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    Jass Newgen, Can i succeed without it?

    SupCom is an awesome awesome map made without JNGP as far as I can tell. However, why would you ever want to make a map like that (it looked painful to make the map because of all the crap he had to do that jasshelper does for you) and why on earth are you using a five year old mac?
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    Online Save & Load, WoW/Lineage 2 type

    No dynamic arrays, all the scripting extenders suck terribly, no WE integration of tools that are available, and the fixed data type just doesn't replace a float/real. You can't stop chat, triggers are much more limited, you *have* to use the data editor for quite a few things and then use...
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    Putting Ads in Custom Games.

    This is, why would they need to visit a site to download the newest version? Telling people about a site to visit for the game's forums are obviously not "illegal". I don't understand how you can call it advertising.
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    GUI and JASS

    JASS is so much quicker to write and is easier once you actually learn it.
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    [C++] Help

    C++, best language? Maybe for graphical things requiring speed, and even then I'd direct you to C#. C++ is hardly the best language for a text based RPG with today's ridiculously fast processors. And I'd say it's definitely not a language you should learn first. C# or Python would do better, imo.
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    Overall quality of published maps

    He meant 4 months after release, Newuser. WC3 is years and years after release. Still no popularity system removal. Lovely.
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    Spectres or Ghosts?

    The basic AOE stun is great, sure, but there's a problem with it requiring energy. Ghosts with range upgrade don't run out of bullets in any case. Besides, Nova's mission was so much more awesome.
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    Spectres or Ghosts?

    Ghosts. They get a +2 range upgrade (or is it +3?). This causes them to become ridiculous powerhouses. I believe I managed to beat the Moebius mission with only ghosts because they could kill anything before it got close. Plus, they are permanently invisible.
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    Python vs Delphi vs Ruby vs Perl

    Learn to program with Java/C or some other statically typed language. Then learn a scripting language. For most tasks, Python is going to be faster to write and look nicer. If you need to do serious calculations, do it in Java/C#/C, stick with a nice scripting language like Ruby/Python...
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    Visual C++ question

    Erm, it's there by default. On VS2010, anyways.
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    best person ever i love this text color so easy to see

    best person ever i love this text color so easy to see
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    Knowledge of the english language.

    Like Lojban?
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    Astro Projection tutorial

    Meditating certainly works, and I've had lucid dreams before. Things are awesome. So sure, you could say it works. I take issue with the guy saying that "we only use 2% of our brain" though.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) I am amused. Merry Christmas.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) I am amused. Merry Christmas.
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    and they make a chip sound
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    Heart of the Swarm ending?

    tl;dr warcraft 3
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    How to Disable Player Chat?

    And for the 30 seconds it takes you to mute someone, you suddenly miss the cinematic. Muting someone at all detracts from the experience. Easiest to just find a way for them to not be able to talk... which isn't happening. I've whined about getting a way to do this on SC2 forums for months now...
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    Laptops That Can Run Ultra/Extreme Settings

    Me too, :(. Keystroke issues and the Creative Audigy software likes to not work on me. Just uninstalled the Creative crap and disabled touchpad to fix keyboard issues, though. Honestly, if you're playing a game, you should be using the mouse anyways. had links/etc to...
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    Laptops That Can Run Ultra/Extreme Settings

    I'm on an ASUS G73JH and it can run ultra at about 40-60 fps, depending on the map in question. Better than my desktop, although a desktop at the same price would likely be much better. Heating is most definitely not an issue. Max of like an hour on batteries, though.
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    Arithmetics Question

    Just use a custom script and save yourself the time and pain.
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    Arithmetics Question

    Several languages use ^ for exponentiation, and I use it anyways if I'm talking about math. It's also used by LaTeX when writing superscripts.
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    [Video]The Final Frontier (space rts, testers needed)

    Yeah, Mrz summed it up pretty much. Limit ships you can build at a time to 200 max, and limit max probes EVER out to like, 400.
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    Turn off Collision

    That still is removing my units ability to move. Oh well, thanks.
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    Turn off Collision

