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  1. BlackRangerXIII

    Dieselpunk Troopers

    Its good to see the new Dieselpunk Trooper model, can't wait to see on the other ones. I hoped you would update the Landsknecht troopers, but you are planning to scrap it right?
  2. BlackRangerXIII

    T-Virus Zombies

    Hey, looking forward for that
  3. BlackRangerXIII

    T-Virus Zombies

    What about the G-Adults (Incompatible), are you planning on working on them?
  4. BlackRangerXIII

    DD Universal Pack v5.1c

    @Dark_Dragon Are you gonna rework the Shadow Crossing Spell? Its my favorite spell of the Pre v5 version of your pack
  5. BlackRangerXIII

    Spawn the Kraken

    Oh hey, Hydroid's Tentacle Swarm. Nice
  6. BlackRangerXIII

    Bone Armor 1.18

    Sorry... I don't understand it, but I hope you can finish it
  7. BlackRangerXIII

    Bone Armor 1.18

    @Devalut I like this Spell, could be useful for shield passives. Question though: is it easy to convert this spell from Active (Where you need to press a button) to passive?
  8. BlackRangerXIII

    Dieselpunk Troopers

    I think I know why the soldiers are having poor face textures: The landsknecht texture is a bit different from the other soldiers. specially around the face. I recommend using the Dieselpunk soldier texture instead of the Landsknecht texture
  9. BlackRangerXIII

    SharpCraft World Editor Extended Bundle

    For everyone who's reading this comment: MindWorX is now working for Blizzard alongside Kam and, as such, SharpCraft is no longer supported and are now being integrated to the base game World Editor. I hope it's enlightening.
  10. BlackRangerXIII

    Grenade & Bullet Pack

    This would look great with Zess' Dieselpunk pack
  11. BlackRangerXIII

    Villager (Kid, Horse Mount) and Derivatives

    This could be useful for the Gnome factions
  12. BlackRangerXIII

    Randomization Script Request

    Well, I tried that and found out it has incompatibilities with the Melee Game - Limit Heroes to 1 per Hero-type (for all players) Trigger, So I tried the Availability trigger. Here:
  13. BlackRangerXIII

    Randomization Script Request

    Yep, for the duration of the match
  14. BlackRangerXIII

    Randomization Script Request

  15. BlackRangerXIII

    Randomization Script Request

    It could be Variant E for Footman, Variant A for Rifleman, Variant B for Knight, Variant Z for Strength Hero, Variant D for Dexterity Hero, etcetera. Only the builder will be a single unit (the Contractor) The Player will not expect what unit he'll get, making it hard for them to make Tactics...
  16. BlackRangerXIII

    Randomization Script Request

    Actually the randomness script happens at the start of the map (When it loads) and you get to keep the unit until you start the map again. The script will run for each of the unit types, Hiding the units of each unit type that were not selected
  17. BlackRangerXIII

    Randomization Script Request

    Hello. I'm creating a faction called the Syndicate in that all of its units are randomized between Categories, in that you can't expect what will be each unit. Example: as I'm using the Human Tech as base, and there's six units that are like footmen, Unit A, B, C, D, E and F. The script must...
  18. BlackRangerXIII

    RE2: William 'G' Birkin

  19. BlackRangerXIII

    Towered Hunters Hall

    This model looks good for Aeon of Strife maps or as some sort of Territory Expansion building akin to the Surveyor from Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars.
  20. BlackRangerXIII

    I'm Bored...

    I'm Bored...
  21. BlackRangerXIII

    The Freedom Pack

    PRISM TANK! Yay!
  22. BlackRangerXIII

    General Frank's Gallery 2.0

    I want it anyway! When will you release it @General Frank?
  23. BlackRangerXIII

    Heart of Storms: Resurrection

    Yay! The mod is back
  24. BlackRangerXIII

    General Frank's Gallery 2.0

    After seeing your pandaren tank i came to a conclusion: I miss Generals Zero Hour Mods. Nice Tanks
  25. BlackRangerXIII

    SharpCraft World Editor Extended Bundle

    Posting just to keep an eye on SharpCraft Development Looks promising as fudge muppet
  26. BlackRangerXIII

    [General] Mapping question.

    Yeah I'll use Maker's System
  27. BlackRangerXIII

    Reputation (+4): (Post) what a bummer Thanks

    Reputation (+4): (Post) what a bummer Thanks
  28. BlackRangerXIII

    [General] Mapping question.

    now that's a bummer thanks
  29. BlackRangerXIII

    [General] Mapping question.

    Just for context: in Warhammer 40k Dawn of War series, there's a system that allows a unit to enter melee as soon as an enemy unit gets into melee range. My question is, if it's possible to make that without using triggers or @Maker's system?
  30. BlackRangerXIII

    General Frank's Gallery 2.0

    It looks like either the sickle or the reaper from RA3
  31. BlackRangerXIII

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.28

    Can someone tell me if paillian's quote is true?
  32. BlackRangerXIII

    Excuse me but Will Warcraft 3 1.28 (or 1.28b or something like that) have a offline installer?

    Excuse me but Will Warcraft 3 1.28 (or 1.28b or something like that) have a offline installer?
  33. BlackRangerXIII

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.28

    I wonder why the 1.28 offline patch wasn't released?
  34. BlackRangerXIII

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.28

    Thanks @pyf for the link I'll keep an eye on that
  35. BlackRangerXIII

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.28

    @pyf: Really?
  36. BlackRangerXIII

    Warcraft III - Patch 1.28

    I have a question: Why there's no .exe installer
  37. BlackRangerXIII

    Keyblade - Fenrir

    @Athur12A2 Have you heard of serrated edge? Also: Almost reported you for making a rip. Thankfully i've made sure to see if the model had ingame textures. Beautiful model
  38. BlackRangerXIII

    Hi Did you make that alternate model?

    Hi Did you make that alternate model?
  39. BlackRangerXIII

    Here We go...

    This system is exclusive to the Citadel (Human) Faction. But thanks
  40. BlackRangerXIII

    Here We go...

    How can I do this?
  41. BlackRangerXIII

    Here We go...

    i wanted to upgrade the town hall to keep and then to castle.
  42. BlackRangerXIII

    Warcraft 3 1.28 Pre-patch PSA

    Will 1.28 have a patcher EXE download?
  43. BlackRangerXIII

    Here We go...

    Clever I'll test the system. Thanks. By the way @Jampion How can I add new buildings to the system? because I want to encompass the keep and the castle with the town hall.
  44. BlackRangerXIII

    Here We go...

    All right here we go: I'm trying to do a test in that: i'm trying to replace the Town hall with a new building ("Outpost-type", being able to build workers and store resource but it doesn't give you much tech access, like barracks and farm) and limit the Town Hall and it's upgrades, Keep and...
  45. BlackRangerXIII

    Shovel Attachments + Items

    It's "A seven nation army couldn't hold me back". Needed to correct that, Sorry. I guess this is useful to "dig" my way through the upcoming comments, right @MiniMage?
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  47. BlackRangerXIII

    ok... When will you release the newest version of beyond the throne?

    ok... When will you release the newest version of beyond the throne?
  48. BlackRangerXIII

    Dude... Since when you're part of staff?

    Dude... Since when you're part of staff?
  49. BlackRangerXIII

    Wrath of the Kaiser: Flag Pack

    I don't know if Dave is still working on this but, why not? Greece was on the Entente's side in WWI Wrath of the Kaiser is a world war 1 remake in warcraft 3 and Chile wasn't a belligerent nation in World war I @Medieval So no. It's not going to be added