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  1. MrStormyZ

    Gotham City Imposters goes Free to Play

    It surely has been a while since I've played a F2P game at this level of Polish. It's a Cartoony FPS game, The game is based on a Fantasy that Batman is "Gone" and a group people are taking his role of being the good guys The sight of it first kind of told me that it might be a mod of...
  2. MrStormyZ

    Mission 2 Discussion

    Ok mates, finally getting to where I got stuck This is Mission 2, if you see the map closely you'd recognize that the bottom half of the map is from Mission 1 itself! The Missions is planned out to be a Naval Defense Mission if you observe the map Red spot is where we start Blue Diamonds is...
  3. MrStormyZ

    Spell Section [We need mckill2012!]

    The following are the Spell Ideas talked about before in the main thread I'd appreciate if the members help me select the best ones and if they have ideas for improvement in these or rather a complete new spell, please mention below Rejuvenating Touch Heals a Targeted Ally unit over X Secs...
  4. MrStormyZ

    Trigger.. anyone ?

    it's been a while is anyone out there doing this I've started my hand on triggers and if someone could help with it I'd definately try out
  5. MrStormyZ

    Battle for the Eastern Kingdom : Campaign Recruitment

    Summary Battle for the Eastern Kingdom is a Singleplayer Campaign featuring The 2 Original Races of Warcraft, Orcs and Humans in a Completely different universe battleing it out for control over the land. Features in a Nutshell Orc and Humans like they originaly would have been if other...
  6. MrStormyZ

    Mission 1 Complete Idea/Dicussion

    Yellow Square at the bottom center is where we start Red Line is the Main Path of how the mission is supposed to go Yellow Lines are the Objective Quest lines Yellow Circles are where the Objective Quests are Star is where the mission ends Main Quest is to investigate the Towns and find...
  7. MrStormyZ

    Campaign Introduction

    It's been a while since I've started this project, but right now the whole storyline/idea/concept/progress only haved been with me The team was formed by we haven't worked as a Team yet, for this I've made this group, I want to convey everything about BTEK to the team here so that we can...
  8. MrStormyZ

    BTEK Project Team Frontpage

    Group for the Development team of Battle for the Eastern Kingdom Members:bisnar13 EpicCraft ImperialShadow indomitable1319 Marijuana. mckill2009 MrStormyZ
  9. MrStormyZ

    Mission 3 WIP Screenies (guess it's about time)

    WIP 1
  10. MrStormyZ

    Tech Tree Discussion

    alrightly as promised earlier Here's the BTEK Tech Tree BTEK Tech Tree Tier 1 TownHall Trains Peasants, Upgrades to Keep Farm Can Summon a LumberJack once in a long instance Can be Upgraded to have Extra Food(Each Farm Separate Upgrade) Barrack Footman - Basic Melee Unit, Can Ride...
  11. MrStormyZ

    Idea Dicussion : Mission 2

    Ok.. here it is We start at upper right now the change that I like to mention here is that, instead of having to built a base. it's better to find a already Existing one (Unknown) cause if we are to built a base and Train units the question may arrive Where did we find recruits ...
  12. MrStormyZ

    Idea : Magic Carts

    As it is set up I thought about starting a discussing about an Idea which was originally made by ImperialShadow and me The Idea was originally to have The Magic Carts(The carts used in the Night Elf TFT Campaign on the Mission where we meet the BloodElves ) which are Controlable units as...
  13. MrStormyZ

    [Picture] soheeupdate1

  14. MrStormyZ

    [Picture] WIPM2

  15. MrStormyZ

    Battle for the Eastern Kingdom

    Battle for The Eastern Kingdom is a Single Player Campaign which will be playable with normal Warcraft 3 Mechanics. The Lore concentrates on the battle between the Pure Orcs and Pure Humans, it reflects more of Warcraft 1 type but this will be much different. The Story line can be said to be a...
  16. MrStormyZ


    Heya peeps of THW ,I am known as StormyZ , I've played Wc3 since many years and i got hooked to this site very much recently, though i have little knowledge in the Wc3 World Editor the people here have really inspired me to some day make my own map, so here I am :D