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    Nice bro, can you pls add a big picture? I hate to see these small icons.
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    Sea Giant Emperor

    This model motive me to play that map.
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    Ogron (Breaker)

    Without this reference this unit is ugly.
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    Pandaren Battleship

    Attack anim?
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    Vile Edge

    Very good, this is obviously a spell icon cuz it dont fit as a item one. +5
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    Big picture? I want try to find it some sense :D
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    Sally Whitemane

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    Why u left making furbold models?
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    Toad Rider

    A tongue attack n spell anim could be really good for this model.
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    Thanatos - Saint Seiya

    Too much purple, what if your player color is yellow? U will always look like a Purple player unit.
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    Orc Warlord

    Very good but its Walk anim is weird.
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    Beastmaster and Derivatives

    1- Grunt axes are very bad skinned 2- Grunt footman too, re-skin it. Anyways good job.
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'My-Kobold-perspective'

    It makes some sense now.
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'Driller'

    Looks good, add me in you reviewers list, description?
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'I Have To Do Something Like This! Kobolds'

    Looks like rabbits, what kind of unit u will use for this.
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    what is your favourite food

    Maybe pizza
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'Kobold-sign'

    Very good for a Paint made. -Here are some good artists: @Murlocologist @The Panda @Mr.Goblin @HappyTauren @PrinceYaser @Scias
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    Beastmaster and Derivatives

    Grunt Mok'nathal - :aht:
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    Draconic Harpy

    Very good one. This is a very good style, keep it up ;)
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'Visions'

    @nightelfbuilder can you pls show an ingame screenshot pls, i want to how your wc3 look like :).
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'Visions'

    @nightelfbuilder nop, how did you make that water effect?
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'Visions'

    What is this? (game)
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    Beastmaster and Derivatives

    Felguard? Grunt?
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    Flame fist Master V3

    Haha, he still good anyways ;). but i dont like it xd.
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    (SOLVED) Simple model edits - Peon & Headhunter

    Im not a moderator but could you please mark this thread as solved. This helps those who are looking for threads that have not been solved yet. ;)
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    Model request: Triple barrel tank

    @General Frank sorry friend, I did not know you would be involved in this kind of occasions.
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    Banshee Queen Sylvanas

    It is neither NE nor Forsaken since its skin is not semi-purple or gray. What race is this? +4
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    Varok Saurfang

    I dont like it, can you remove this pls? +5
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    Draenei Haven

    Your Model Viewer is not enough for this model.
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    Flame fist Master V3

    But with other face :D
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    Orc Grunt

    Man face, Kid helm. Fix it ;) Very nice bro.
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    I like the icon more than the unit.
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    Model request: Triple barrel tank

    1- No one will just create a model if you dont give him a very good reason for it bro. 2- You can search on @General Frank profile to find something.
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    Human Demon Hunter, now make a "crossbower".
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    Templar Exemplar

    Does this is an armored judge or a metal KKK suit? His hammer is too much small.
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    Flame fist Master V3

    His face is too much ugly, its like a zombie.
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    Google it :).
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    Blood Elf Paladin V1

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    Well, i have to play it so.
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    Very useful reply, now i can see what he says, mainly Valeera looks weird.
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    Your favourite Warcraft icon? Off-Topic

    This one i think, let me remember.
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    Draenei Haven

    1- I think u should use the same ground for all your other Draenei buildings. 2- How did u change the "building floor"?
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'Unitpresentation_demonsatyr'

    @Mr.Goblin i think yes, let me do a review.
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    Why is a weak Murloc controlling a Sea giant? Do u know the history about these kind of unit? Haha take it as a joke.
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'follhell 3'

    Motivating picture.
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'Unitpresentation_demonsatyr'

    Terrorful bro, this is the most scary.
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    Comment by 'Italic' in media 'Kobold slave'

    Hey said "kill me", Its weird.
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    Very good one here, u r improving. +5
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    Spitting Snap Dragon