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    Hosted Project: Quenching Mod

    Not new that a developer delivers a shit product, and then the modding community work solely fueled on passion to make it right lol
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    All the whine and venting aside, is there ANY realistic plan that could make all this work out in the end? They put in several massive patches or even do something controversial apologizing and pull the whole thing back and re release it in 1 year or something crazy like that? Greetings a...
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    Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update

    What are some cool strategy modding games I can use instead, which are kinda like WC3? DotA2?
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    They did something with the terrain right? The color, hue, saturation, contrast? It blends much better with the models now, less cheap and crispier details
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    Hey I'm a retired map maker looking to come back with some fresh ideas.. If I start making maps with the BETA version of the editor, everything should be fine when the game is released in the end of january right? All this talk of conflicts in custom maps are from old maps that havent been...
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    World Editor and Undead Race NOW LIVE

    There is something strange about the terrain. The style of the terrain is perfect on its own, the detailed models are perfect on their own, but.. it's like they are from 2 different worlds, they don't blend. It's like DOTA2+Starcraft II together on the screen at the same time
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    Public Test Realm 1.31.1

    So 1.31 brings the new world editor? So if I start building a complex new map now with Reforged in mind, I won't run into weird script errors on Reforged launch date, because that will mostly be just the graphical update?
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    There are very few downsides and this is mostly something to be celebrated. But most people have become offense-junkies these days, they are addicted to feeling offended and playing the victim role, because it puts them in the center and gives them an excuse to vent out their negative feelings...
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Finish your maps. Getting your idea to actually work in reality and balance it, is what's difficult anyway
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Here is the WC3R developer panel from Blizzcon hosted by Grubby to calm you down They seem genuine and passionate and they are asking for feedback on Notes from panel: Classic games was started to preserve these iconic Blizzard games. It was a natural progression to move to...
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Seems MMO-champion is going to have a QA with the developers on WC3R where you can post your questions, probably tonight as Blizzcon is now Live again: Warcraft 3: Reforged - Submit Questions for the Developers
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    They wrote "Upgraded World Editor" on the official page, so hopefully that means not "completely rewritten editor similar to SC2"
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Warcraft III: Reforged
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    I'm crying
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    Spell: Hellscream Leap

    A spell that leaps the unit through the air towards its target in slow motion until the last part where it speeds up to normal, dealing massive damage, bonus damage to Demons. The target is locked into place and also put into slow motion while the caster leaps through the air.
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    What tools should I use to make maps now?

    Thanks a lot, cleared things up! Let the games begin!
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    Battle For Azeroth, Hearthstone, Evolve, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, and Defense of Azeroth, in...

    Battle For Azeroth, Hearthstone, Evolve, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, and Defense of Azeroth, in development..!
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    What tools should I use to make maps now?

    I made some maps many years ago and plan to return now in October. Im starting from scratch again in a way, although I feel comfortable infront of the flood of information in the editor. But with the news of the classic team focusing on WC3, patches rolling out, this WURST thing, that improved...
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    Warcraft III - Patch 1.29 PTR

    So now we don't have to clean leaks? What changes are made here that won't make this lag like hell? And what is "max execution number"? (Max execution number increased to 1666666) Thanks in advance
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    Introducing HiveWE

    Well this was a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good work
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    Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary loot box models?

    Did I once see a model editor made for WC3 here on HIVE? Even though I don't know any modelling, this may be just a simple edit of texture I can quickly learn and make myself? But getting into the big programs for such a simple thing may be silly It's easier to have a model you can just copy...
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    Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary loot box models?

    Does anyone know about some kind of box model that is slightly altered with colors white/green/blue/purple/orange for common/uncommon/rare/epic/legendary to indicate for the items inside? If this doesn't exist, can someone make an edit of the typical destructible "crate" doodad with some kind...
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    Icon/Model/Spell Team Contest - Hive Member[+100 Rep]

    Great seeing you guys keeping this place alive
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    "Defense of Azeroth" in development..

    "Defense of Azeroth" in development..
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    Introducing the Trigger Viewer

    Thank you for this function
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    Great job, keep them coming please :D
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    Lord Archimonde

    hory shit, insane quality / file size
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    Zangarmarsh [v1.5]

    Great atmosphere and description
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    CustomWaygate v1.04

    Really cool. The demo has a feel and look like it could have been part of the original game, creating teleport towers to improve your army's mobility :D
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    Does a "game" like this exist?

    Guess I have to get a grip on one of those engines, at least the terraining. There's something so soothing about creating terrain lol..
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    Does a "game" like this exist?

