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  1. mrzwach

    Hackers in training

    You can't fix a weakness in your defense when you don't realize it exists. The way you find weaknesses in a computer system is by attempting to bypass it. Which is exactly what hacking is. Failing to recognize weaknesses and fix them means that they remain there for more truly malicious people...
  2. mrzwach

    Integral of 3d equation

    I don't think you can take the integrals of things that aren't functions. What are you trying to do?
  3. mrzwach

    Fun math paradoxes, problems, and stuff

    No, because if it did it would be representable by the sentence given above, which has eleven words. That didn't seem very tricky. :\ You can't have anything shorter than a planck length (which is like 10^-30something meters), so eventually you wouldn't be able to zoom in any more.
  4. mrzwach

    The planet's future!

    Not exactly defenseless against most of those things, and the chance of natural disasters actually coming anywhere close to wiping us out is astronomically low. Really, the biggest threat to humanity right now is something that comes very fast and pretty much wipes us all out before we have...
  5. mrzwach

    Dynamic tooltip - show current level

    You can probably use catalog functions to retrieve the current level and then set the tooltip of the ability based on that. I'm not entirely sure if that would work though, some things (icons in particular) won't allow any changes made with catalog functions. :\
  6. mrzwach

    Bloodline Champions

    Started playing this recently, awesome game. Username is fernsauce.
  7. mrzwach

    What's the state of SC2 modding?

    The biggest problem is that with the new editor Blizzard forced us to use the data editor more and removed much of the stuff you could do with triggers. The way it should have gone is that Blizzard let us use their 3D engine and their lobby system and parts of their engine and then code the...
  8. mrzwach

    About trolling on the Internet...

    People troll because they think its funny, and on occasion, it is. The way to avoid being trolled is either to just ban them outright with minimal argument or to not be serious about it and just go along with it. Judging by "sick, worthless, failed in life, mosquito-level-of-intelligence...
  9. mrzwach

    The Zeitgeist Movement

    By privately owned companies, I assume you mean PMCs? I'm surprised at how many mercenaries (or as they call themselves "contractors") the US government has, but I don't believe that it's some kind of conspiracy so that the US can declare martial law and shit like that. Problem with the US...
  10. mrzwach

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    Put water down first, then lava on top. Much easier to make obsidian that way and you don't run the risk of burning yourself. The water actually has to be flowing somewhere though, just so you know. Also portals don't work in SMP last I checked.
  11. mrzwach

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    Should get hMod, Craftbook, and Cuboid for your server. Pretty awesome mods :o
  12. mrzwach

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    abusing glitches is cheating by most definitions, not like anyone is going to ban you from your SP world though. Why don't you spare the time you'd spend glitching and just use invedit or a similar program to give yourself all the items you want?
  13. mrzwach

    Telepathy Tutorial

    you realize that an EEG recording doesn't pick up brain waves, it picks up electrical activity on the scalp? that's the important part, the brainwaves don't travel any significant distance through air or a vacuum, it requires direct physical contact for the machine to even work. but eh...
  14. mrzwach

    Telepathy Tutorial

    This thread is dumb. There are so many reasons why telepathy doesn't work/make sense, and there is no quantifiable evidence to back it. Also the human brain uses ~20 watts in normal function. Please explain how you can generate an electromagnetic or whatever you people call it field that can...
  15. mrzwach

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    How would you make timers for prison entrances? The only way I can think of doing it is setting it via binary memory cells, which would probably need at least 8 or so memory cells, then using a bit adder and a timer to wait, using an and gate on 8 not-XOR gates to verify that the time is...
  16. mrzwach

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    it gets pretty much expanded infinitely. Also its procedurally generated so nothing will be generated until you get there. After like 320,000,000 blocks or so you'll start running into technical problems, but really, you'd need to actually travel that far. >.>
  17. mrzwach

    Do We See Things Differently?

    We only see wavelengths of light. Our minds interpret these wavelengths as "colors". With no absolute frame of reference, its impossible to know if someone's green is anothers. It sounds kind of interesting but it really isn't revolutionary or exciting. The basic relationships between different...
  18. mrzwach

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    Being in a land with a bunch of enemies and only 4 types of blocks gets old really fast, especially since you can't craft anything :\
  19. mrzwach

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    If anyone hasn't gotten it yet, the Painterly Pack is awesome. Makes the game look significantly better without any performance drops (its just a texture pack). Also problem with playing on a server is that monsters are buggy as shit in multiplayer (tons of them spawn, invisible creepers...
  20. mrzwach

    Minecraft minecraft minecraft

    Lol I like just dumping a bucket of water down someones mine shaft while they are inside it. Anyway I just got into this game a few days ago, actually really fun. Been playing it on a private server with a couple friends. In case your wondering, that canal system is 4 blocks wide...
  21. mrzwach

    Knowledge of the english language.

    Did you ever stop to consider that if you lived in a country where people didn't speak English, movies and shows and such are also generally not in English? And that generally if you can't speak or read English very well, you would generally stick to websites and watch TV shows which are in...
  22. mrzwach

    Drake Equation Survey (takers get +rep).

    Got 1187.5.
  23. mrzwach

    Your Funniest Moments In StarCraft II

    Thats why you get high templar. >_>
  24. mrzwach

    Overall quality of published maps

    But we're not professionals, not by a long shot. Almost everyone who mods are highschool/college students who like to make maps. Not everyone has the time to work 2-3 hours daily, and even if you are working on it that much, it doesn't mean the mod will be great, it just means that it will be...
  25. mrzwach

    Mass Effect 3 Discuss.
  26. mrzwach

    Replay Section

    This is a modding community, so it wouldn't be that particularly helpful. There are far better places to go to learn about how to play melee, namely sites/communities specifically for serious melee players. Even though some people like playing melee, most of them are pretty bad and wouldn't...
  27. mrzwach

    How to Disable Player Chat?

