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  1. Elladaryn

    Human Far Sight

    Fitting for a Holy Vision type of spell based on the ol' Warcraft 2 paladin skill
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    Great feeling of Rapture. Feels like a worthy icon for a skill similar to Diablo 2's Fist of Heaven.
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    Just want to pinpoint that this model matches this PeeKay's icon. Both could be great for making a nice hero portrait
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    My Friend Wants to Start RTS Games. Where Should He Begin?

    Of course it should be Star Wars Galatic Battlegrounds (aka the Jedi AoE2).
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    Elite Spell Breaker

    I think the Lion in the tabard could be taken off to unify the model's color - but it's very cool in this stage anyway.
  6. Elladaryn

    Gryphon Rider and Derivatives

    Dark Iron one could use a fiery beard and better eyes.
  7. Elladaryn

    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Oh, I am talking more about SC1.
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Carbot is making cartoon videos of Blizzard games for about 10-ish years for now. He is very well know specially in the Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm scene and had his own stage in one for the most recent Blizzcons. I really enjoy his simple and cutesy style, but understand how strange a...
  9. Elladaryn

    Judgment Paladin

    Is this a drawing of WoW's Paladin T2 helmet (The Judgement Regalia)?
  10. Elladaryn

    Icons to Models Pack

    Very useful! I always felt something like this should've come with the base game. I'd only suggest to update the previewing images so that each icon follows the order of the models, as they appear.
  11. Elladaryn

    Bastard Spawn of Hakkar

    Name is very creative. I just hope we can get some epic looking icon to match this.
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    Panther Prowl

    I can't say the result isn't nice, as the colors are good and the icon in itself seems to have potential usage.
  13. Elladaryn

    Spacial Button Pack

    I enjoy the ideia, but think the arrows' bases shouldn't blur and mesh together. If there were a sharp and angled line between them it would favor the perception of depth. Maybe if you add a background grind to the icons they could become more visually appealing!
  14. Elladaryn

    Nerubian Passage

    Grats on being part of the official map pool!
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    Beard recolor is a nice pastel color, but the head shape is very strange and stretched out.
  16. Elladaryn

    Warcraft 3 Patch 1.31

    64-bit support means better performance? This mean the bigger maps would run smoothly?
  17. Elladaryn

    Tidal Wyrm (Tidal Guardian)

    Super Imba.
  18. Elladaryn

    Female Angel

    Animations are cool (especially the fact that she doesn't die, only goes back to heaven as a 'dissipate' animation). I could only ask for the wings to have a slightly movement and for the weapon to disappear in the dissipate animation (she drops it, but it quickly ascends with her, feeling a...
  19. Elladaryn

    Judgement of Light

    Almost a decade old by this point. While the idea of a judgement effect is much needed in Warcraft 3, I feel like this barely cuts the bone. It is too much transparent and the hammer origins too far from the target and falls in a slightly angled way (while WoW's one is perpendicular to the...
  20. Elladaryn

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Problem-solver

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Problem-solver
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    Reputation (+4): (Post) Problem-solver

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Problem-solver
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    How do to an instant percentage-based heal via triggers?

    Thanks, both of you! Still tinkering around to get the intended result but I am much closer now.
  23. Elladaryn

    How do to an instant percentage-based heal via triggers?

    Hello all! For my map I am trying to create a normal chain-lighting effect that also heals the caster for 25% of his health points (via a Holy Light done through triggers). I read that the trigger should look something like this: Unit - Set life of (Target unit of ability being cast) to...
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    While an icon from the Big Blues, I feel like this one doesn't seem to be on pair with the Drain Soul icon (which is basically a recolor with a higher resolution, I think).
  25. Elladaryn

    Button Manager v1.8.2

    Simply the best. Lots of functions and easy to use. It could be nice to add a option to transform a single icon via dragging and dropping in the program's window, without having to manually select origin and destination folders. Anyway, it is still kinda better for mass border-rizing, so it's...
  26. Elladaryn

    From the ol' Mirror Lake to Medicine College...

    From the ol' Mirror Lake to Medicine College...
  27. Elladaryn


    Definitely one of the best paladin models in the Hive just because of how unmatched the animations are. While I don't have anything against elves (I had one as a friend once) it would be awesome to see this quality with the variety of models that Ultimasa Hojo have been pulling off.
  28. Elladaryn

    Paladin Villager (Attachment_Set)

    Very nice model! But I can't get it to work by any stretch of imagination. Specially hand and foot models don't cover the entire part of the Villager model and bug through. I used two items with two head attachments and it kinda worked, but I was having the same problem as with hands and...
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    Food For Thought

    Hey Odevill, i saw your comment on the Retribution Aura icon. I've recently come across with this old post with a link a bunch of Vanilla Icons in various formats. It might help ya. No harm intended with postin' other sites links.
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    Old favorite. I still love how you can see the original design choices of Paladin spells by looking through their icons. A lot of the original "Seals" icons in WoW have the radiance effect that the used aura icons have.
  32. Elladaryn

    Age of Empires II - HD Edition

    I loved the new campaigns and have bought HD (/w Forgotten Kingdoms) plus African Kingdoms. Unfortunately, it is very hard to bring new players to the RTS genre. Got to play some matches with some friends against the computer but it always was an complete dominance for the AI (we only won...
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    " study".
  34. Elladaryn

    Fire Missiles

    Variety + Quality = Dropped Jaws
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    Paladin (Horse Mount) and Derivatives

    The last one's horse is a tad too small, but all others are a very good addition. I'd suggest if you could make a Paladin one with a sword maybe.
  36. Elladaryn

    Hey Ghan! I saw you were a Staff Member and would like to make a suggestion for the site: would...

    Hey Ghan! I saw you were a Staff Member and would like to make a suggestion for the site: would it be possible to add a chat window like the one in < >? I think it would make a bit more dynamic to ask and answer things and make social activity in the WC3 community.
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    Feels like a Diablo unique item for Amazon.
  38. Elladaryn


    Muscle Fibers, maybe.
  39. Elladaryn


    Could you add passive versions of those icons? They look really cool and I can see them be used in auras or something like that.
  40. Elladaryn


    /Off-topic @Battleborn, what does Pot of Greed do? (Reason) The shadding is well-done with the nice contrast between the sides! But i am unsure about the shape of the object on the top of the helmet.
  41. Elladaryn

    Horde-Themed Items

    This is really awesome! I love how you edited the old icons to a point they are recognizable but have a new flavor to them.
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    She is very likable with that smile.
  43. Elladaryn

    Altar of Elders

    Second one is nice, but I believe it could be zoomed in more and get better definition.
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    @PrinceYaser is a sassy one! This icons matches BTNTenebriousArmor. - BTNTenebriousArmor
  45. Elladaryn


    Beautifully done! I loved the pink-ish color on the background.
  46. Elladaryn


    I like the tones of purple and the obsidian black. Gives it a very Old-God-ish feel. Edit: What about other icons in this same style to create a forbbiden artifacts set?
  47. Elladaryn

    Gallyvix Trading

    The luminosity is very attractive, but I think the shape of the hand could be improved.
  48. Elladaryn

    Your Ogre icons are some of the best and funniest icons I've ever seen!

    Your Ogre icons are some of the best and funniest icons I've ever seen!
  49. Elladaryn

    Arcane Barrage

    If you did it, I appreciate the extra border edits.
  50. Elladaryn

    BlueOgre - Pomposity

    The lights on the 'down' and 'up' arrows are very well made!