    Collision off does not allow units to move normally, nor does it give ground units sight when they are high enough in the air that they should get it. How does one just designate a ground unit as an air unit temporarily?
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks, I guess it's the only way.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks, I guess it's the only way.
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    Turn off Collision

    What I'm doing, essentially, is calling a function that calls some xml that calls a function. It's useless and silly and I want a better way. Oh well, good enough workaround for now.
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    Turn off Collision

    Is there a way to do it without custom data editor stuff? Again, I'd like to be able to just import my script and have stuff work.
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    Turn off Collision

    How does one turn off collision in SC2? Warcraft 3 had a nice function. I ask because I am currently making a projectile system, and I would like to allow units to be knocked over cliffs and such. However, ground units will not go over unpathable area when using UnitSetPosition like they...
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    Project idea: Infection

    Parasite? Parasite is probably the worst example of the map genre out there. In addition, it took DSG's map name from WC3.
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    family Should Add i Think. soon Are possible.
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    I think A Good Idea Would be a job. i think That you should add more Jobs. i Love This map.
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    Looking for mentor!

    It's funny, I was planning on making kodo tag the instant Sparsile/Moonlite started working.
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    Encrypting your data?

    Go bug geX to add that to Andromeda. I want it! :(
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    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    Re: SC2 map size limitations. Have you tried zooming in the camera and scaling down all the units?
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    Skins for SC2

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    [Library] ChatBox by xD.Schurke

    How are you clearing the text as the player enters it? When I tried for this, the stupid timer limit caused fail on BNet. You could see chat for a split second before it came up.
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    SCII Modding didn't take off?

    I'm not touching the map editor until I can do stuff without pain and frustration. Meaning, Moonlite has to get its bugs fixed so I can code with Andromeda properly. After that, I'll produce something, anyways.
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    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Patch 1.1.1

    The same reason they thought sorting maps by popularity could ever possibly be a good idea, or why you are allowed to search for a custom map when creating a game, but not when you are joining it.
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    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Patch 1.1.1

    Turns out Ultralisks are actually nerfed compared to the old versions pre 1.1. They now have an AOE of 2, period. Before, they had an AOE of 2 + target's radius (now removed because they were too idiotic to realise that when it hit buildings it would cause a HUGE splash). End result: When...
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    What is your favorite race from Starcraft?

    Random, because one race seems like it could get somewhat boring.
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    *cash prizes* scii mapping contest

    Go whine at Vestras to finish Moonlite faster and I will join. :D
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    *cash prizes* scii mapping contest

    Speak for yourself, if you are going to make a strategy map, there is no reason NOT to join a contest if there is monetary value. As incentive to actually start a map, I do agree with you somewhat, although I personally find that any money at all is tempting, especially for a smaller contest...
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    *cash prizes* scii mapping contest

    Define strategy, and get Vestras to release the latest Moonlite, and I am SO in.
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    Map Reviews (CRC)

    I'd disagree with a yellow background - eye-rape is not pleasant at all, but thank you.
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    Map Reviews (CRC)

    Granted, but the specific use of color to promote reading of the text on a loading screen seems like a fairly small field for you to go into detail on. My googling gave me great ways to combine colors on websites depending on the desired effect, but nothing on text. I'd appreciate just two or...
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    Map Reviews (CRC)

    I really enjoyed these. All of the scores were quite fair, and Debates was a fun read by itself. Care to go into detail on this? I'm interested.
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    I did them all on brutal, my problem was trying to get achievements for some. I kept losing until I stopped attempting to be perfect, at which point it was a cake run (with liberal saving going on).
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    How many achievement points do you have?

    2700? Around there.
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    This is madness!

    I was proud of Kerrigan taking her role as Queen Bitch of the Universe. People betrayed her and she got some revenge. And now, apparently, she was never hateful and was always just a poor slave of the Overmind. It really is sad. I still voted for her though because theres no way the ghosts could...
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    Disapointments with StarCraft 2?

    You need an active internet connection even after you log in. Kinda pissed me off on my vacation.