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  1. kids711

    Grand Chase v5.2b

    I think you don't play the REAL GRANDCHASE... The Impact Hit can really do insane damage cus in the real game.. It could turn u "FATAL"... So its no big deal, So if you didn't play the Real Game, Don't complain about the skill. And about the Job Advancement... Because they are not still...
  2. kids711

    Earth's Final Piece. (First Terrain)

    Thanks, for the comments guys. I'll do my Best~
  3. kids711


    Then suddenly you see Satanists walk around your house wearing DEVIl HORNS and Tails and a Fork to poke you in the eyes.
  4. kids711

    Earth's Final Piece. (First Terrain)

    Ow, I forgot putting mountains outside!!!
  5. kids711

    Favourite colours

    Red Blue Yellow Purple Black White I love Dark and Light colors and pretty ones. But i usally Match Red and Black + White
  6. kids711

    Say that again?

    Sometimes my really weird friend told me this. "Bam-bam x-x-x so so fun fun yeah yeah" and i was O_o.
  7. kids711

    Favorite Cartoons (NOT Anime)

    Batman : Brave and the Bold Spiderman :The Animated Series. Ben 10 : Alien Force. Chowder
  8. kids711

    Time Travel Theories:

    When you Time Traveled in the Future, You can change the Past by moving a piece of paper or whatsoever, It doesn't mean if your in the Future you can't change anything?.Once you step on a butterfly this could change your Future more heavily than ever.. For example.. You found your Future Friend...
  9. kids711

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Terrain

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Terrain
  10. kids711

    Earth's Final Piece. (First Terrain)

    Hello, I'm a beginner Terrainer, I made this Terrain. I know it doesn't look good i'm a beginner. The Crater Ruinic Views Mayan Casket Earth's Future Surface UTM (Ultimate Terraining Map) Hermanthegibbon for the Tutorial
  11. kids711

    Reputation (+1): (Post) UTM Tutorial~

    Reputation (+1): (Post) UTM Tutorial~
  12. kids711

    Terrain Editor Features!

    Water Textures and Colorings. Like a Acid Water. Solid Water things like that.
  13. kids711

    Terraining Views.

    I've saw many peoples go and post their COOL TERRAINS. With nice and splendid views. Only thing confuses me. How do they get this Splendid Viewing Point?.. Like they are in a mountain viewing a City... -WRONG FORUM PLEASE TRANSPORT I GOT MY EYES BLINDED-
  14. kids711

    Down With DOTA!

    DoTa will destroy HUMANITY!.. Know why?.. The Dota Players abandon their GIRLFRIENDS just to be with DOTA~
  15. kids711


    Sorry about my "RUDE" word. I'm taking it back. Testing again~ --Still, Not working--
  16. kids711


    Hate this. I can't even play it because the Player Slots won't show up and when i start it kept on coming back like HECK. WHY DID I WASTE MY TIME DOWNLOADING THIS?!!?!?!
  17. kids711

    Jurassic Park: The Survival 1.7

    Jurassic Exploration is no Crappy. You are Crappy~ :pal:
  18. kids711

    Hey! i want some suggestion for a Shock Spells Pack

    World Shock Description : This spell came from the God Of Domination who nearly Destroyed Earth Years ago. After a few years Humans appeared in earth, And other races Orc,Elf and the Scourge. The God Of Domination has created a Hero with a Spell called "World Shock". Skill Effects: When a...
  19. kids711

    Hey! i want some suggestion for a Shock Spells Pack

    Internal Organs Shock. It only haves a VERY,VERY,VERY little chance to work. Because once this work the Victim will be dead.
  20. kids711

    Nooby Question

    How to make Quest contents?
  21. kids711

    Hey! i want some suggestion for a Shock Spells Pack

    Nervous System Shock - Once this is activated whoever touches you will have a Nerve Shock and will Freeze for 15 minutes. Mana - 20 per minute Cooldown - 1 Minute. Effect - Freezes any enemy attacks you for 15 minutes. Bonus Effect - This shock could even steal your enemies mana if your...
  22. kids711

    What does Halloween mean to you?

