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  1. -Grendel

    Alchemist lab

    i like what you did with the cauldron fire during the stand work animation. its a cool little detail instead of just slapping some fire particles on it.
  2. -Grendel

    Parasite Worm

    its rejected due to issues detected by the sanity tester.
  3. Leaf Disciple and Blade Acolyte

    Leaf Disciple and Blade Acolyte

  4. -Grendel

    Comment by '-Grendel' in media 'Tiger Loa form'

    i ended up ditching the current look anyway XD i think i'll just go with something simpler than an entire spirit arm. i still really want to add some tiger spirit aspect to this model.
  5. Leaf Disciple attack anim

    Leaf Disciple attack anim

    Made a quick attack animation for my battle realms Lotus units project
  6. -Grendel

    Troll Voodoo Priestess

    I really like your texture usage on this model. The use of lich's texture for the shoulder pad trimmings and the dagger's hilt (i see you :wink:), marketplace texture for the team colored bit and parts of her clothing and the skull on her back is really well done. a little nitpick though, you...
  7. -Grendel

    Demon Hag

  8. -Grendel

    Demon Hag

    Updated the model. I edited the cloth's animations instead to cover up the backfaces. I hope this is an acceptable solution as well.
  9. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    i did the material blending trick on my recent nerubian bundle. only difference is that i used an additive filter instead of a blend one to make the model's texture shinier.
  10. Tiger Loa form

    Tiger Loa form

    i added a tiger spirit during the alternate form. i'll probably scrap this idea and just use it on a future model though.
  11. -Grendel

    Dire Troll Tyrant

    man, this model wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for your mdlvis tutorials. with that, i was able to make the custom animations seen in this bundle. so thank you!
  12. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    gocha, thank you!
  13. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    yup. replaced the mohawk like the ones vanilla trolls have. edit: are contestants still allowed to make edits to the entry even if its posted? i'll just edit the post i made above for the entry after i do my model edits. an idea just popped into my head today to add like zandalari loa stuff...
  14. -Grendel

    Thank you! i appreciate it. please let me know if you've chosen some models so that i can fix...

    Thank you! i appreciate it. please let me know if you've chosen some models so that i can fix the normals of the model. some of my uploads don't react to in-game lighting due to borked normals. also, i turned my profile on private by accident lol. i didn't know that my resources won't be seen...
  15. -Grendel

    Dire Troll Tyrant

    yes. though i would update this bundle with the texture swaps anyway after the contest ends. you might wanna wait on that instead :grin:
  16. -Grendel

    Dire Troll Tyrant

    thank you! your entry looks great so far as well. a really accurate representation of your chosen troll unit. can't wait to see it animated. gl!
  17. -Grendel

    Demonic Brethren (pack II)

    it looks great either way. i like how it looks with the big wings as well, it really contrast's the demon's small stature. i really like how you did the textures for this one. at first glance i thought you used the diablo car skin for the mini doomguard.
  18. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    Same model, different WIP me likey a lot
  19. -Grendel

    Dire Troll Tyrant

    Thank you! ^_^ Thanks! I spent a lot of time making the face unique than vanilla trolls. Thank you! :)
  20. -Grendel

    Demonic Brethren (pack II)

    the kobold is my favorite among these models. though i think he'd look better with smaller wings that flap really fast whenever he's off the ground lol.
  21. -Grendel

    Dire Troll Tyrant

    Thank you!
  22. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    "Warlords of the hidden land's primitive trolls. These hulks of sinew and rage command the manhunter trolls to raid and pillage nearby tribes of other races. These Dire trolls sheathe their weapons and tap into their inner magical and animalistic nature while in the midst of battle to awaken...
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    Dire Troll Missile (Warcraft 3 Model)

  24. G

    Dire Troll Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  25. G

    Dire Troll Tyrant (Warcraft 3 Model)

  26. -Grendel

    Dire Troll Tyrant (Model)

