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  1. Lonely Wolf.

    Azeroth Anual Gladiator Showdown

    Well, the name is a work in progress. The general idea is 1-6 ppl Fight 30 fights (10 tiers) against trigger controlled bosses. The Tiers Each tier exists of 3 fights. Boss fight one and two are sepparate, while the third one is boss one and two combined. In the third fight, the two...
  2. Lonely Wolf.

    Total Warfare [Map Idea]

    The Plot Basicly a Battlefield map (Think LOTR, that fortress-like-ish) Two teams, one is defending their region (the orcs), and the other is for some reason trying to ereas them from the region (Elfs and Humans) Team 1 Human Night-Elf 6 Heroes Night Elfs start to the North,they will...
  3. Lonely Wolf.

    [WIP] - Bloodvenom Marsh

    Just playing around while with the World Editor, doubt it will be used by me ever again when its a "Cold Case" *Added three new pictures* The fortres is missing its gates, i just cant get them to work on my computer... -_-
  4. Lonely Wolf.

    How to attach?

    well... how? i cant make it work
  5. Lonely Wolf.

    Problem with water...

    Take a look at this terrain. On this 1st one, you see the water is perfect in the back, but messes up later on... WHY is that happening? and look at this last one, on the left right side, no water at all :emote_eekani: Whats going on? I created the map with Waterlevel 1, and...
  6. Lonely Wolf.

    Idea for a map.

    Terraining Want to help out with terrain? There are 4 eras left to be done, all of them 28/1xx tiles big. If one person per Era would come fourth, it would speed things up. Just tell me what part you want, and i'll send you the map. while you have the map, please write down the custome stuff...
  7. Lonely Wolf.

    [Trigger] Problem with trigger(s)

    THe problem is that still when 3 units left, the Kudos counter is 66 (which is the maximum points awarded if all 11 bets is correct) not sure how to describe the problem, watch the triggers and see if you can decrypt it On this trigger, the owner of clicked player is added to a variable...
  8. Lonely Wolf.

    Deathpool, looking for companion.

    Triggerer, that is known with GUI that can help me out with some that i got problem with doing. And here is some information. Map name Deathpool (Idea from CSI: Miami) Name of the creator(s) Me so far Current stage of the map (alpha, beta, finished?) Around... 30 40% -ish...
  9. Lonely Wolf.

    LW's return: some pics

    well, been two years since i did any terrain, and i felt like doing something to kill time... i have no idea how this "attach" code works, so i use thumbnails. This 1st one... well... Here you can see the skelletonhead coming fourth as the snow has melted, the bones at the trees is his...
  10. Lonely Wolf.

    [Trigger] Multiboard... some help? =)

    i've been lurking the forums to try and find something that can help me, but im not that fast when looking at something thats not anything near what im looking for. Players - Unit Kills - Hero Kills - Arena Victories -=Team 1=- - - -...
  11. Lonely Wolf.

    Multiple Targets

    Ok, cant delete post, so multiple QUESTIONS will come here well, i've asked this once before (2 years ago), but didnt find the thread. How do we make one unit attack multiple units (like 5 arrows shooting at once, on 5 different units) This is supposed to be an ability too btw... -_-...
  12. Lonely Wolf.

    Problem with trigger (Attacking unit)

    well, i want unit A to attack unit B through a trigger, but, the unit only walks down to it and turns away. This unit A is a Mortar Team, and i want him to use the ranged Mortar Missile. i have no idea what i am doing wrong. These units he is supposed to attack are dummies that are Paused...
  13. Lonely Wolf.

    RPG Map - Idea of mine.

    I have now, for a long time, had this idea for a Wc3 Map in my head. This will be shown in "broken information" as this is what i can offer at this time being. ..::The Plot::.. Twelve chosen spirits has been ressurected/summoned to help a nearly extinct nation take back their land from the...
  14. Lonely Wolf.

    Question - Important it is!

    I want to make it so that when a player enters the area where a "flame trap" is, he dies when it is ablaze, but when it is not, he can pass... how do i do that? -Thanks in advance!
  15. Lonely Wolf.

