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    Opacity for trees

    Hi guys i just want to know if can you add opacity for tress? For example when your camera hits the spot like if there is a tree in the area the opacity of the tree goes down so you can see your hero
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    Hi guys can i ask how can i make a system that allows the boss to move on their own and the skills are looping?
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    How to not pause

    hi guys do you know how to not pause the game while entering f9 f10 or f11 in single player mode?
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    how to use upgrades?

    hi guys i want to ask how can you make a spell that needs a upgrade? or is it training
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    Best Map Compressor?

    As you can see the title i want to know what is the best map protector and compressor?
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    Hi guys do you know how to make a trigger that checks the level of the player and adds the lumber? for example you are level 5 and you used the 5 lumbers and when you turn to level 6 1 lumber will be added
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    Skill points

    Hello guys i have a question i have this system that every time you level up you gain 1 lumber (used for skill points) and also i have a save and load system how can i make the system load its skill points equivalent to its level?
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    Hello and i am wondering if i can like put a png file in warcraft 3 so there wont be any background if i put it in the game can i? or for example the tkok when you get a quest there will be an image that will pop up
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    Trigger not working help please

    hi guys i want to ask why does this trigger dosen't restict anyone? from getting a certain spell hmmmm i have set the condition to warrior only but i tried a mage to learn the mortal strike and after a sec a noticed that the mortal strike was in the mages skills i duno why can you guys help me...
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    Saving and loading

    Hi guys i want to ask where can i get a save and load system that saves the code in my war3 directory thanks how and not the save and load with snippets i duno how to use it thanks :)
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    [Solved] Set names

    hi guys how can i like change the name? like -setname (my name) like that it changes your name?
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    Help me with buy ability trigger :)

    Volley Learned Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions And - All (Conditions) are true Conditions (Unit-type of (Hero manipulating item)) Equal to Wind Shooter (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to...
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    Dungeons like TEVE?

    Hi guys i am working on a system that when you killed the boss of the dungeon you will go to a specific room and items will be given there is that possible? thanks :) can i ask for trigger or map?
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    Learn SKill?

    HI guys can i ask how can i make a trigger that when a hero gains a level lets say level 5 the hero will receive a skill
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    Floating texts

    Hi guys i want to ask you about a system that shows the delt damage of your hero and gold and xp? is there a system? :eekani:
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    Multiboard help

    hi guys i want to make a multiboard that is like in the attachment i know how to make a multiboard my problem is how can i set the name of the players, how can i make their level appear For the items I want to make it like there is a item that you equip and for example i have 1 slot in my...
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    Loading screen help :)

    hi guys i was wondering if anyone can help me make this as my loading screen image :)
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    [Solved] Multiboard

    Hi guys as you can see in this picture the multiboard is somewhat different how can i change that?
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    Saving before testing?

    HI guys i want to ask why is it that everytime i need to test the game it makes me save it first? i mean literally if i do the test map it saves the game and it will not load but if i save first and then i test it load what is wrong with my map?
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    THe hieght

    high guys i just want to ask if the raise tool how far can it go over the limit i have seen many projects with high cliffs using the rise tool can some one help me?
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    HI guys i was wondering how can i make my own UI? any tutorials ?
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    Adding clifs

    Hi guys can i ask if i can add more cliffs in my game?
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    Tress visibility :D

    Hi guys i would like to ask if anyone of you know how to make a system that when a player is coverd by a tree the tree's visiblity will go down allowing the player to be seen thanks guys hoping for some good answers :D
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    Squizhing my map size down? hi guys i was always wondering can i like compress my map after a compression? and can i ask what is the best map size compression the hive have?
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    Social Groups

    Hello guys/mods how can i create a social group? Thank you
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    Symphony ORPG Recruitment

    Hello guys im the project leader of the Symphony orpg i would like to recruit modellers or skinners for our project just message me if you are intrested thank you :grin:
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    Symphony ORPG Rise Of the Ancients

    Hi guys i am the creator for symphony orpg and i would like to ask suggestion what do wc3 players like in rpg maps thanks :D Here's the project :D :grin:
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    Spawnning mobs?

    Hi guys.. i was wondering other rpg maps have this system that if you go in that area units will spawn there and if you look at the map there are none so the only way you can see those creeps is to like go to a specific region how can i do that? sorry for my grammar
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    Boss Fights

    HI guys i would like to ask how can i make a good boss fight? i mean how can i make the boss use skills?
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    [Picture] Symphony ORPG PNG 2

    Symphony ORPG PNG 2
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    Camera system (sigh) again

    Hi guys i just want to ask a good camera system that can be use by 10 players Is there a thing?
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    [Solved] Variables

    Hi guys how can i delete useless variables as fast as i can?
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    HI guys how can i make a system that a image will pop up
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    Help With Codes :D

    Hi guys i just want to know what are the codes for like the background of changelog, gameplay, and credits
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    Does Map size (literally) Afftect The Game?

    Hi guys can i ask? Does the Map size affect the game? example i got 256x256 if i adjust it more does it cause lag?
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    Hi guys can i ask how can i get the best effects of FOg?
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    Turning WE

    Hi guys i was wondering if i can use Ultimate World Editor after using Jass new jen... (if this explanation is not clear read the lower part) I have tried to make my default editor as the jass new jen.. but after months of editing i realized that i need to use more than the maximum tiles. Can...
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    Item stats?

    Hi guys i was wondering i have been making items and adding stats to them and i have realized that it was really hard for me. How can i add item stats easily? any suggestion will help :D
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    Trigger help pelase

    Why isn't it giving me items and gold? :vw_wtf: The new beggining Talk 1st job Events Unit - A unit comes within 256.00 of 1st Job Guide 0021 <gen> Conditions ((Triggering unit) is A Hero) Equal to True Actions Cinematic - Clear the screen of text...
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    Hi how can i make a Model out of an Image file?
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    JNGP Question

    HI how can i make my JNGP more faster when creating things and importing?
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    Random Revive in regions

    Hi guys i want to know how to make a Random revive in regions i have 9 regions and i want to change in every 3 seconds (where they revive)
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    Youtube Help

    Hi guys do you know how can i make my videos watchable on mobile? thanks
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    Youtube limit?

    Is there a way i can re enable my limit in videos? i mean morethan 15minutes
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    How to check if player has that number of attribute

    Hi guys i wanna now is there a thing that it checks if a players has this stats atttribute?
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    Question with trigger

    Hi guys i want to make a trigger that it checks if a player have 2 heroes
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    Problem with this trigger? Help please

    Hi i want to give xp and potion to all players but it didn't work for some reason can someone check this? thanks The new beggining Talk alchemist Events Unit - A unit comes within 256.00 of Alchemist 0030 <gen> Conditions ((Triggering unit) is A Hero) Equal to True...
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    Buff Help

    Hi can i ask? i want to make a buff and it gives stats and other bilities like +crit +Damage +Health and +attackspeed
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    Compressing audio

    Hi i want to import an Music but its too big is there any way i can compress it?
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    Help with this Drop Trigger

    Rock Chunks Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions Or - Any (Conditions) are true Conditions (Unit-type of (Dying unit)) Equal to Berserk Wildkin Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)...