    What I really think need to exist is a tool that is built around the concept of modding, like WC3 editor. A community of modelers, voice actors, scripters, drawers that contribute to the main database, renting their work to the community for use in maps created with the engine, map makers can...
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    Where is the vast SC2 modding community?

    But once you learn the complicated stuff, is it better and faster? I want to test out the galaxy editor now that the WC3 assets are there. One thing that was awesome with WC3, was all the spells that already where built in. SC2 miss that because it's a different kind of game
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    Where is the vast SC2 modding community?

    Where is the SC2 modding community, the tons of resources/assets? The galaxy editor have been out for some years now but when I search here and on SC2mapster it's barely anything, SC2mapster's organising of assets is messy and clunky anyway. Seeing how WC3's modding community have been so...
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    Amazing skeleton. Looks less cartoony than the original, but still fits the Warcraft style.
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    What is the maximum map size for good stability?

    Hi, I've read several places now that 480x480 map size with lots of details like doodads etc are too unstable and heavy for a 4v4 multiplayer map I want to create. Because it doesn't matter how strong your PC is, it's the game itself that's the problem right? What would be the biggest map size...
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    Make attribute points into data for spell

    Thanks a lot, it worked! Seems obvious now that I know it, I will continue converting GUI into jass to understand more of it, nice way to learn bit by bit
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    Base abilities for custom spells cast by melee-game AI units

    The AI only cast these spells if the unit with the ability already know it from before right? You can't give an Acolyte the spell "Divine Shield" and it will automatically cast it when attacked? So you have to base the unit you want to cast Divine Shield automatically on Bandit Lord or some...
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    Make attribute points into data for spell

    Hi, I can not write jass just roughly understand it, so I'm just looking for a line of code that takes the current attribute points of the caster and turns it into a variable that can be used as "Duration" of the spell. More specific for this spell, I want the caster's intellect points to be...
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    More than 5 hero abilities?

    More than 5 hero abilities in WE? So I got an idea where you level up and enter the level up tab down in the right corner. And instead of picking from 4 abilities, you instead pick between 8 abilities, and picking one of them makes another obsolete (Remove it from the hero with triggers). So...
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    Static Charge v1.3

    Just made the buildings with Town Hall classification and added " and not IsUnitType(targ, UNIT_TYPE_TOWNHALL) " to the spells
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    Static Charge v1.3

    The ones that attract, attract buildings as well as spell immune units. At least for me and I've only changed the range and damage fields. Screws the actual position of buildings as the model stay at the old spot, but the whole building is moved.
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    For some reason I can only see the player color part in-game, rest of the texture is transparent. Just imported another skin and that one works just fine. Have no clue what the cause can be, not very complicated setting the path to: Textures\Peasant.blp ...
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    Boomerang! 1.4.2

    Smooth spell! Good thing you updated with level* for the damage as some people go outside the usual 3 level ups per ability. Just my personal opinion, I think the damage should be Normal instead of Magic, as they are starblades
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    Soul Tear Aura V1.01

    Anywhere I can set the duration of the buff to last forever? Right now it's applied by the projectiles(?) but the buff lasts forever as long as the enemy is within AoE of my hero. As fast as they leave the AoE of the hero, they lose the buff. So you can stand on the edge of the AoE and...
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    Creating invisible Critical Strike ability for heroes

    sniper zero seems to be right on that I have to preload the spellbook. I preloaded the spellbook in Map Initialization, no lag when picking heroes now. As for the passives sometimes missing, I put both spellbook's "Maximum Spells" and "Minimum Spells" to 11 and it works smoothly
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    Creating invisible Critical Strike ability for heroes

    Just three things.. The game freeze for 5-6 seconds when I pick a hero because of the spell book with 11 passives in it. Is this lag one time for the whole game, or one time for every hero picked?So if there are 4 players there will be 5-6 or 20-24 seconds of lag? Sometimes it seems I only have...
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    Creating invisible Critical Strike ability for heroes

    yeah remember that spell book thing now, although I've never used it. Gonna check it out, thanks I'm just glad there was an answer and not one of those things that was impossible because of limited editor or something
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    Creating invisible Critical Strike ability for heroes

    Hello again, long time no see! Want to update my old map and would like to remove 90% of the items and replace it with "stat shopping" instead. Pay X gold and get 1% increased chance to critical strike. My first thought is to add item abilities to all heroes, and when I click a button in...
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    Defense of the World Pillar v1.2

    There was an AI version under construction a year ago by SgtBob, guess it was too much work, he made it with GUI so took a lot of space aswell
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    Defense of the World Pillar v1.2

    lol, so cool that you put so much effort into my map :p I should make a ranking in the main thread, with Combat Points earned and time spent, "CP per minute" to encourage people to challenge the game like you did :P You probably keep the Rank 1 for a long time