    My Shield!

    Now what u think?? Did it in Photoshop CS2 -LW
  16. Lonely Wolf.

    ORPG - Need your opinion!

    lately i'v had this idea for an ORPG You start in a Orc base camp that is under the control by Rexxar, he has been assignd here by Thrall. But lately the lands has been invaded by the Alliance! There will be lots of big bosses and a story too! That is the story....For now! I got the...
  17. Lonely Wolf.

    Giving away 3 terrains!

    For 1 month now iv been living at my new home without internet, and while i did this, i created 3 terrains that im not gonna use! 1. This is a barrens textured terrain! It's made so that there can be player vs players! 1 team in Upper left and bottom right corner, something like Water Wars...
  18. Lonely Wolf.

    Signature & Avatar show-off

    I created them all! The one with Lone Wolf and AvaloN are mine, the rest i created for a few friends! -AvaloN :smash:
  19. Lonely Wolf.

    Need some help with Unit Groups!

    I'm making a campaign (I'v said that before) And now, i'm doing the cinematics for the 3rd map! And i'm moving (instantly) Units Groups to 2 diff. regions! The groups contains 1 male, 1 (2) male (with beard) and females! Now here's the problem! I want the males in one region. And the...
  20. Lonely Wolf.

    Show me that picture! ( A game)

    Ok! I'm gonna start asking for a picture that i want to see! And the one that finds that picture and posts a link here gets to ask for a new picture! You can ask for anything that dosent stack with the rules! Now...I want to see my favourite soda, URGE
  21. Lonely Wolf.

    Requesting 3 Icons and 1 model/skin

    Hello fellow map mak....Wait. This is the Request forum! ok. I need 3 icons -2 icons that looks like 2 broken medalions. -1 icon that looks like the two broken medalions when forged together Need 1 skin/model that looks like Sylvanas Windrunner WITHOUT the bow! Can someone plz help...
  22. Lonely Wolf.

    keeping the settings as they was??

    ok..i'm not so good in making the subject name, so let's get to the question! I know about a S/L trigger....but when i'v been in a cave (New map) and return to the previous map i want everything to be the way it was including keeping the items\units i received in the cave! Is there a...
  23. Lonely Wolf.


    Hehe, i thought i would get your atention :) Ok...back to the question! I know about a S/L trigger....but when i'v been in a cave (New map) and return to the previous map i want everuthing to be the way it was including keeping the items\units i received in the cave! Is there a guide...
  24. Lonely Wolf.

    Question about Sounds!!

    I'v been trying to understand the sound triggers for a long time. But with no luck Questions How do i turn off the music that iss playing. And where do i find a tutorial that explains the sound triggers. I realy need some help here! Thx -Lonely Wolf.
  25. Lonely Wolf.

    W00t music are you listening to right now??

    I'm listening to: Edguy - Vain Glory Opera
  26. Lonely Wolf.

    Realy imoprtant. Need help!

    How do i add units to a unit group when the unit isn't on the map...lik this: Add "unit type" to "unit group" I can't find anything like that... ....was there something else??? nah. Don't think so! -Lonely Wolf.
  27. Lonely Wolf.

    Help with unit replacement in shop

    When a unit is bought..I want that unit (inside the shop) tp be replaced with a new unit that can be bought!! I know this is possible...But i'v been taking a brake from map making and my head is all fogylike!
  28. Lonely Wolf.

    Looking for a few alien looking modles/skins

    I'v looked trhough this site nad found a few good skins\models. But could some one give me a link to a few neet alien skins/models?? I'm looking for the A/P S/M (Alien and Predator) Edit; Forgot to say that i need buildning S/M too! -Lonely Wolf.
  29. Lonely Wolf.

    Where's that sentence from???? (A game)

    I will start telling you ppl a sentence from a game or movie. And you are gonna guess it!! And the one that guesses it. Get's the next throw! Ok..Here' I go! Word's has reached my ears about this..Strider GO GO GO PPL :D
  30. Lonely Wolf.