    H - Horrible. - Scary Day. A - Astonishing - Nice day. L - Looting - Loot some candy. L - Likely - Likely to scare. O - Odd - Odd Costumes. W - Weenie - Roast My Weenie. E - Every - Everyone is in Costumes. E - ET's. - We are Aliens Tonight. N - Nock. - Trick Or Treat!
  23. kids711

    If money was no object

    Step 1 : Hire Nasa's Best Astrologist and Scientist and help me to my Project : Big Space. Step 2 : Build the Futuristic Spaceship. Step 3 : Plan for Colonists Dome. Step 4 : Ride the Justice (Futuristic Spaceship) to Mars. Step 5 : Build Futuristic Domes and make more Justice...
  24. kids711

    What's your favourite movie genre?

    1.Final Fantasy Spirits Within 2.Final Fantasy Advent Children 3.Resident Evil 4.Andromeda Strain 5.Harry Potter 6.Pokey (Philippines Funny Movie/Theater Act) 7.Banana Split (Philippines Funny Tv-Show)
  25. kids711


    Duck has black and yellow blood?.. Ketchup+Mustard+Tar ?.. Nice flavor in your gun.
  26. kids711

    Will there be a duck model?

    I guess yes.. :spell_breaker:
  27. kids711


    Ducks has no crimes ~
  28. kids711


    He is not in one of the Organization..
  29. kids711

    This Little Piggy...

    Meh. My country aren't still being entered by Swine Flu. But i want the governor to close all country to country transportation if the Virus gets too much strong D:..
  30. kids711

    Scary Pranks~

    That makes peoples jump to death. LOOL!
  31. kids711

    Battle for Orion

    Very nice game~.. I liked it specially the Time Machine.. I builded soo many time machine and i altered time. MY HOMEWORLD WAS CAPTURED !!!!!!!!!!! *sorry for caps* Anyway. 5/5~
  32. kids711

    Queenie in trouble

    Very funny haha~ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!
  33. kids711

    Broken bones....

    Haven't broken~ But. My nails broke until it bleeds *yey!*.
  34. kids711

    Hi steel~ I visited to say. I LUV UR GAMES!

    Hi steel~ I visited to say. I LUV UR GAMES!
  35. kids711

    Stars 1.21 OPEN SOURCE

    Wow~ Interesting !.. Ima try it out :D :mwahaha: Wow.. My wc3 Frozed when i moved my builder D:..
  36. kids711

    |DoBRP8| Islands

    No pwning ppls in Rp like this.. Unless the host said so..
  37. kids711


    Well.. The information i just said was Real.. They find things.. It took Hours for them to solve it.. *They even put simulation on what happened 3D Simulations* They talk to Witnissis, everyone bla bla Thousnd Years Old NewsPaper, Computers bla bla bla..
  38. kids711

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering
  39. kids711

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering
  40. kids711

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering
  41. kids711

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering
  42. kids711

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Answering
  43. kids711

    The Sky Box!

    Thanks those helped me ! +Rep
  44. kids711

    The Ultimate Terraining Map 3.0

    When i tried to make a Hole.. There is a deep water when i made a hole even i don't use the Deep Water cliff~
  45. kids711

    The Sky Box!

    How you get those Sky things?.. And Is there some in Hive? And How do you take a picture of it?(The terrain im making mini-terrain) [+]Rep for peoples who answered *Answer only not chats bla bla* When u take a pic.. How do you remove the Brush and the other things in WE..
  46. kids711

    SotDRP 1.03 - Dalaran

    Not working?
  47. kids711


    Aliens are true.. Humans are not able to go to Other Galaxies.. --Edit-- Do you guys know about the Roshwell Plane Crash Accident?.. Well.. They said a Man/Woman a child and a dog was in a boat and they saw 6 Donut-Shaped UFO in CLEAR SKY.. One was malfunctioning thats why it drops lots of...
  48. kids711

    Which Browser You Like?

    I choosed Mozzilla FireFox its protective firewalls,pop ups, bla bla bla~.. It can even protect you on Pop Ups that may contain viruses *some of them contains..*
  49. kids711

    Cinematic Starting Problem

    The post is already Solved just waiting for a Mod to remove it or something else..