    Entry for the 35th Modeling Contest Modeling Contest #35 - Troll more in-game screenshots and info can be found in this post minor update -re-assigned some vertices to the proper bones on his pelvis area -changed particle timings during the spell animation
  27. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    i tried re-skinning my entry into a forest troll to fit with the only other dire troll in the model section uploaded by cavman but this thing looks like a roided up orc at first glance when viewed in the in-game camera lol. if i'll have enough time before the deadline, i'll try to make a custom...
  28. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    a preview of its enraged form channeling animation i added additional troll motifs like glowing symbols while the alternate form is activated. also changed his belt and bracers.
  29. -Grendel

    alright, i guess i'll update the bundle with other texture swaps after the contest's deadline to...

    alright, i guess i'll update the bundle with other texture swaps after the contest's deadline to avoid confusion :D i'm thinking of making my entry a forest troll after i'm done with all the necessary stuff so it could fit along with the dire forest troll that cavman uploaded as its the only...
  30. -Grendel

    Arthas Menethil (Re-Classic)

    there's a lot of clipping with the right arm during his channeling, spell, victory animations. one way i can think of to fix it is by giving the shoulderpad a separate bone and editing the shoulderpad's size and rotation when he raises his arm.
  31. -Grendel

    Hello! i just wanted to ask, are we allowed to upload texture swaps and spell buff/projectile in...

    Hello! i just wanted to ask, are we allowed to upload texture swaps and spell buff/projectile in the model section for our entry? like, i want to upload variants of my model and a spell throw projectile in one bundle for convenience to anyone who wants to use it.
  32. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

  33. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    Uh-oh, he mad i promised myself after making an overhaul of my manhunter model that i will never make another model with alternate animations ever again. welp, here i go again
  34. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    I was originally going for a forest troll but the neutral troll skins are just too low res for me. not a fan of the armorless orc textures as well. Blademaster's too low res, the orc warlock doesn't have the look i want for this dire troll plus the color doesn't match the head. geoset tinting...
  35. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    WIP 2 for 2 work-in-progress post requirement
  36. -Grendel

    Hello! sorry for the very, VERY late reply. i scrolled down my vm's just now XD nothing much...

    Hello! sorry for the very, VERY late reply. i scrolled down my vm's just now XD nothing much, i'm kinda back making models again. don't know for how long though. maybe as long as there's ideas brewing in my head :D how about you?
  37. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    @Paillan i think that pretty much falls to this: "Submissions may not be started / made before the official launch of the contest" correct me if i'm wrong WIP 1 of chad troll spent like three hours on this bad boy just to make him decent enough for a mugshot based him on this: will add facial...
  38. -Grendel

    Modeling Contest #35 - Troll

    hell yeah. dire trolls are mine
  39. -Grendel

    Troll Manhunter (Pack)

    thank you. yep i just saw it. the timing on that one lol. gotta think of something then XD
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    Manhunter Spear Missile (Warcraft 3 Model)

  41. G

    Ice Troll Manhunter Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  42. G

    Ice Troll Manhunter (Warcraft 3 Model)

  43. G

    Dark Troll Manhunter Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  44. G

    Dark Troll Manhunter (Warcraft 3 Model)

  45. G

    Forest Troll Manhunter Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  46. G

    Forest Troll Manhunter (Warcraft 3 Model)

  47. G

    Troll Manhunter Portrait (Warcraft 3 Model)

  48. G

    Troll Manhunter (Warcraft 3 Model)

  49. -Grendel

    Troll Manhunter (Pack) (Model)

    A remake of my old Troll Manhunter model. I uploaded this one as a separate pack and not as an update to the old upload because some people might prefer the old version's look rather than this one. I expanded upon the primitive and hunter theme that I was going for on the old version, utilizing...
  50. -Grendel

    Taura the healer

    i did not mean it as derogatory just to clear it up. i actually like it when people use textures that are rarely seen in modeling using in game skins. really shows how creative you are in finding textures that would fit a concept nicely.