    I got this idea for a map.....(PLZ no flamers)

    It's been awile since i made a map. So i need to know if tihis is g00d or not!! You start off by picking a race ( total of 8 ). And after that you are given a hero that you can use to buy units that is added to an variable. Those Units that are buyed will be used in an arena to fight the...
  31. Lonely Wolf.

    Need map idea\ or can help out!

    It's been awile since i opened WE. And now that i did...all i saw was a dirty tielsett and a white paper in my head. i need an idea, but it should be easy to make. I don't want to make something BIG! But if you need help with something, i would love to help you out..ONLY if it's a...
  32. Lonely Wolf.

    Should Darky create a WoW site??

  33. Lonely Wolf.

    What game are you gonna buy?

    This fall\winter lot's of games are comming out. And wat game are you gonna buy 1st? Me...I'll go for HL2
  34. Lonely Wolf.

    About map protection

    1) If you forget to backup the map then you can only blame yourself for it 2) Many people dont give credits even for maps the copy anyway. To learn how to make maps you have to experiment yourself or you will never be really good at it 3) An unupdated map can be popular a long time, and even...
  35. Lonely Wolf.

    Maps section

    When we click the "maps" button, it takes AGES befor it's done loading. So if you could...Add categorys there instead of have all the maps there. Then it would take less time to loade :wink:
  36. Lonely Wolf.

    Item for spell (Only if you want it)

    Make shure that the highest lvl is 1st. So that it dosent lvl from 1-3 with only 1 item Like this: Blizzard Events Unit - A unit Sells an item (from shop) Conditions (Item-type of (Sold Item)) Equal to Scroll of Town Portal Actions...
  37. Lonely Wolf.

    Where are you from?

    You click on the continent you are from, then the land. S that we know where the ppl's are from :P I'm from Europe, Norway
  38. Lonely Wolf.

    A question about Leaderboard

    When i saw my friend playing DotA, i saw that they got this neet board with lots of stuff. If you have played DotA, you'll know what i meen. SO if you know how to make this kind of board. Plz tell me!
  39. Lonely Wolf.

    RPG save\loade code tutorial

    is it possible to find a save\load code that can save -300 levels -160+ items -And a "stash holder thing"??
  40. Lonely Wolf.

    My Orc City (come and take a look)

    Here's a few picture of a Orc city i'm gonna use in a campain! And it would be nice if you could post a comment!
  41. Lonely Wolf.

    Share your funny sites

    Share whatever funny site that you know off Here's mine
  42. Lonely Wolf.

    Need some SERIOUSLY help over here

    If i try to work on this trigger anymore without getting it to work, my head will explode in anger. This is the 1st trigger, the "move units (hero) to arena" Start Duell Events Time - Timer expires Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Random 1 units from team1) and do...
  43. Lonely Wolf.

    Uppgrade Aura bonus

    When we uppgrade the aura bonus, will this only have effect if the unit has an Aura?
  44. Lonely Wolf.

    I need some help

    How can i uppgrade damage for the allied computer??
  45. Lonely Wolf.

    I need some help

    How can i uppgrade damage for the allied computer??
  46. Lonely Wolf.

    A brand new Battle System

    Here's a cool Battle System i made 8) Here it is
  47. Lonely Wolf.

    Why do you make maps??

    The reason i make maps is: I like it!
  48. Lonely Wolf.

    Need help with Multiboard

    I want a multiboard like this one --------------------------------- Players_______________Kills Team 1 ------- Red____________________0 Blue____________________0 Teal____________________0 Team 2 ------- Purple__________________0 Yellow___________________0...
  49. Lonely Wolf.

    WTF is going on???

    When i was going to Uppload the 406 patch from WestWall it said that i had to reinstall WC3 TFT. So i did it. But now, that i want to play 1.16 again. It says that i haw to REINSTALL AGAIN!!! WTF is going on???
  50. Lonely Wolf.

    Another quick question

    In this trigger a player buys a spell. But the spell costs money. So how do i do this??? This is how the trigger looks like right now! Avatar Events Dialog - A dialog button is clicked for Human_Spell_Next Conditions (Clicked dialog button) Equal to Avatar...