    That clears transmission messages too, which I assume he doesn't want.
  28. mrzwach

    Blizzard leaks 5-year plan! No mention of WC4? Should've done your research :\ Also whats this "Phoenix" thing? I doubt its an expansion, highly highly doubt it, because they already have 2 expansions on the way, one in the same year, and both already have been given...
  29. mrzwach

    Overall quality of published maps

    By fixed, I meant that blizzard is fixing the problems on their end that caused the delay to be excessively high. There will always be some degree of delay from latency, but at least it won't be like 500 ms on average.
  30. mrzwach

    Overall quality of published maps

    The delay is getting fixed in Patch 1.2.0, or so they claimed a while back.
  31. mrzwach

    It doesn't add up...

    I think the idea is that God has a plan for everyone, but people can choose to not follow this plan. God could predict whether or not people would follow, but he chooses not to and lets people decide on their own, ie free will. I don't really know though, I'm not religious.
  32. mrzwach

    Life plus Arsenic

    I don't know the exact chemistry, but its true that it can be more stable at low temperatures, such as those on Titan. It could mean that alien life could develop in places like that. Ofc, you have to take into account that its longer and less efficient for life, so that might cause...
  33. mrzwach

    Only Those Prepared To Die Have The Right To Kill

    But that isn't a right, Nestharus. That's capability. Plus I can murder someone without being prepared to die myself; I am fully capable of it, and when I strip all moral values and fair play and simply look at it from a logical standpoint, it says that if I murder them in a way that I am not...
  34. mrzwach

    Cant find mod data when triggering.

    Yeah its going to be fixed in patch 1.2.0.
  35. mrzwach

    Items disappearing on death.

    I believe its getting fixed in patch 1.2.0, but you should probably confirm it yourself.
  36. mrzwach

    Overall quality of published maps

    NOTD and The Final Frontier are good maps. Nexus Word Wars was pretty fun for a while but it got old pretty fast. It will take a while for good maps to really come out, especially since decent FPS support and the ability to make functional custom UIs w/ hotkeys is just now coming out in patch...
  37. mrzwach

    How to Disable Player Chat?

    People might want to whisper or something. Unfortunately, you can't change this, and I agree it can be annoying. I guess you could constantly clear the screen of messages like every 0.05 seconds (if possible, only chat messages) and then re-display any messages from the cinematic.
  38. mrzwach

    Arithmetics Question

    You just need to use functions inside functions. IE: Set Variable Variable: xp Value: Arithmetic (Real) Value 1: 9.25 Operator: * Value 2: Power (Real) Value: Convert Integer To Real Value: Arithmetic (Integer)...
  39. mrzwach

    Only Those Prepared To Die Have The Right To Kill

    Saying "right" to kill suggests that they can do it without facing any consequences. What you are saying is that you only have the right to kill someone without consequences if you are prepared to face the consequences of you killing them. It doesn't really make sense.
  40. mrzwach

    Patch 1.2.0 -- Public test region (server) for North America

    Hallucination can also be used for scouting. IE spawning a phoenix and flying it over your enemies base. 100 sentry energy vs actually building a phoenix, which can die, is a big difference. Void Rays keep their pre-flux vane speed now. Vikings are a hardcounter to them now, which is nice...
  41. mrzwach

    UnitGetPosition and UnitSetPosition

    You could write your own functions that do what you want them to do. >_> ie use andromeda and make add/subtract methods, or whatever you need.
  42. mrzwach

    Patch 1.2.0 -- Public test region (server) for North America General • Chat Channels have been added: -- Players can now join others in both public and private channels. -- Added in-game chat bar command to whisper to other players. Using the /w command will pop...
  43. mrzwach

    The Five Rules of Life

    Happiness and self fulfillment is the meaning of life (also you stated that life was meaningless then stated a reason why one should live in the same line, lolwut). So what if you can't have a massive, groundbreaking impact? If you are truly that ambitious, nothing will be able to truly make you...
  44. mrzwach

    [Video]The Final Frontier (space rts, testers needed)

    1800 probes btw. The game crashed when Moogle built another 2600. You should really make a limit on the max number of probes you can have. its just too easy to abuse >_>
  45. mrzwach

    [Video]The Final Frontier (space rts, testers needed)

    Really fun map; definitely one of the better games that I've played on SC2. A few things you could improve on, though: - The option buttons before the game begins are kinda... ehh. - The magic obelisk things that give you minerals can be somewhat imbalanced. A guy in an earlier game got one...
  46. mrzwach

    Life plus Arsenic Pretty neat. Basically they found bacteria that could use arsenic in the place of...
  47. mrzwach

    Korea at War

    Yay logic.
  48. mrzwach

    Starcraft Impracticality

    This actually has a good explanation. Assault rifles are generally fired in bursts so they can deal damage without significant recoil and loss of accuracy. When using stimulants, it allows the soldier to more quickly aim their weapon and compensate for recoil, ergo they can fire more bursts...
  49. mrzwach

    How do I make this specific trigger?

    Pick every unit in the region, issue order to attack move towards the center point of the other region.
  50. mrzwach

    Creating a Mod - Need help

    Create a new mod. Download an MPQ editor from somewhere and open your map with it. All the data files should be stored in XML files somewhere in your map. Pull them out of your map (using the MPQ editor) and put them into your mod. Mod now has data files. Publish it to BNet or put it in your...