Thank you for any insight. Yellow Hero Trained Events Unit - Altar of Knights 0352 <gen> Finishes training a unit Conditions Actions...
  45. Gnuoy

    Ankh with Charges/Stacks?

    I tried to make an ankh that has charges/stacks, with a cooldown, but no ability seems to fit that. Also I didn't wanna just do it completely by triggers because the defeat trigger is if this hero dies. So I made an item based off tauren chieftan rez, made the item undroppable so the CD doesn't...
  46. Gnuoy

    Item that grants permanent cloak/invis?

    I tried putting the ghost ability/buff on an item and it doesn't do anything. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading. update: permanent invis works as General Frank suggested but doesn't persist while attacking. So I tried ghost as item ability and it worked. I must have done something wrong...
  47. Gnuoy

    Brightness/Contrast/Gamma Bug? HD/Reforged Graphics

    Players on my map that use HD/Reforged graphics keep reporting a strange brightness bug that comes and goes. some say it's random while others say it happens at noon (in-game time). Does anyone have any insight on this brightness bug or a solution to prevent it? Here's a screenshot from a one of...
  48. Gnuoy

    [Asset Manager] Easy Way to Remove Unused Models (mdx/blp files)

    I have almost 1000 imported models, etc, and I don't use all of them but lost track of which ones are unused. Is there an easy way to check which ones are used/un-used? Thanks for reading.
  49. Gnuoy

    Why does this Action Sometimes Not Run???

    Sorry for posting so frequently but I'm having a lot of confusion about Triggers. This one only seems to fire as intended only sometimes. I tried changing the Event from Unit Dies / Dying Unit to its current form: Becomes revivable / Revivable hero. It seems to still only work intermittently...
  50. Gnuoy

    How to get AI Hero Units to Not Drop Items???

    AI controlled heroes drop items from their inventory despite those items being set as un-droppable via trigger and Object Editor. The items are put into their inventory via Unit Properties window. I tried various different trigger options, like make item of type and item in slot un-droppable...